The 0/0 Streak Challenge


Silly Goja, and you were born beautiful :man_shrugging:




From the day I seriously started Japanese until the day I sat the test: 8 years and 2 months. Add another two months if you count the time I had to wait for the results.
A highly beatable benchmark. 頑張って :green_heart:


First 0/0 after my two year break! Here we go!

Lvl 19:

edit: sorry, I pressed the wrong reply button :sob:


No worries!
Well done, and welcome back :slight_smile:


Forgot to upload my screenshot from level 4 so here’s both 4 and 5!



Two months o:<



Decided to start doing the streak. Hopefully, I can keep it up for a few levels.


What script are you using to get the leeches bubble like in your photo? I’d like to get something like that.


Whew! That was a close one. I think I barely made it to 0/0 on Level 6 next hour I will have new lessons. But I am so proud I got there!




Sheep! Your level marker is back!


I did… Probably too many new lessons today to get this.

Well, I’ve still got less than 200 reviews coming up tomorrow, so I’m still good.


For now at least! Koichi fixed it for me, but we are not sure if it will hold once I level up :smiley: (And I’m sloow… so it will take a while til we see that oops )


Ohh, how did you manage?? I’m now struggling so much with the reviews and I can’t remember a thing :sweat: I’ve doing self quiz today hoping that helps



Finally 0/0 after about three months of everything piling up. All it took was a few weeks of chiseling at the review count daily, finally reaching 0 reviews, and now completing the reviews as soon as they pop up, plus doing 10-20 lessons a day. Whew! And I’m only on level 19.

I’ve found that if I have a ton of reviews (over 40 or so), then it’s very difficult to complete them since the reviews get mixed up. It’s almost like the more reviews there are, the longer it takes exponentially. Not to mention it’s much slower to review them on my phone when I’m out and about.

So what I’ve been doing is complete the reviews as they slowly trickle in. That way, each review session only has ~20 max and only takes a couple of minutes on my phone. It’s probably better for learning to do the reviews ASAP for newly added ones anyway, plus you level up quicker. What I did before was do my reviews in the morning and in the evening, but then everything gets piled up, I see the huge review count, and I don’t even want to start.

The hard part is completing them all day every day…

(also, this is pretty much my first post on the forums. Hi!)


From November 2018 to January 2019! At last! Level 21!


Don't open it

I almost inserted my black kitten that played dead with me two years ago. I looked at her photos. And now I have a mixed feelings. I’m not uploading her photo. Back to be Grumpy Oshin.


I literally just finished my lessons :sweat_smile:


Holy tabs, Batman!


I’ll watch them all eventually :eyes: