The 0/0 Streak Challenge




I don’t think I’ll be able to 0/0 today, I just leveled up this morning so I have a ton of lessons to go through…
However, because I tried to be 0/0 for all of level 35, it was actually my quickest level!







:raising_hand_woman: Did it!


Reporting in for Level 26 :smile:


Almost there to have my first 0/0 in level 36, so far I’ve had a pretty good streak. Looking to be 0/0 by the end of the day today :slight_smile:


0/0 for Level 29 :slight_smile:
Last level took 7 days, 2 hours. So far I still survived but I’m waiting for things to blow up any minute now. But at least I will have made some progress if it really happens.

I’m not sure if I would have gotten my lessons to 0 in any of the last levels if it was not for this thread. So thanks you to all of you for being here. :slight_smile:


Level 6! Slow and steady…


Wins the race to the cake :wink:


0/0 for level 36!


Wow, seems like I’m doing great so far!
…though if I remember I think the FAQ said it would be like this for a bit… Oh well, can’t wait until I have a chance to be overburdened with summaries and reviews!


Good luck! Keep it up :muscle:


Looks like I managed to do it after all that talk about how I never do it. I did some extra lessons today since I was close.


I actually ended up getting to 0/0 at 3.5 days, but waited till it got to this point to post a picture.


Now that’s some dedication! :smiley: The right timing is essential!

(Sorry, don’t have anything to show yet… tomorrow!)


I’m Back!!! saiakuma level 20

first time since september last year


Being back to 0/0 feels so good. My levels as of late have been… less than consistent. Don’t be like me, do your reviews :joy:


0/0! Leveling tomorrow, so I’m actually lacking lessons to fill my daily quota. :thinking:

@someone972 is that the dreaded lvl 30’s drag? D:


Level 6! Got here after 200 reviews and 70 lessons… I’m gonna step outside for a while.