The 0/0 Streak Challenge


Resetted my account to level one. This time around I’ll do better!



It’s not much but it’s something.



Holy crap this took forever, but it feels so nice to be back at 0/0 after having a pile of almost 400 lessons to go through. Now to level 25 and beyond!


I’ll be honest, wasn’t sure I was gonna make this one with vacation and all. Somehow, though!


I’m almost afraid to level up after what I’ve read around here


Yeah me too


I’m unstoppable this week!



Keeping the streak alive.




Level 12 (pre-level-up):

I’ve had a few little 0/0’s in between due to the fact that I spread my kanji lessons out a little (and kept making mistakes >.<), but this is the important one. Here’s a lesson not to let kanji lessons from the first batch go right up to unlocking the second though - I just got 20+ new lessons a few hours before levelling :sweat_smile:


Level 29

I didn’t make it for level 28, my accuracy level has dropped from 90-100% to 80-90% and I have a bunch of leeches (mostly items that I failed to burn). I think once I reach level 30 I will be taking some time off from new lessons so I don’t burn out.


It’s not a bad point to take a break and solidify your knowledge - around level 30 the kanji started becoming more muddled (partly from the quantity and from older similar ones coming back) and my accuracy definitely decreased. I pushed through but even one week to just review would probably have been good.


Same happening to me, right behind you, the level 30 curse is coming :sweat_smile: .
Still going 0/0 but feeling the leeches creeping in. But I don’t wanna slow down :see_no_evil:




This! I noticed I was starting to burn out and even skippped doing reviews a few days, that’s why I decided to take a break, but only for one or two weeks. (:


I already slowed down anyway, I was doing 7-day levels until 20 and after that it took me 13 to 15 days to finish them. I would like to go back to my old speed but it’s honestly too much for me, so I think it’s better to slow down than to quit. ファイト!



2 levels in a row :muscle:
Let’s see how long I can last


Barely made to a 0/0 on this level with only 10 minutes to level up :smiley:


Happy sigh of relief