The 0/0 Streak Challenge


I’m only level 4 so it’s super easy to be 0/0 haha


keep it up :slight_smile:
yeah, probably safer to not insert your cat, hehe


It feels so good to have 0/0, even if I already know 90% of the kanji and vocab
Please be like that for 55 more levels :pray:


Actually I didn’t stop learning Japanese completely, which certainly helped, but I still got sooo many reviews wrong (especially the apprentice and guru items). I also used the self study script to drill items I got wrong more and sometimes go through my apprentice items in general, and I think that helped hugely getting back into it. Now I use it way less often (or mostly just for items I got wrong or recent lessons) because I’m getting more lazy again :sweat_smile:, but my reviews in general are now manageable, so it’s not too bad :slight_smile:


Oof, I kinda did :sweat_smile: I did another mistake besides going super fast with WK - I skimmed through all Genki 2 when I just finished Genki 1 and burned out completely even with grammar. Now I will hopefully go steadily! And I need to get back to grammar…


My first 0/0 of lvl 24 =)
24/24 streak going! =D


I leveled 3 days ago… seems the level bug is still here =P

Edit: Fixed! (logged out and back in again)


Oh well, don’t worry too much :smiley: I’m doing that a lot as well. I’d probably be waaaay better if I was consistent, but…well… I’m not :sweat_smile: Most of my learning was done in bursts, then some breaks, then some catching up and trying to be a bit more consistent, then another burst and the cycle repeats :joy: It’s not ideal, but for me personally, I do always come back eventually and though I kinda hate SRS (because it just works way better if you are consistent…) I also kind of love it, because it offers an easy way to roughly catch back up as well and mix in a couple of new things as well. Not saying that you should be inconsistent :sweat_smile: but it’s not the end of all things either :wink:


I think it’s alright to give the brain some time to rest, at least for me:D I may study like crazy for several months but then I need to just lay down and succumb to the darkness. I hope to be not that inconsistent this time around :blush:


Thanks! That means a lot. :slight_smile:



I’ll start from here c:


At least I started and finished Genki 1, 2 and one and a half 日本語総まとめ books (and followed a bunch of VTubers and watched a bunch of anime) since I last posted.


Quick shoutout to the folks behind the Tsurukame app for this graph design. That purple line is a lifesaver.


Just curious. Is it common to get 0/0 every day?
Like if this is true for you.



Wow has it been a while


You should aim to:

  • Get 0 lessons before leveling up.
  • Get 0 reviews at the end of the day.

Sure, the world won’t end if you don’t do it. But it’s a matter of being ahead of your game before something suddenly happens and reviews come to bite you.


I’m always 0/0. I do my lessons and reviews as soon as I can


same. 0/0 毎日


I’m usually the same way.
However a fast level messed up my schedule because I was too busy at the time to do the vocab lol. So now i just make sure to do most, if not all, vocab by the time I level up


Just saying, y’all will regret it when the massive spikes of enlightened item will come for burning.
I know I did.