The 0/0 Streak Challenge


Master item anytime soon!


I should do something like, but I’m really running on fumes when it comes to SRS right now. I’m also using floflo and kitsun, and I probably shouldn’t. I was smart enough to stop lessons on kitsun a while ago, so reviews have mostly died down over there, but floflo is relentless at the moment.
Still, it’s better than the alternative. I’ll have another look at those tonight in any case.


3 SRS at the same time, way to burn yourself out.
when i’m done with wk, i’ll do iknow. after that, nothing, just reading books.
SRS enslave you, which is fine, if it’s limited, but it can make you hate everything related to whatever you used it for. been there before.


I use Anki, Bunpro, Kitsun, Kaniwani, and Floflo :sweat_smile:
Which reminds me I should probably catch up on my Floflo reviews :eyes:


Time is at a premium, so I can’t deal with that much at the moment.
I’ve stopped lessons on floflo too about a week ago, but it’s still brutal (although finally calming down)

(I did 150 ish reviews there already today, btw)


I imagine reviews on Wanikani are much more overwhelming for you, considering you’ve gone (or are going) through all the fast levels :sweat_smile: When I get that far I will most likely have to stop lessons on the other websites as well


Yeah, that’s the thing. I prioritize WK, since I want to level fast, but I’ve had 300~400 (with peaks at 500) for the past week and a half. Since I cannot really do much at work, it’s just sitting there waiting for me in the evening. And then I would still have ~200 from floflo and Kitsun, which just isn’t happening.
(And, again, I should probably slow the f down, but for a variety of reasons I just want to be done with lessons on WK ASAP)


yeah, no way - i’d stop everything and focus on wk. can do all the other stuff later.


One thing that I experienced is that after WK, I got extremely bored with Japanese. I had no other goal that was as strong as reaching level 60. Not sure about you, so this is just a heads-up.


if you have no real life bonds with the language, no real needs, then motivation will at some point become a problem.


I do well with anything that seriously challenges me and that I have a detailed plan from where I’m at to where I wanna go (I need both to exist). This is why I’m bored with grammar since last May, but destroying Core 10k (reaching 700 reviews/day pre-burn phase). The former doesn’t have a plan, the latter does. Also, I think it’s just a matter of me finding the next step before I finish my current goal.

Japanese to me is just that, a challenge. After that, maybe a way to reach a new world, a new perspective, new people. But there are other unknown worlds, other perspectives and other people for me to find. So that itself doesn’t make Japanese unique to me. It’s purely the challenge.


i’ve never seen it like that. i’m a gamer and play games with that mindset, but japanese was a communication tool for me, still is… and i have immediate need for it. i’m also just a “language guy” i guess. i love books, reading, language makes me happy, especially japanese.


I do think your approach is healthier :rofl:


First time it’s looked like this in a verrrrrrrry long time.
I have done 1200 reviews today.



Where are you going to see these stats?
Is this only on the android app?


Level 3 was tough.


Well, like @OmukaiAndi said, I need Japanese in my everyday life, both to communicate with family and friends, and for work. So it’s not like I can get bored with the language.
I can, and probably will, get bored with learning the language, but that’s fine. I’ve been there before, eventually I’ll hit some kind of wall/frustration that will spur me to go back to study.


Yeah, that’s a better way of describing what I meant :v:


Finally 35!!
time between 0/0s 25 -> 11 -> 12 -> 13 -> 16 -> 16 -> 13 -> 14 days -> 127 days
oof, had a bit of a stumble there


no, this is a script for the browser, running firefox on my phone.