The 0/0 Streak Challenge


Got all the reviews done, now the fallout of my 3 year break is contained and i can focus on leveling again. Those 500 today were painful, but they’re now mastered.


Level 35 :blush:



Ready for 10.5


Level 7 :white_check_mark:


FINALLY. This level is also kicking my ass in terms of me not getting kanji correct. But I finally managed to do all the kanji lessons. I’ll be guru’ing a few of them soon


Reordered the lessons so that I could do the radicals first and then do all the other lessons in normal order.
Took me forever to get that lesson counter to zero. :sweat_smile:

Also: Finally more Master Items then Gurus! Throughout the level it was a head-to-head race between them, but I think that’s over now. :smiley:


Yay! I’ve been keeping this streak for a few days now and I think that really helped me get those first few Mastered items :confetti_ball::relaxed:


After a long time, finally did it :grin:


It happened when I least expected it!


Here’s for level 7 :tada:



Wow. I never thought this day would come. Only a week or so ago I was at 60 lessons and 700 reviews. I was only getting like 30-50% correct too. But now, 90% is the average. :tada: !



That’s great. I’ve hit 0/0 everyday for the last 51 days. I can’t wait to get to upper levels.


17/17 streak! <3
Lessons 0 twice per level, reviews 0 at all times if possible but daily at minimum.

Edit: After doing the coming review the “Next day” is down to 56! 17 of which is next hour O_o
So swapped photo =P


Having some cold sweats doing critical reviews on my phone with patchy internet.
Sudden death mode activated.


60 IS SO CLOSE! CONGRATULATIONS! :partying_face:
Tell me again why you bought a lifetime subscription?


To be one of the few masters who reach “all-burned”? This takes quite a bit longer than just reaching 60 =P
I’m sure glad I bought the lifetime, I have re-set from high levels twice already so I sure needed it for that :rofl:
But I bought it to begin with to always have access to it =)


I was just teasing @Naphthalene cause we started around the same time. :sweat_smile:

久しぶり Toyger! I’m sure glad I bought the lifetime subscription as well. I mostly did it cause I hate recurring fees but now knowing how slow I am when it comes to learning kanji, it’s worth every penny!


i plan to buy lifetime, too, just waiting for a sale :slight_smile:
wanikani is already several years old, no idea if they ever plan further content, but if so, you can return for it at 0 reviews if you burned it all, that’s kinda nice.

that being said, the highest i’ve ever been was 24. never saw a short level while in full swing, so i have no idea what i’m talking about, hehe.


I figured it was in jest, didn’t know you had started around the same time though! =D

Haha yes, I hate recurring fees too! If I buy it once, even though the total might be greater, it feels better :wink:

I do the same with the bus. I can pay single tickets or I can pay for a full month (or even a year! I had this once, and will again once I can afford. You get two months off!). If I count the times I took the bus I might find I would have saved on single tickets, but having paid for the month makes me feel better about every time I use it - feel like I get more value out of it :wink:
It makes it easier to get out of the house too, knowing I have already paid for travel, so lets use it =P

I did go full speed, but even before I reset I felt it was worth it even though I could have saved on yearly payments - cause that would leave me without access at some point, unless I continued paying.

I got the lifetime February of last year, so not too far from two years ago. Yet I’m still at 17, so definitely worth it! <3
It was worth going three times too. First time I struggled hard with the teens, gave up at 20. Second time I struggled somewhat with the teens, stopped learning at 21 (kept leveling for fun using a joke script till I was ready to restart) This time I feel I already know all of it! I feel very confident with the teens! So will definitely make it this time. And if I find I start to struggle I will slow down instead of burn out again XD


Start saving up! The sale is usually around Christmas :wink: