The 0/0 Streak Challenge


part 1 of lvl 28 done. waiting for the eggs to hatch.


Level 37


It’s been a while, but slow and steady wins the day.




I’ve been taking screen shots of my 0/0s for a while now, but I keep forgetting to post them.


Only level 2, but I’ve been incredibly slow due to university stress and mental health issues. I decided it’s okay to celebrate the small accomplishments, too.



I think this is the third time ever I got this, but it’s been the last 3 levels so… cool. Current pacing is a winner I think.




I think that Content Overhaul thing really slowed down my level up speed with the weird order of radicals and kanji appearing; never took me so long to level up.



abusing my work pc to get my lessons done.
can’t be helped. a man must do what a man must do.

Vocabulary is getting less and less visual, and exceedingly abstract

Make that… 4 levels! There are less vocab sentences and I have gotten much, much faster at reading so my lesson speed has gone wayyyy up. A lot of the residual vocab from previous kanji on this level was really easy too this time, apart from some weird on/kun combos (I’m looking at you two, 布地 and 得体…)



This hardly counts as a streak, but still, I finally got my reviews down to a manageable number and did those lessons from the last update :grinning:


Level eight and finally 0/0 after crazy work, and a trip to the hospital. I also got all about particles by Naoko Chino and the first Genki book and workbook for Christmas! Here’s to hoping I’ll be good enough to take the n4 next year.


After Rebirth Day, I was struggling to get to 0/0.
(Also, I might have suffered from a slight reorder abuse syndrome)

At one point, I had 121 lessons, so I did 65 lessons in one sitting to get through that huge pile. When I hit refresh, I had 136 lessons more…
I can’t believe I’ve reached that sweet 0/0 - at least for the next 50 minutes or so, when that lovely review pile comes crashing my way :sunglasses:



So much for ‘taking it slow for the holidays’… Is it weird that I get antsy if there aren’t any reviews to do? Is SRS addictive? Have I inevitably sold my soul to the Crabigator? I’m sure this will change once university starts again, though…


Well, this is it, friends. The last 0/0.

I took my sweet time with those last lessons.
Not going to lie, that message affected me a lot more than I thought it would.



Despite taking 20 lessons per day I couldn’t manage to get to 0 / 0 in levels 19 and 20 =._.=
The kitty-brain overloading is real.


Despite the Christmas riddle, 3 days and counting…


My previous streak broke, because of the radicals content overhaul. But now I’m back at it again!





Now to keep this up…


Been quite a while. :slight_smile: