The 0/0 Streak Challenge



It’s been a while… Real life striked badly recently… Can’t wait for the christmas holidays to kick in.


Only level 6 but hey. I’ll hopefully be at level seven by the end of this week and then this picture won’t be possible…


had 0/0 before i went to bed, then came my review, level up and 145 lessons.
now i’m at 140/0. all radicals and 6 kanji are in the oven. will add a few more tomorrow, i know a bunch of them already.

strange how that goes. lvi 24/25 so tough, lvl 26/27 a walk in the park. i totally hope it stays this way. even only knowing 5 out of 30 is already relieving.


Level 58, one last 0/0 before the WK overhaul dumps on me way too many words (I hope) to manage another 0/0 at level 59. (Even if I could manage it, I’d like to take my time with them anyway and have good look at the new mnemonics, etc, but probably after level 60)

Still, I have a 43 streak in this thread, and an actual 58 streak otherwise. I’m satisfied :slight_smile:


I’m at level 11… so for me the real deal starts :slight_smile: I’ve been 0/0 most of the time (I do all lessons in the hour usually)

Tomorrow is the company Xmas party. Let’s see how that plays out




Checking in for level 11.


Made it to 0/0 on Level 4! Checking in!


I just leved up and with the content update it’s going to take me a while before I see 0/0 again…


Just spam the radical haha, that’s what I’ll do. 40 radicals/days. But then again I imagine at your level, you have 3 times as many radicals as I do. :grimacing:


Rapport status: zany with a side of meatballs…(though, I am successfully transitioning into vegetarianism…)

Friends are not a laughing matter. Yet, no one takes me seriously when I say I have none. Even me…I always think I am joking. Ha! What a sillybeans.


it’s not too bad for me, since i chose to see old mnemonics. i also have half my old stuff burned. i do expect things to be a little more work now though.


I preferred to do it at once… 45 “new” radicals…


22/22 streak =)
Tomorrow I’ll add to my “burden” by learning most of the new radicals! I’ll try focus on going towards the “new way” while I’m still semi early =P


didn’t count streaks, but i restarted at 20, so this must be number 7 :slight_smile:



It is getting tougher to reach the point where I can enjoy the sight of a lovely 0 / 0, so I’d better enjoy it for the few hours it will last…



The streak lives!




Quicker than expected to be fully caught up again. Did my new lessons last night and had 217 reviews in the morning.


90 consecutive days of 0/0. Now, I need to work on accuracy.