The 0/0 Streak Challenge


I think about this thread a lot and about how I never reach this. It’s ok though because I’m better off sticking to my slow and steady pace.


I spammed enough the Guide with scripts. I wouldn’t want to add EVERYTHING to it :joy:

But here’s the script that turns burns gold:



Streak: 27/27! =D


i’ll be posting here soon !!!
300+ reviews and 100+ lessons to go…


I admire you all that can do this. I can get my reviews to 0…I cant seem to do more than 15/20 lessons in a day. How do you get through them?


I’ve been really sticking to doing reviews whenever they come up (except when I’m asleep) and trying to complete lessons in bulks of 10 or so per hour.
I might hit level 36 this weekend (the 3rd, according to WKstats), so I’ll want to stick to it before I get hit with the new lessons in two days.



Yasss! And I actually even wrote the Kanji down this time! On paper!


Are you zero-ing every day?? :open_mouth:




No, I usually reach 0/0 the same day I guru the radicals, or if I guru’d them late at night, then when I wake up the next morning. It just happened for the past 4 levels that I been keeping the streak on, I always got 0/0 at 3.9 days. The last level I was feeling really tired that morning so I didn’t want to do WaniKani until later, but I decided to power through it.

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:


Ahh, I see, thanks for elucidating! Very impressive! :smiley:


I’m struggling a little with the 感, 想 and 情 vocabs which have almost the same meanings, but I hope I can manage these by the second round of kanji.


Been able to get 0/0 after every level somehow. Not every day like before, though.


Finally did my level 34 lessons in one go. After so long I now finally have my 0/0(/0) streak! (Yay)


HaHA! Made it.

Just in time.



I’m doing good :wink:


When you finish all your reviews from the past couple hours, and two more lessons pop up…

This will be interesting in the later levels :thinking:


Oh! Last stretch!


And that’s the reality. I haven’t had much time to practice reading outside of WaniKani example sentences but recently I have been reading all the NHK Easy News with ease (apart from the names). I read them even if the topic bores me and I enjoy it. I enjoy WaniKani but I am really looking forward to the reduced workload when the lessons finish sometime in March. Of course, I intend to get back to KameSame too but it is much less time-consuming as I am only studying vocabulary that I have burned at WaniKani. I also have added a couple of thousand words to iKnow that I want to review and get back to studying for Kanji Kentei.


Finally got the 0/0 for the first time in several levels (abuse of the reorder script)!