The 0/0 Streak Challenge



I don’t specifically aim for 0/0, because I’ve been managing to keep up my desired level speed without anything piling up without it, but it feels soooooooo good when there’s nothing hanging over my head in WK.

More reviews coming by today of course, but no new lessons until tomorrow!


i defeated the 500er stack and am now waiting for my levelup review tomorrow at around noon. i’ll probably lose 2 hours though, since i’ll be at work and have to do it during my break.


I did my last N5 lessons on BunPro, so for the next 10 minutes I have the 0/0 on WK, KW, and BunPro :+1:






Finally on 0/0 , first time since I became level 10. whoo hoo!


image Finally cleared things down from over 2000. This snap is from yesterday, but I’ve cleared it again today (tho I’ll need to 0/0 it again a few more times today)


Things been low for me lately, and I couldn’t really focus on Wanikani that much. So I was really ecstatic to not lose my streak. Things could only get better from here :smile:


Keeping my streak going! 21/21
I level up Tuesday, get the first 0/0 on Fridays and keep it at zero till Saturday evening (I do get reviews and even lessons, but get them done). Then I won’t get 0/0 again till Tuesday morning, but having 0/0 one (or twice) per level is better than keeping it there at all times, as I divide the items more evenly =^_^=


i rarely have 0 lessons, only the day before i level up. spreading it all out a bit, been working well so far.

been going strong since i returned, didn’t miss a single day.


What do you say to yourself when one day you’re tired but you just do your WK reviews every single day?


i’m always tired, lol


But, this is me too. I struggle with fatigue, so I am always tiered =P
I’ve found I have a much better concentration in the mornings, so I do all my lessons in the morning (only the radical lessons are done in the evening, they are few and easy :wink: )

My routine: Level Tuesday night -do radical lessons
Wednesday morning - kanji lessons
Thursday morning - vocab from previous level, unlocked when guruing last batch of kanji
Friday morning- vocabs of current level unlocked at level up, get 0/0
Saturday morning -second batch of kanji, get 0/0 until guruing kanji in evening
Sunday morning - half of the unlocked vocabs from first batch of kanji guruing the night before
Monday morning - rest of vocab, get 0/0 till level up Tuesday evening.

This also require staying on top of reviews. I always finish all reviews in the morning, and try to do them several times a day. I try to get reviews done before bed, but often leave them till morning if not critical reviews.

And how did that happen? O_o

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you beat me to it. I tip my hat to you, and return to the shadows.


You don’t go buy groceries without knowing what, where and when to buy. It’s the same thing with any goal. Establishing some deadlines for yourself (leveling up every x days; reaching level y in z days), figuring out how many lessons/day you need to do to reach there and finding a routine that will allow you to do it is fundamental imo.

Once you know how and where to go, you just need to start walking.


right, just stay the course. it will become a habit like shaving in the morning.




Level 3 here!


How did this happen two levels in a row? :o I rarely hit 0/0 for 5-10 levels straight.


More days with 0/0. Feelsgoodman. Ofc I’ve still got this staring at me. :scream: