The 0/0 Streak Challenge


what is this i can’t even


It’s not so bad, really. I’ve been maintaining it below 3400, tonight I’m gonna lower that to 3000, where I’ll at least keep it until I make my next push to lower it. Lots of semi-useful words, many of which I’m pretty familiar with, so yeah.



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That’s HouHou. ^^ A dictionary application where you can look up words, and then immediately make SRS queues from words you look up, if you wish. So you don’t have to copy things from dictionary into Anki, for example, but you just click a button.


____________________ 1 :soccer:
:fried_shrimp: ______________ :exclamation: 1 :soccer:
:fried_shrimp: _________________ 1 _______________:soccer:
:fried_shrimp: _______ 1 _________________________:soccer:
:fried_shrimp::heart: 1 ______________________________:soccer:


:fried_shrimp: :heart: 1

\ :sob: /


Level 57.
My apprentice count is back to a reasonable level, thanks to the rarefaction of vocab…
(I can’t say I’m too sad about it right now, but I do hope they add more in the near-ish future).

Also, I had to do 42 lessons to get that 0/0, resulting in 42 apprentice 1 items. I hope I made Koichi proud today.

EDIT: WOAH, 4000 burns!


not sure if koichi will be my main priority when i’m in that region - but who knows. the constant bombardment might have some interesting effects on the mind :laughing:


Gets triggered because Nath is probably burning everything before me
Gets competitive af



It’s just that Koichi has a fixation on the number 42. And admitted being only proud of us commoners when we reach level 42 (and stops being proud when we get to 43).
So it’s just a forum inside joke.


You are 2000 words ahead of me. I don’t think that’s a fair competition :crazy_face:


i know, and it’s good to see you’re able to think of that kinda stuff, hehe


So proud! :fried_shrimp::yellow_heart::durtle_love:



With a few hours to spare. I’ll hopefully level up tonight. :slight_smile:




It’s been a while since I’ve gotten down to 0/0 :sweat_smile: I had to take a break from vocab for a while ;-;


Only been using WK for just over a month but this seems like a great way to keep on top of my reviews and lessons!

Praise the crabigator! :crabigator:


I’m new to WK and I’m still on Level 2… But this post motivates to keep my stuff at 0/0!


good habits are important, starting to develop them from the start is exactly the way to do it :slight_smile:


it is getting hard to post in this thread !!!
anyways… many days later, i’ve managed to fight down to zero. yay !