The 0/0 Streak Challenge


I think autopilot is a thing. However, it could just be a simple setting (1 being the default). Like, WK allows you to choose number of items per batch of lessons (before u get into the Quiz), but easily 80% of people don’t know about that setting, mostly because they never needed it, so they never went out to ask. But those that do, have almost surely use it.

Does this help? Idk, I never used it before.


the self-study script could work for that, too. saves a set of “new kanji” and you can quiz yourself on them till the cows go home, right when wk presents them to you.


How do you get the days on level under the level circle? :smiley:


I think a option for having to get an item correct multiple times on a quiz would be good probably, though I wouldn’t use i myself, the current way lessons are works fine for me
As for the quantity over quality thing, it aplies to how many kanji you’re learning, so essentially the faster you can do lessons (as long as you’re getting some information out of it) the better, even if it means you’ll have to come back to some items later for more intense study



Personally I see the 4 hour reviews as part of the lesson. The delay is small enough that I should remember most of it, and unlike lessons, I actually care if I make a mistake or not and try harder because of it. I tend to just blast through the lesson quiz. The “penalty” for missing is so small anyway that they’ll fuse back to the correct reviews when I don’t do my 8 hours reviews on time (as if I’ll wake up at 4 am :roll_eyes:).




rollin :wheelchair:


Yes! Level 20!


frats :slight_smile:
one third of the way done, also the pain in the ass part :wink:


I got the pain in the ass already, and I’m not 1/3 done. :slight_smile:


Yet another 0/0 6h before the deadline.
It’s not tight, it’s optimized.


Exactly my point against the “0/0 asap” crew :wink: haha. I rarely “finished” a level too early.


it is only for 30 minutes, but it has been a while since I have been to 0/0 so I am still proud! :smiley:


Still very early for me, but I just got through my first large group of vocab lessons so I was pretty happy! This is a great way to stay motivated even if it is very early on in my WK days!



right now is fine, tomorrow will be all right, but wednesday is zombie day - 500 old things to come back from the grave.
not sure yet how i’ll do these and prepare for the 26er 3-day level, but i’ll get it done. would have been cool if wk did “days passed” instead of hours for their rhythm, then i could have done them past midnight, before i go to bed.
now they’ll start to come up at noon, and the earliest i can work on them is at 19:00, after work, and the first 1.5 hours will be on the phone, so slow progress.

a bit frustrating.



Level 13!


Level 56. Starting to feel the burn, but with just over a week and a half left, I can probably see it through.
That being said, I eff’d up 2 kanji already. If I make two mistakes on Thursday, I’m looking at an extra day on the level…


maybe make a drill deck or use the self-study mod to get em stable. no need to drag out the pain if there’s a way to avoid that.