The 0/0 Streak Challenge


My 4th streak. Sprint through it in 6 days 20 hours! I was quite nervous that I might forget to do my review on time, but it turned out alright. I always wanted to go full speed on at least one of the normal level. Now that I got it, the next one will be more relaxed, but still at fast pace.

I want to be able to finish Wanikani in around a year, 1.5 years maximum. Since I have lots of time right now, I might as well do it fast while I can.

The stats

LV-4 Stats

Still going strong and eager to learn. I have subscribed and become a paying member!
Thank you Wanikani team for making this wonderful product, I wouldn’t have thought about learning Japanese again after 9 years had I not found Wanikani.

Lv4 still isn’t hard so far, there are plenty of kanji that I already know the meaning, just have to remember the reading.


Wow first post at lv23! I wouldnt be able to endure it!

Saying welcome sounds weird to me since you were here a long time before me, but I guess I’m your forum sempai? hahaha welcome!

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So many people are just making me look like a pathtic newb.
@Euruzilys how the HECK are you on level 4 already mate?
Jesus Christ!? Zoomer?


I give credit to my previous Japanese knowledge, used to study for a year in high school. That along with my plenty of free time and high motivation. I have always wanted to be Japanese literate, but kanji was so daunting to me. When I found wanikani, I was so excited that I can finally learn kanji.

The early levels will be fast for me, since I already knew the meaning of some of them. I expect my pace to be slower after awhile.

For lv1 I know the meaning of all except ‘construction’ kanji.
Lv2 I know about 3/4 before hand.
Lv3 I know a bit more than half too.

I also make extensive use of self study quiz script. I made sure to make no mistake in the self study at least 2 times in a row before I do the real reviews. To ensure that there is no delay.

I try to come up with my own mnemonic as well, for the few kanji that I can link to some characters or title. Like the 北 north kanji, reading is hoku, I just remember it as fists of the north star (hokuto no ken).
With 方 I think of Dio from jojo part 3, the ‘hou hou are you approaching me?’ meme has both the reading and kinda the meaning. Heck, the kanji even look like a weird jojo pose.

Im looking for study buddy, are you interested? We are close in lv, and it would be nice to have someone to practice grammar with as well.


Yeah, sure no worries. I am very obligated hehe. :slight_smile:

I am Chinese, so even though I know the meanings of Kanji, I need to throw my Hanzi knowledge out of the window and then intake new knowledge of Japanese kanji.

I see! But you do have the advantage of knowing the meaning right?
So you kinda just have to remember the reading. I find linking it to what I know is really useful.
My friend married and went to live in Japan, she is Chinese and got to N2 in around a year.

Now that I think about it, I dont think there is any private message function, but Im gonna add you to my leader board lol.

I agree vocabulary lessons can also take a toll! It is tiring most of the time because our brain is busy picking up things. But yeah, it worth it anyways.

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I think I’ve been pretty good at getting to 0/0, but this thread is a really nice idea to document the progress and keep myself accountable. So here it goes, 0/0 after finishing (most of) the second batch of kanji/vocab


Yeah definitely, there’s the advantage of knowing the meaning but most Kanji are traditional Chinese which makes it harder for me to recognize since I only learned Simplified Chinese in highschool. But I’d lying if I say that it doesn’t help me whatsoever.

I mean if you have discord perhaps I can add you, if you do not mind that is if the absence of PM is a major problem. I’m kinda on the same boat :slight_smile:

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Yeah I have discord. Euruzilys#2604
Now I wonder if wanikani have discord, I doubt since it might compete with their own forum lol.

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Oh god, finally I’m up to date again! Since lv16 I was hard backlogged due to circumstances and it took real efforts to push lessons down from 200 mark! With 7days/lvl speed, new lessons avalanched way quick.

Though this time I managed to develop reliable schedule, so from now on I should keep my WK journey on more comfortable way.

Especially I’m proud being able to hit 0/0 mark during first 20 lessons, with 3 examples/vocab still here. So from lv21 on I should have even more time for supplimentary studies.

EDIT: looking back at my mark-200-post

…well, it took 19 days after all.


I guess I did slow down a little, 11 days instead of 7 ^^ happy, @kozumikkucrepeon? :stuck_out_tongue:


Last one with a 1 in the front


Got my level up this morning! :partying_face: I finished my lessons some hours later. Now I just have waves upon waves of reviews to get through. It’s gonna slow down tomorrow, as most of these items will be in apprentice 3 by then. ^^;


I added you, waiting for the response :slight_smile:

There is no official WaniKani Discord Server. But there are a lot of threads with their own dedicated servers for their WK or fun related activities.

almost in hell!!!


don’t you find it a bit hard to do all the lessons in one day?(not judging just curious)


I don’t. It might seem like much, but I don’t really feel that’s true. I take my time with the kanji, taking notes on the upcoming vocabulary and readings - concentrating on that mostly. I read the mnemonics for the meanings and try to commit them to memory (or create my own ones sometimes). The vocab shouldn’t be hard if you do them immediately after guruing the last the level’s kanji + vocab, as they merely reinforce the kanji knowledge and vocab that you should know by then (I don’t use any reordering). Those lessons really just takes minutes to complete, but is basically just the time to do the quiz.

Then I let the SRS take care of making me learn the items properly.

My main priority during review for a new level, is to nail the radicals, then as many of the kanji as I can, and then the vocab. By the end of day one, most items should be in apprentice 3 with some stragglers that I’ll focus on more specifically when I fail them.

I hope that helps with understanding my learning process. It might not be for everyone. But, I don’t think the human brain has some set number of items it can learn/ day. The sky is the limit rather.

I do that all the time in computer games :video_game: (learning names for equipment, “recipes” for how to make recovery items, craft stuff, stats for weapons, strategies for gameplay, names of characters etc etc etc.). You learn tons of stuff in games. So, I don’t think there is a problem with learning 70 items (a typical amount on levelup) in a single day. ^>^


Phew :relieved: just in time for level up