The 0/0 Streak Challenge


I’ve been summoned from Wanikani screenshots 📸. Huzzah!


You should probably add your current level/ the level at which you took the screenshot, for record keeping :slight_smile:


And to later look back at your then former, cute self and smile.
“Oh man, that was when I had trouble with those legal terms. No idea how they could confuse me tho back then” :wink:



Finally did it after nearly 3 months on level 14!!

I’ve been getting swamped with work up until recently so it feels good to get back into lessons and not just daily struggling just to keep on top of reviews after a tiring day!!

Hope to see you all again soon!


#6! :slight_smile:


I admire your guru durtles that’s much lower than your master durtles.



I’ve been busy doing other stuff but I finally made it!


Level 18!


Did it for the first time since I started! So I’m counting this as #1 :joy:

I’ve definitely been feeling the increased difficulty in remembering all the different meanings and readings, so I’d rather go slow and review more items more often before I do lessons!

(and yes, I will upgrade to premium as soon as I get paid in a few days :crabigator: )



First entry into this thread. Just want to stay accountable. Will start Level 10 tonight, so gotta be ready for it.

And btw, where are you guys getting the sweet “review timeline” and progression bars? Is it a monkey script or something?


Level 13

Didn’t managed to 0/0 on level 12, so I’m starting again :joy:


16/16! Streak going strong!


my 21.5er lessons came in. had 133 reviews and 65 lessons.


Slow level is slow (and that’s fine too)



And now we play the waiting game.


When I started wanikani, I just rushed forward and did everything as soon as they came available. Then life gave me a lot to do and the review/lesson count was too much. I had to erase my progress and start again. Now I’m only doing 3-6 reviews a day, and lessons only if there are no reviews to do.

(No 0/0 for me. :blush: )


Forward progress is still forward progress. Good job.


i’ll post this now, before the onslaught that is the aftermath of my 1800er review when i came back after 3 years. i burned a lot, and these are the 500 i missed. will be a good fight all day long. BUT i’ll return to 0/0.



This was the hardest level yet, but I got to 0/0 in the end.


Made it back to 0/0, but 500 reviews in the next 24 hours :weary: