The 0/0 Streak Challenge


Well, that’s the main reason :stuck_out_tongue: also, lifetime was just a bit more than 2 years of subscription at the time, and I’d like, indeed, to burn everything.

Plus, I learned all the joyo kanji before, but forgot them enough to need to be here. I can see needing to unburn bunch of stuffs in the future.
And they do add more stuff over time, so that’s something to look forward too.

Finally, I could spare the money, and it’s a really nice service that I’m happy to support :slight_smile:


Keep at it!


There’s a bunch of discounts for other stuff when you buy lifetime. Or maybe that’s Textfugu. I can’t remember which order I went it. Either way, good job on clearing the backlog.


thanks. getting back on track feels really good. in case you ever take a long break: don’t worry, after 2-3 reviews you’re as good as new, if you work on it seriously :slight_smile:


Learned that the hard way. Now if I’m not learning new stuff I at least try to keep up with reviews.


I missed the last one but here’s 38, back on track


3.5 months! xD


Time to move on

Edit: Oh, looks like I was looking at an older level.

2 months, then! :stuck_out_tongue:


Mid-level 0/0! Actually close to leveling up. 2 weeks for this one. I still benefit from remembering things I had already learned before (I reset from Lvl 17), wonder how I’ll be doing when new stuff shows up.


Me at level 4: “I don’t get the problem, I have 0/0 all the time.”
Me at level 6: 150 new lessons “oh shit I’m screwed”

And I know this is only the beginning, lol, I’m sure it will get worse. How many lessons do you guys do a day?


If it makes you feel better, the number of lesson per level decreases over time :slight_smile:
I only had 128 upon leveling up this time.


It’s the reviews that grows, since you get back older items on top of the current ones :wink:


From level 15: (I didn’t include the level, but trust me please!!!)

Level 16:

I feel bad cause I really have been slowing down since school started up. When I get done with all my stuff, I just don’t feel like sitting down to do more work (WK). I get bursts of motivation sometimes, but I’ve been feeling a bit discouraged lately since I feel my abilities have stagnated and that I’ve been moving slower than most. Is this the plateau? I thought this wasn’t until I reached an intermediate level. I’ve been studying for a year and a half and I’m still at a beginner level…


I do them the same day that they are available. Usually the last thing before I sleep.


Yeah but…all of them? Seems like a lot to do when you get 150 new lessons.

I mean doing 200 reviews or whatever is fine, but the lessons take quite a bit longer.


Yeah, all of them. A batch of 150 takes about an hour?


I actually don’t know if I’ve had 150 lessons at once. I think I’ve had over 100. And 100 probably takes about an hour. Maybe longer?


53 lessons at 3am, but i got off tomorrow, and this was all easy vocab. all good :slight_smile:


I guess I was under the impression that people just do like 20 a day or something like that. I guess I will just have to try to tackle a bunch of them but I doubt I would do 150 at once.


i do all radicals at once at least. if the timing fits, i do the kanji right after, but if not, i got 3 days to do them, till the radicals are guru’d.
the kanji normally follow the same day though, while i spread out the vocab a little. vocabulary is easy though, and more often than not, i sit down and do em in one go.

this way i have something like:

  • less then 10 radicals
  • 30ish kanji
  • up to 120 vocab

3 sessions.


Stomp 'em!