The 0/0 Streak Challenge


Level 53. Wow.


Don’t take time off.


Hmm, I forgot to post level 9
Well, here’s one better:


First time getting the streak in lvl 23. My last post was 24 days ago O_o
And I’m still a week from leveling up too, since I just did the lvl 23 radicals :rofl:
But hey! That was my lvl 22 streak, this is my lvl 23 streak! So still keeping it up! 23/23 streak going! =D

I just stopped doing lessons, including radicals/kanji to level up :wink:
But I’ve done all the new radicals, the entire list of re-learn radicals =P
Slowly noodled my review pile down to zero, which also pushed almost everything out of the first two areas (apprentice/guru), so will have less reviews going forward =)

I’ll do this a few more times on my way to 60 (also did it at lvl 8, not cause I needed it, but cause I had a visitor)


Let’s start 2019 off right.


5 levels in a row. For a couple of hours, anyways.


the lifetime sale is still on!


Level 13 and today’s review & lessons writing practice


Are you studying from a darkroom? :3

Also, well done!


lol no, I just like using red tinted everything after sunset :stuck_out_tongue:


In less than 10 days, I’ve gone from two months of rust and a pile of reviews over 1000 strong right back down to 0/0.

It can be done! (Though honestly, I’m not sure how possible it would be without the right background music.)


1000 reviews :scream:

Extreme good going there. :tada:

Anyhow, me checking in for the 2nd streak.



Level 38


And here’s 0/0/0
(0 lesson, 0 review, 0 apprentice)

Since I have a steady stream of fail burns getting back to guru, I don’t think 0/0/0/0 will be anytime soon, but we’ll see.


That’s so freaking awesome! Q.Q


Y-you’re freaking awesome!


And you already have less Guru items that I do :eyes:


Haha, maybe I will burn everything before you :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh, you definitely will.

How long did it took you to pass N1 really? :eyes: :green_heart:

Competition mode ON


Silly JPR, Naphthalene was born N1 :tipping_hand_woman: