The 🀌 プロレス thread! Learning Japanese through pro wrestling

Yeah me too! And it made me appreciate all the more how much English spelling and pronunciation is an added obstacle. Silent e’s seem like a downright mean joke considering they almost never work like Japanese romanization (but occasionally do). さすが倧怪獣 though, she methodically worked through all of the text boxes and came away with the right understanding on nearly all of them.

I don’t worry, I’ve seen the Vividly Memorable Thing that happens. :sweat_smile: That was around when I was first like “dang uh I should watch Swerve/Hangman.”

Ultimately it’s completely up to you, but for what it’s worth I think your wrestling journals are really cool and I’ve been impressed every time I read them. I find my own habit of media notes sort of relaxing or centering or something, or at least just somewhat useful as an accumulated mass for myself, without ever intending for them to be read or shared really ever (and with the rounds of link dumping I do these days not an especially interesting format for that). Obviously you have more than enough on your plate but I did want to callout that I’ll miss them!

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After Shibata’s headbutt and resulting problems, I don’t think they should be allowed anymore. Too dangerous.


Finally finished translating the June 26 presser. Here’s the video of it, and here’s the official transcript.

First up in the transcript (but second up in the video, for some reason) is the Miu and Rika portion for the Princess of Princess Championship.

On June 26, at Kanda Myojin in Tokyo, the contract signing for the two major title matches at Summer Sun Princess '24 on July 20 at Korakuen Hall was held, with ring announcer Sayuri Namba presiding.

I had a bit of trouble translating bits of this: “最近の未詩は団䜓のトップになっお、さらに自信が増しお、普段の詊合や防衛戊を芋おいおも切れや凄みが増しお、ずんでもなく危険だなず感じおたす。ただそんな未詩ず今の自分でも制埡が぀けられないような私が闘ったら面癜いなず思っおいたす.”

Rika: “Recently, since reaching the top of the promotion, Miu’s confidence has grown even further, and in both her regular matches and title defense, her agility and intimidation factor have gone up, and I feel like she’s ridiculously dangerous. But I think it would be interesting for someone like me, who even my own self can’t control, to face Miu in that state. Looking at our past match results, I have never lost to her. So I have a strange confidence. No, I have nothing BUT confidence. So I am definitely going to bloom out of season.”

This was a bit tricky: “そしお、ゆくゆくは私がチャンピオンになったら䜕をしたいかずいいたすず、最近の東京女子を芋おいおも、すごい面癜い詊合をたくさんしおいる.”

“And someday, when I become champion, what I want to do is—Recently, if you watch TJPW, there are a lot of interesting matches. However, I often feel like we still haven’t really reached the general public yet, so as the champion, I would like to be proactive in getting the word out and doing publicity activities.”

I had a bit of trouble wrangling the middle of this first sentence, and the second was a bit tricky: “リカさんずシングルマッチで闘うのは去幎の3月、むンタヌナショナル・プリンセス遞手暩詊合での詊合以来になるんですけど、その時、結果ずしおは負けおしたったんですけど、リカさんず本圓の意味で隣に䞊べたなずいう感芚があっお。今たでは私がデビュヌした盎埌に癜昌倢になっお、リカさんがすごい速床で走っおいくずころを私の手を匕っ匵っおくれお、私もなんずか぀いおいけおるずいう状態だったんですけど、それが完党に暪䞊びになっお䞀緒に爆走できおいる.”

Miu: “I fought Rika-san in a singles match in March of last year, and I haven’t faced her since that match for the International (Princess Championship), but even though I lost that time, I felt that I truly was standing on the same level as Rika-san. Leading up to here, we formed Daydream right after my debut, and Rika-san was running at a very high speed and pulling me along with her, and somehow I was able to keep up with her, but I was totally going along with her and we were incredibly fast together. I think with Daydream, we can run ahead while engaging in friendly competition with each other, so I feel that Daydream as it stands currently is really strong, and that we’re the strongest. Rika-san’s way of fighting is really unrestrained and inventive in a way that only she can do, and with that way of fighting, just like in our previous match for the International belt, I feel a kind of energy that only she can produce. If I am beside her, I can absorb that energy while I’m with her, but when it’s just me, the feeling that comes first is that I have to stick to the mold and follow the rules and all that.”

This was a bit tricky: “でもリカさんの隣にいるず楜しければなんでもいいんだ、面癜ければなんでもいいんだっおどんどん自分の匷さが曎新されおいくので、今回は察角に立぀けど、自分に出せるものを、それ以䞊のものを出しお闘えるように頑匵りたいず思いたす.”

“But when I’m at Rika-san’s side, I can do anything as long as it’s fun, and as long as it’s interesting, my strength will be renewed more and more, so I will stand on the opposite corner this time, but I’m going to do my best so that I’ll be able to fight with what I can do and more. I have never beaten Rika-san, so I want to win and defend my belt. This is a big show, even though it’s in Korakuen, ‘Summer Sun Princess’, which is a bit different from our usual big shows, but I also have a strong desire to spread TJPW to the world, and if I’m with Rika-san, I think we can spread until we’re in living rooms all over the country, all over the world, and all over the universe, so I want to kick off the greatest summer ever. I’m going to do my best.”

――Tatsumi, do you feel different going into this match than you did for the match at Ariake?

This was a bit tricky to translate: “うん、どうでしょう。プラスにしかなっおないず思いたす。その時より自信がありたす。有明の時は五分五分かなず思っおいたんですけど、今は私のほうがいけるず思っおいたす.”

Rika: “Hmm, I don’t know. I think there are only positives. I’m more confident now than I was then. At Ariake, I thought it was 50-50, but now I think I have a better chance.”

――Watanabe, are you going to make any changes to your fighting style for Tatsumi, whom you have never beaten?

This was a bit tricky: “いろいろ䜜戊ずか緎っおいるんですけど、でも蟰巳リカに勝おる時ずいうのはそういうのじゃないず思うんですよ。その瞬間に出る突発的な感情だったり。あずは圓日たでその気持ちを枩めおいきたいなず思いたす.”

Miu: “I’m working on several strategies, but I don’t think that’ll be when I’ll be able to beat Rika Tatsumi. It’s a sudden emotion that comes out in the moment. I’m going to mull over that feeling until the day of the match.”

――Tatsumi, what do you mean by saying that you yourself can’t control yourself?

Rika: “I’m unexpectedly a strategist. Before a match, I’m always thinking with my brain, but when it comes to the match itself, all of my strategies go out the window, and often I look back and am like, ‘what was I doing?’. It’s frightening. Maybe that’s a good thing.”

――Do you think that part of you coming out leads you to victory?

This was a bit tricky: “そうですね。たぶん正攻法でやっおも未詩には歯が立たないず思うんですよね。だからそこに乗っちゃたずいかなず思うので、自分らしくいきたいなず思いたす.”

Rika: “Yes. I think if I come at Miu from the front, I probably won’t be able to compete with her. So I don’t think it’s a good idea to go with that, and I want to do it in my own way.”

――Miu, what are your thoughts on what Tatsumi just said?

This next bit had some tricky to translate parts, especially the 頭脳掟: “みんな信じられないず思うんですけど、リカさんは頭脳掟なんです。私は隣で䞀緒にいるので、リカさんが頭脳掟なこずも戊略家なこずも知っおいお、いろんなパタヌンを考えお詊合に臚んでいる。でも、その頭になかったこずをするのがリカさんなので、それを知っおいるからこそ、私も同じ方法でいったらいけるのか吊か。私の頭次第です。どうでしょう.”

Miu: “People may not believe this, but Rika-san is a brainy type. Since I’m beside her a lot, I know that she’s a brainy type and a strategist, and when it comes to her matches, she always has multiple ideas in mind. But Rika-san does things that weren’t in her head, and because I know this about her, I wonder if I can also do things the same way or not. It’s all up to what’s in my head. I don’t know. I’m going to do my best.”

――Tatsumi, what do you mean by publicity activities?

Rika: “To give a specific example, I think it’s easy for things to spread on social media, so I think we should do it mainly through short videos and YouTube and such.”

――Do you think the current champion is lacking in that regard?

This was a bit tricky: “王者ずいうか東京女子プロレス党般に蚀えるのかなず思うので、もっず広げる掻動をしおいきたいなず思いたす.”

Rika: “I think rather than the champion, it can be said for TJPW as a whole, so I want to be more active in helping us spread.”

――What do you think about this, Watanabe?

Miu: “I really feel that this is the era of social networking. This is an era where idols, too, can get on TV if they get enough buzz on TikTok. Right now, TJPW is also putting effort into TikTok, and every day we’re thinking about how to better use social media, and this is whether we’re a champion or not.”

This was tricky: “それこそ、今知っおくれおいるファン䞀人䞀人のツむヌトXがあなたのフォロワヌに広たる、東京女子を知らない人に広たるきっかけになるので。この『SUMMER SUN PRINCESS』埌楜園を満杯にしお、その䞀人ひずりがメッチャXにポストしたら、超広たるず思うので、そうしたいず思いたす.”

“That’s because each tweet (X) from the fans who know us now will spread to your followers, and it’s a chance to reach people who don’t know TJPW. If we really fill up Korakuen for Summer Sun Princess, and if each and every one of those people posts a lot on X, I think it’ll spread like crazy, so that’s what I want to do.”

I’m rooting for Rika in this match because I think that’s the peak chaos option. 狂い咲きたしょう :triumph:

The other half of the presser was for Moka and Arai vs Daisy Monkey for the Princess Tag Team Championship.

Moka: “When I faced (Hikaru) Shida-san at the last Korakuen, I could feel that I was growing, and I started thinking about challenging for the tag belts. And at last week’s Hamamatsu show, by beating Arisu-chan, who holds one of the tag belts, I thought I was qualified to challenge for it, so in my backstage comments, I announced that I wanted to challenge for the tag belts. I wasn’t looking for just anyone to be my partner, and I thought it would be good to fight together with someone with passion. After the Hamamatsu show, I was immediately contacted by Arai-san, who saw the video where I announced my challenge, and so I wanted to fight together with her. I’ll be challenging with Arai-san.”

I struggled with translating the last bit of this: “今自分はむンタヌナショナルのベルトを持っおいお、防衛戊ずかやらせおもらっおいる立堎ではあるんですけど、もっずベルトに挑戊したいずか、このたたじゃダメだずいう思いが匷くお.”

Arai: “I have the International belt now, and I’m in a position where I’m doing title defenses and such, but I want to challenge for more belts, and I have a strong feeling that this isn’t good enough as it is. My desire to be in a position to challenge for belts has been getting stronger day by day, and I’ve been seeing how the belts held by two wrestlers in my generation are shining brightly. I had a desire to challenge if the timing ever worked out, so I reached out to Moka-san for this opportunity.”

The middle chunk of this was a bit tricky: “以前、タッグのベルトを持っおいたんですけど、その時よりも成長した姿で、もっず自分の力でもこのベルトに近づいおいけるような遞手になったずいうこずを自分にも皆さんにも、この詊合で芋せるこずができればなず思うので、今持っおいるベルトに加えおもかさんず獲れるように頑匵りたいず思いたす.”

“I’ve held the tag belts before, but I hope to show everyone with this match that I have grown since that time, and that I have become a wrestler who can get closer to those belts by my own power, so I’m going to do my best to capture them with Moka-san in addition to the belt that I have now.”

Arisu: “As Moka-san mentioned earlier, I teamed up with Suzume-san last time in Hamamatsu, and even though I have a belt, she stole a pin from me. At that time, I was so frustrated, I couldn’t even speak. I couldn’t even cry. That night, I was so depressed, I didn’t even want to look at social media.” (laughs)

This was a bit tricky to translate: “でも、次の日起きたら「このたたじゃダメだ」「マゞでもっずもっず頑匵んなきゃ、匷くならなきゃ」っお思っお。そう思わせおくれお、こうやっお私たちが持っおいるタッグのベルトを懞けお闘えるずいうのはメチャメチャ嬉しいです.”

"But when I woke up the next day, I thought, ‘I can’t go on like this,’ and ‘I seriously have to work even harder; I have to be strong.’ Having those thoughts spurred on, and being able to fight like this with the tag belts we hold on the line, that makes me so happy. As for my two opponents, I’ve lost to them in both the singles tournament and the tag tournament, so I want to defend my belt by pouring all of my frustration into the match.”

Suzume: “When I was told that Moka was talking about wanting to challenge in her comments the other day, Arai-chan was the first person to come to mind.”

I think maybe I got this, but I wasn’t sure: “ずいうのも埌楜園のコメントでも荒井ちゃんはタッグベルトに察しお発蚀しおいお、その時から意識はしおいたし、そしお自分の䞭でももかが挑戊したいず蚀った時に私がやりたいタッグ、もかず䞀緒に組むなら荒井ちゃんがいいっお思ったんですよ.”

“Because ever since Arai-chan made a remark about the tag belts in her comments at Korakuen, I’ve been conscious of her, and internally, when Moka said that she wanted to challenge, that was the tag team I wanted to face—if Moka was teaming up with someone, I thought Arai-chan would be good. I’m happy that those two came forward, and I’m really excited.”

This was a bit tricky: “有栖が蚀っおいた通り、私たちトヌナメントでこの2人にずいぶん前に負けおいお、その時から悔しさをバチバチ燃やしおいるんですけど、そこから個人個人で匷くなっおきた郚分を芋おきたし、ステップアップした2人が組んだ今、ちょっず恐ろしいんじゃないかずいう気持ちもありたす.”

“Like Arisu said, we lost in tournaments to those two ages ago, and ever since then, I’ve been burning hot with frustration, but I’ve seen how they’ve each grown individually from there, and now that they’ve stepped it up and teamed up, I’m a little bit scared. But the two of us have been doing this for a long time, and we’ve shared our frustrations and our joys together in order to reach the belts, and I’m confident we’re just gonna get stronger and stronger as a tag team. So we’re absolutely not going to lose!”

Another mildly tricky one to put into English: “挑戊者チヌム、最近は組んでないのでチヌムずしおのブランクはあるず思うが.”

――For the challengers, since you haven’t teamed up recently, do you think there’s a gap between you as a team?

Moka: “Even though it’s been a while since we’ve teamed up, I’ve watched a lot of Arai-san’s matches, and I’m sure she’s been watching mine, too, so I’m not worried about that.”

This was a bit tricky: “ずっず組んでなかったから未知数の郚分が自分たちにもあるけど、2人も私たちの知らない郚分がたくさんあるず思うので、そういったずころでも新しいもかゆきタッグを芋せたいなず思いたす.”

Arai: “We haven’t teamed up in ages, so there are some unknowns, but I think there are a lot of things about us that they don’t know, either, so I want to show a new MokaYuki tag team in that regard as well. I’m not worried.”

――For the champions, how do you see the two of them as a team?

The “メチャメチャ組んでいる” part of this sentence was a bit confusing: “お互い初勝利の盞手だし、お互いの気持ちもわかっおいるず思うし、メチャメチャ匷いんじゃないかなず思っおいる。でも、でも、でも それ以䞊に私たちのほうがメチャメチャ組んでいるから。そこは匷くおも負けたせん.”

Arisu: “They were each other’s first win, and I think they each understand how the other person feels, and they’re super strong. But! But, we’re a much better team than them. So even if they’re stronger, we won’t lose.”

――Arai, you’re not scheduled for any matches before Korakuen, so you can’t take part in preview matches.

The transcript had a random line break in here, which briefly threw me off. I struggled with the first part of this in particular: “自分が出たくなくお出ないわけではないし、もかさんに䞀人で闘っおもらうこずになっおしたうのがずおも悔しいんですけど、その分、名叀屋でたくさん螊っお䜓力を぀けお戻っおきたいず思いたす.”

Arai: “It’s not that I don’t want to participate, and the fact that Moka-san will be fighting by herself is really frustrating, but to make up for it, I’m going to dance a lot in Nagoya and come back stronger having built up my stamina.”

――For the champions, this will be a match between those of you in the same generation. Are you conscious of this?

Suzume: “We’ve faced each other a lot in tournaments and in matches where there was no belt on the line, and there is a part of me that is conscious of them as someone in the same generation. I’m actually really happy and excited that I get to fight them in a title match. I’m also excited to fight my senpais, and I want my juniors to keep coming, but I’m really happy because I don’t think I’d be this excited if I weren’t going against my same generation. I’m looking forward to it.”

And that’s it for that one.

I’m team Daisy Monkey all the way on this match. Sorry Arai and sorry Moka.

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Not an especially big deal but the したいかずいいたすず transition could be translated more directly as like, “if I were asked what I’ll want to do after I become champion,” / “when it comes to what I would want to do once I become champion” / that kind of thing.

I would say the second part could use some cleaning up. I think the sense of the “but” transition wound up misplaced. She’s describing how at first in Daydream she was being pulled along by Rika, but now they’ve become equal partners.
(Roughly) “I was barely managing to keep up, but that changed completely, to being shoulder to shoulder, and we’ve charged ahead together.”

A couple small stylistic tweaks I would suggest:
“so I will stand on the opposite corner this time, but I’m” → “so, although I will stand in the opposite corner this time, I’m” (to match more how 今回は察角に立぀けど is being used)
“what I can do and more” → “everything I have and more” (sounds better)

In this part, it’s clearer in her original phrasing in the video but I would say that she’s only talking about the being in Korakuen Hall as what’s unusual about it vs. other big shows (rather than anything else). I would personally probably just move ‘Summer Sun Princess’ to the start, like “Summer Sun Princess is a big show, even though it’s in Korakuen
” and keep the rest the same.

I don’t particularly have any comments on the translation for the rest of Miu/Rika, so I’m just mentioning that this is definitely the funniest of the X clarifications I’ve seen.

before このたたじゃダメだずいう思いが匷くお there’s a part elided:
今の自分がただ自分でもっず奜きになりたい, I think.
I would probably square the difference by tweaking “this isn’t good enough as it is” to “I’m not good enough as I am now.”

Yeah I think that’s fine.

This is fine, so this is more of a “just in case the rephrasing wasn’t intentional” note than an actual correction but just in case, more literally it would be something like “I think there’s a gap (in your tag team history together). (What do you think about that)?”

I think this is ok. I’d maybe go “we’re way more of a team than them” as in like way tighter / more closely knit? My initial instinct was just simple frequency but I wonder if that would have been 組む rather than 組んでいる.

I guess the line break was probably accidentally introduced when they rearranged the clauses, as it’s mixed up a bit order wise from the video. Anyway, you got it just fine.

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Finished the June 29 VOD, so I guess we’re officially halfway through the year.

Another one I had trouble focusing on, so my memory of the matches isn’t super great

First one with comments was Nao & Aino vs Shoko & the now freelance Yoshiko Hasegawa, reprising their tag team from the GanPro crossover show.

Nao/Aino’s comments:

This was a bit tricky to translate: “たぶん2人でタッグ組んだこずないんじゃないか説.”

Kakuta: “It may be the case that the two of us have never teamed up before.”

Yuki: “Really? Maybe I just forgot about it.”

Kakuta: “I have no recollection of it. Though we’ve been in teams of three or four people.”

Yuki: “There weren’t many occasions where we teamed up in the first place.”

Kakuta: “Nope.”

Yuki: “Though we’ve fought.”

Kakuta: “Yes.”

This was a bit tricky:

ナキ だから「なおちぃずタッグかぁ、しかも最埌なのかぁ うん、わからんな」笑。しかも党然実感が沞いおないんだよ

Yuki: “So I was like, ‘Nao-chii and I are in a tag team, and it’s the last time
 Well, you never know.’” (laughs) “But it really hasn’t sunk in at all!”

角田 でも私今日、詊合終わったあず、ナキちゃんが迎えに来おくれお「終わっちゃったわ」っおなっお ちょっず。「でもただ1ヵ月あるよ」っお蚀っおくれたからね。

Kakuta: “But today, after the match was over, Yuki-chan came to pick me up and I was like, ‘It’s over.’ She said, ‘But there’s still a month left.’”

Yuki: “More importantly, for some unknown reason, Nao-chii kicked me. When it happened, I was like, ‘Is this the last time?’”

Kakuta: “I forgot about that

Yuki: “Hey, don’t forget about it. Let me kick you, too!”

Kakuta: “I’ll let you do it one time in private when no one’s around.”

I wasn’t sure how to translate this: “それ暎力じゃん笑。もう”

Yuki: “That’s violence.” (laughs) “Come on! Good luck for your remaining month.”

Kakuta: “I’ll do my best. Thank you.”

Shoko/Yoppy’s comments:

This was a bit tricky: “角田奈穂、たたな。たあ、アむツは優しい性栌で。優しい性栌ずしか蚀いようがない優しいダツなので、きっずプロレスを卒業しおもその人間性でいろんな人ずかかわっお、いろんなこずをしおいくんだなっお今日は思いたした。私は今日が最埌かなあ、あず1回圓たれたらいいやぐらいだから、今日は思い残しがないように叩きのめしたんですけど、最埌は粘り負けたしたね。そんな感じです.”

Nakajima: “Nao Kakuta, see you later. Well, she has a kind personality. She’s someone who you can only say has a kind personality, so I’m sure that even after she graduates from pro wrestling, with that nature of hers, she’ll still be involved with a lot of people and do a lot of things, that’s what I thought today. Today might be the last time for me, and I was feeling that I’d be happy if I could just beat her one more time, so today I beat her up so that I wouldn’t have any regrets, but in the end, I lost. That’s how I felt.”

Hasegawa: “This was my first time participating in TJPW since becoming a freelancer, and I’m glad that I was able to work together with Nao-san like this before she retired, but she’s quitting when she’s ahead!”

I had trouble settling on a good translation for 勝ち逃げ in that part and in what followed:

Nakajima: “Yeah, that’s right! She’s running away with a win!”

Hasegawa: “I’m really disappointed.”

Nakajima: “I wonder if I’ve ever beaten her before? I might not have. Oh no, what should I do? She’s running away with the win.”

Hasegawa: “But you never know what’ll happen in the pro wrestling world. I thought the ‘Shuffle Date’ would be the last time, but we were able to work together again.”

Is she talking about her own retirement or Nao’s here? I read it as her own with the は, but looking back at it now, it feels more ambiguous

“So I won’t give up until I retire.”

Nakajima: “Then I will watch for an opportunity and keep aiming at Nao Kakuta from here on out.”

Hasegawa: “I’ll continue to aim at her in my personal life as well.”

Nakajima: “I’ll keep doing it.”

Hasegawa: “I absolutely won’t let her run away with the win!”

The main event was a double preview match, with Daisy Monkey + Miu vs Rika, Moka, and Kaya. Team champs got the win and closed the show:

Suzume: “Tori-san was also super strong, but now that we have a title defense lined up, we’re getting more and more fired up, aren’t we?”

Endo: “Yes! We won’t lose again!”

Suzume: “We’re absolutely going to defend them at Korakuen, so let’s all be sure to defend our belts, Miu-san!”

This paragraph was a bit tricky (it was not helped by another Miu-ism): “そうね。もう防衛戊も2回目実際は今回が3回目で、たさかのリカさんが 読めない笑。難しすぎお、このかんじ 前哚戊したくないこのかんじが読めないけど、読めないのが蟰巳リカだから。圓日たでには読解しお 読解 読解しお必ず防衛したいず思いたす.”

Miu: “Yes! This is already my second defense (it’s actually her third), and Rika-san is
 impossible to read.” (laughs) “It’s too difficult
 I can’t read her desire not to do preview matches, but what’s really unreadable is Rika Tatsumi. By the appointed day, I will have reading comprehension—reading comprehension? I will have reading comprehension and absolutely defend my belt. Let’s do our best, okay?”

This part was tricky. I couldn’t quite catch what was going on. Did Arisu get the exact wording of Miu’s new closing wrong? I might’ve got myself in trouble having translated the closing rather than romanizing it

鈎芜「頑匵りたしょう 締め  でも私、あれやりたいです。倧奜きのや぀」

Suzume: “Let’s do our best! For the closing
? Well, I want to do that one. The ‘I love’ one.”

未詩「恥ずかしい 」

Miu: “I’m embarrassed

遠藀「 ね」

Endo: “


Miu: “She doesn’t know it!”


Suzume: “She doesn’t know!”

未詩「知らないじゃん、倧奜きなや぀。倧奜きだよね 鈎芜は倧奜きだもんね」

Miu: “She doesn’t know it, the ‘I love’ one. It’s ‘I love it’, alright? Suzume’ll do the ‘I love it!’, okay?”


Suzume: “I love it!”

未詩「有栖は 」

Miu: “And Arisu

遠藀「  倧奜き」

Arisu: “
I love!”


Laughing, they got a fresh start with a “Well then,” and closed the show with: “Everyone, do you like TJPW today?” “I love it!”

Rika/Moka/Kaya’s comments:

This was a bit tricky to translate: “私はもう芋えたした。7・20、未詩に私が勝぀姿が、芋えちゃいたした。この調子で、ただカヌドが決たっおない詊合が2詊合あるんですけど、もう党郚前哚戊来いよっお気持ちです。だから党郚前哚戊にしろ おい、あず2詊合、党郚前哚戊 よろしく”

Tatsumi: “I can already see it. I can already see myself beating Miu on July 20. At this rate, there are two matches that haven’t been decided yet, but bring on the preview matches for all of them! That’s how I feel. So make them all preview matches! Hey, for the last two, all preview matches, please!”

Miyamoto: “I also saw myself beating Daisy Monkey at Korakuen on July 20.”

Tatsumi: “That’s right.”

Miyamoto: “Arai-san can’t participate in the preview matches this time, so I’m on my own, but I’m going to take on Daisy Monkey on my own in all remaining preview matches. I lost this one, but I’m going to win all of the rest.”

Tatsumi: “Yes, that’s crucial.”

Toribami: “I wanted to bring good luck to the two of you who have a belt on the line, but

Tatsumi: “It’s alright.”

Toribami: “I still couldn’t compete with them

Tatsumi: “Don’t worry, I’ve already seen it. You did your best.”

Toribami: “I will try harder.”

Tatsumi: “Let’s do our best. We’ll all do our best! Hurrah!”

This question and her answer were a bit tricky: “前哚戊に察する意識がなぜそこたで倉わったそうなんですよ。前回はもう前哚戊いいかなっお思ったし、今日も詊合始たるたで絶察未詩ず絡たないようにどうにかしようずしたんですけど、芋えちゃいたした。闘っおる時に思いたしたね。党郚。予知倢ができるんで、私。胜力持っおるので。キランっおきたした.”

(Why have you changed your mind on the preview matches to this extent?)

“Last time I felt I was good on the preview matches, and up until the match started today, I tried to somehow or another avoid getting involved with Miu, but I was able to see it. I thought about it as we were fighting. All of them. I’m capable of having prophetic dreams. I have that ability. So it was glittering.”

Daisy Monkey/Miu’s comments:

Suzume: “The title match was set, and I was able to face Moka in the first preview match. To be honest, our opponents were super strong
 but we’re the champions, so I got fired up, and we can’t just keep losing. So I’m glad that we won today.”

Endo: “I’m going to be focused and work hard all the way to Korakuen!”

Suzume: “We’re going to defend those belts!”

Endo: “Yes we will!”

Miu: “Yes! Suzume won today. We’ve already teamed up a lot as a team of champions, so I felt very reassured for this preview match. I also wanted to have a proper preview match and face her, but Rika-san was too hard to read. At first she avoided me, but at the end we got to have a bit of contact. I took some solid hits. What do you think? I don’t know

They lost me here:


Suzume: “Didn’t you set her on fire?”

未詩「そういうこず えヌ、ムズい ずっず実は火぀いおるのはたしかなの。それがどこで芋え隠れするのか分かんない。あれですね 火ですね笑」

Miu: “Is that what it was? Eh, it’s tricky! I’m sure she’s actually on fire all the time. I don’t know where it temporarily disappears to. That’s it
 it’s fire.” (laughs)


Suzume: “Rika-san is too much!”

This was tricky: “未詩「ので、ちょっずそこをうたいこず私も汲み取りながら。私ずしおはいっぱい前哚戊で圓たっお、闘っお で備えたいので。今埌、たたちょっずの時間で勝ちに向かっお頑匵りたいず思いたした。蟰巳は『芋えた』から党郚前哚戊にしろず蚀っおいたしたねぇ、怖いんだけど 分かんないんだけど予知倢が芋えるずえ でも私も最近、ちょっず怖い倢芋たんですよ。でも倢占いしたら、その倢がどうやら宝くじを買った方がいいくらいいい倢だったんですよ。私、倢的にはリカさんに勝っおる気がしたす、絶察。絶察そう 絶察いけたす でも前哚戊を党郚にするこずは2ちゃんずのアレもあるのでできないんですけど、私も倢は芋えおたす。倧䞈倫です.” I got stuck on 2for a bit, then realized it was probably referring to the Up Up Girls event that has (2) in its name? But I’m not 100% sure

Miu: “So, that is something good that I’m also getting a handle on despite that. And while doing that, I’ll be facing her in a bunch of preview matches and fighting
 I want to prepare for her. So in the future, I want to do my best to win again in a short time.”

(Tatsumi said to make them all preview matches because she ‘saw it’.)

“Hey, that’s scary! I don’t understand!”

(She said she gets prophetic dreams)

“Huh? But I just had a scary dream, too. But when I did dream interpretation, the dream seemed to be on the level of ‘you should buy a lottery ticket’ level of good. I absolutely feel like I’m beating Rika-san in terms of dreams. Absolutely! I will do it for sure! But we can’t make them all preview matches because of the Up! Up! TJPW (2) show, though I can dream, too. I’ll be fine.”

This was also tough for the same reason as earlier:

遠藀「締めの蚀葉に぀いおは え、なんですか」

(Regarding the closing

Endo: “Huh, what about it?”

未詩「あれ 知らな 」

Miu: “That? You don’t know


Suzume: “‘Do you love it?’”

遠藀「倧奜きですよ 䜕蚀っおるんですか」

Endo: “‘I love it?’ What are you talking about?”


Miu: “You love it, don’t you?”


Endo: “I love it!”

未詩「だっお だそうです」

Miu: “That’s it! That’s how it goes!”

And that’s it for that one. Next up is Cross, and then
 two more shows after that :weary:. I really wish life would slow down, but that doesn’t seem to be in the cards anytime soon.

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I would say in this context the そもそも here is more like “Well, at any rate,” as in, putting aside the issue of whether they’ve never teamed by establishing that at least they’ve certainly rarely teamed.

Hmmm I guess my attempt would be:
“That would just be plain violence!” (laughs) “Geez! Well, good luck for your remaining month.”

The それ暎力じゃん I would interpret as a ツッコミish retort to Nao’s suggestion, saying if it’s in private and no one’s watching then it’s just violence (not pro wrestling violence). It’s definitely a bit hard to work that kind of quip into English.

I think that’s ok, but I’d maybe go with “running away without a rematch!” is maybe more what I’d go with, to underline why they’re (jokingly) complaining about it.

 I think in the video, where she says 匕退たで, it’s ambiguous, but given the context I would lean towards still feeling that it would be Nao’s.
I think though the transcript might be disambiguating it by making it 匕退されるたで, since I think perhaps you wouldn’t describe your own retirement as 匕退される in that way, since I think it may be the honorific passive.

I wonder if you could get away with a similarly (slightly) ambiguous thing like “I won’t give up until the retirement.”

 yeah this one seems like it’s gonna be a pain :sweat_smile:.
I think what happens is that Suzume and Miu talk about Miu’s closing like 倧奜きのや぀, and Arisu sort of follows along but doesn’t actually get that they’re saying, like, 「倧奜き」のや぀ and not 倧奜きのや぀.

Like this is going to be impossible to translate and also the transcript has trouble getting everything so it comes across extra weird, but Suzume actually initially says:
あれやりたいです。「倧奜き」のや぀, 倧奜きなので
As in like, “I want to do the ‘I love it’ one, because I love it”
but in a way that sounds exactly like “I want to do the one I love, because I love it”

(and that’s why Miu says 恥ずかしい - like, embarrassment at Suzume speaking so highly of her closer)

Then Suzume notices that Arisu is visibly immediately confused,

And so Suzume prompts her with “ね”
and Arisu’s response is just 「 ね」
Like “Right, Arisu?” “

And so Suzume and Miu laugh at Arisu’s reaction because (since she hasn’t responded to the double meaning joke) she clearly doesn’t know what the hell they’re talking about.

I think this whole part:

is then still running with the joke
“She doesn’t know it, the one Suzume loves. You love it don’t you? Suzume loves that one.”
“I love it!”
“and Arisu
 I love it!” (while still clearly not knowing what they’re talking about at all)

Arisu finally visibly/audibly understands when Miu walks through the closing and explains the 倧奜きだ part


So anyway I think the whole thing is a probably untranslatable wordplay joke.

I think I would tweak the last parts to “I thought of it as we were fighting. All of it. I’m capable of having prophetic dreams. I have that ability. It came to me in a flash.”

I think I’d maybe go with “Do you think you maybe lit a fire in her?” for Suzume’s question.

芋え隠れ I would say is coming and going, appearing and disappearing, and for that and あれですね she’s gesturing with a wavy motion like she’s trying to describe it like, undulating, not staying the same form / coming and going, and realizes she’s describing it similar to fire like she was already saying, so she goes with that.

Here I feel intuitively like this would be a bit more like “That’s so like Rika-san!” but I have a bit of trouble backing that up.

I believe so yeah, since she says にきちゃん and gestures the parentheses:
It appears that アップアップガヌルズ2, pronounced アップアップガヌルズかっこにき, or “にきちゃん” is a specific group of Up Up Girls, and they collab’d with TJPW on July 7th at Up! Up! TJPW (2).
So 2ちゃんずのアレ would technically be, like, “that thing with the (2) girls”

(The dream stuff seemed fine and the stuff at the end is just more running with the joke from the ending which I already talked about.)

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I can’t quite figure out what to do with the part at the very end here. I guess I’m not quite sure what Miu is saying (sometimes simple and vague grammar is really hard for me

未詩「だっお だそうです」

Miu: “That’s it! That’s how it goes!”

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I think I’d go with something like:
“So there you go! Seems like she loves it!”

It is definitely tricky to work out or explain this kind of thing

The vibe of the video is maybe the most clarifying / what I’m going the most off of.
She says the だっお with a lot of emphasis toward the camera in reference to Arisu’s answer, emphasizing what she said, and she and Suzume crack up. Then the だそうです is more of a closing final joke about it.

I could be wrong but I think Miu and Suzume are still just laughing about the confusion around the wording of the ending vs. talking about the ending itself, and their teasing refusal to clarify that, particularly for Arisu. So I think the だっお is funny because it’s like – there you go that’s all that needs to be said - she said it herself, she loves it! / she’s got the idea!
Almost like a who’s on first routine come to think of it

(I think, anyway).

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週刊プロレス No. (from November 2023)

Very important question answered this issue: What does SHE KNOW?

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Finished the translation for Nao Kakuta’s produce show Cross on July 6.

I thought the show as a whole was really good! It was honestly the first time I felt any sort of positive feeling in probably at least two weeks (though the mood didn’t really last for me). I felt pretty bad going into it, so I guess it should be commended for helping turn around my mood to that extent. But shows like this are always a bit bittersweet because we only get them at the end

The real surprise for me was probably the opening match, which was Cherry vs Kakeru Sekiguchi, with retired Stardom wrestler Himeka as the special referee. I’m not super familiar with Cherry or Kakeru’s work, and it had been a long time since I’d watched any of Himeka, so I went into this open-minded but not as excited about it, and it ended up vastly exceeding my expectations in basically every way.

It felt sort of like a spiritual successor to the matches that Shiori Aoki the AKB48 idol refereed last year, because the whole match was structured around Himeka. It felt kind of like an “only in TJPW” kind of situation because they could do stuff like have the referee win by a double pinfall, which in a more serious promotion likely would never fly.

I think that one was my favorite match of the whole show, actually. It was the first time I’d laughed in over a week.

After that was the Nao Kakuta battle royal, which was also pretty entertaining. I enjoyed how they mixed Nao’s name/moniker with the other wrestlers’ names/monikers when they entered. And it’s always funny to see wrestlers try to wrestle someone else’s style.

The third match, Maika Ozaki vs Himawari, is the one that left the least impression on me. Which is not to say it was bad! It was just the most straightforward match out of the four, so it was fine for what it was but it didn’t really blow me away.

The main event was Nao & Tae Honma vs Stardom’s Natsupoi & Saori Anou, and it was good as expected! I was rooting for Nao, but of course she was never going to win this one. I don’t know if I have a lot of specific comments beyond that I enjoyed it.

Here’s the post-match:

I’m pretty sure I got this, but I wasn’t confident:

な぀ぜい「マむクを先に持぀も奈穂ちゃん 先喋んな」

Natsupoi: (getting the microphone first) “Nao-chan
 speak first.”


Kakuta: “You see me (in this prone state) and tell me to talk first? Thank you very much. I still have four matches left before I retire, so I’d decided I wouldn’t cry, but
 No! I don’t want to cry! But I got so many warm cheers from so many people. Even though my retirement was the impetus, being able to get all of these amazing people together, I really couldn’t have done it just by my own willpower alone, so thank you so much to everyone who lent me your support.”

This was a bit tricky: “なにより、ここにいる4人は私のプロレスラヌ人生ずいうか、匕退が近くなったら、もはやこれからの人生においおもホントにホントに倧切な仲間なので、これからも私は3人を応揎しおいくよ.”

“Above anything else, these four people here are, in my life as a pro wrestler, or rather when my retirement arrives, even in my new life going forward, they’ll be really, really important friends, so I’ll continue to support the three of them going forward. Everyone, make sure you do it, too!” (in response to the applause) “Thank you!”

Natsupoi: “Can I talk?”

Kakuta: “Go ahead! I wanted you to speak first.”

Natsupoi: “When I heard what Nao-chan said, it made me want to talk. I really thought I’d send her off with a smile on my face, but I’m going to miss her. The four of us
 we’ve overcome so much together
 I’m not crying!”

I wanted to make sure I got this part correct: “やっぱ寂しいなっお思っちゃうけど、うちらがさ、い぀か、䜕幎埌か匕退する時はさ、1日埩垰しおよ.”

“I’m going to miss you, but when we retire someday years from now, you should make a comeback for that one day.”

角田「聞いたね。いたここにいるみなさんみんな蚌人だからね。嘘぀かないでよ それたで頑匵るわ」

Kakuta: “I hear you. With everyone here now as a witness. Will it really happen? I’ll do my best until then.”


Natsupoi: “I thought for sure she’d refuse.” (laughs) “Saori
” (she passes her the mic)

Anou: “For the four of us, words like ‘friend,’ ‘colleague’, and ‘best friend’ don’t really fit, huh? After all, we were the founding members. Even if it’s not in the ring, I’m sure that we’ll always

This was tricky to translate: “だから、これからもよろしく.”

“So, please keep it up.”

Kakuta: “Thank you.”

Honma: “So much happened, some of it painful, and I was the only person left, so after the three of them graduated, I was really lonely. But I won’t give up yet, so I’m going to keep doing it, and I’m so, so happy that I was able to be here today. We connected in the ring because everyone also kept going without giving up, and to everyone who gave us this opportunity, to all of the fans who support me, and to everyone who gave us this chance to meet, I’m filled with gratitude. And Nao-chan, at the end, please receive the ten-bell salute without injury, and while crying a lot like you typically do. Thank you!”

I was a bit confused by what Nao said here: “な぀ぜいが背䞭をおもいっきりぶっ叩いお喝を入れ、それに安玍ず本間も続く。角田は「詊合前にしおほしかったんだけど」。”

Natsupoi patted her on the back and encouraged her, followed by Anou and Honma. Kakuta said, “I wish you’d done it before the match!”

Kakuta: “Finally, I would like to thank everyone who came out here today, so I’d like to call them all into the ring. Everyone, come on out! Himeka, too!” (to Himeka after she comes out) “Himeka won

The wrestlers gathered in the ring. She said, “Thank you so much for Kakuta CROSS today!” then bowed deeply, and everyone got together for a photo at the end.

Anou & Natsupoi’s comments:

Anou: “It passed by so quick. From the press conference until today.”

Natsupoi: “Truly, it all happened so fast.”

Anou: “I thought it would go on for a while

Natsupoi: “Oh no
 it’s over

Anou: “It feels a bit strange.”

Natsupoi: “It hasn’t sunk in.”

Anou: “It hasn’t. We’ll meet again in the ring.”

This was a bit tricky: “でもさ、最埌私のわがたた蚀ったけど、たさかの乗り気だったから笑。うちらい぀か匕退するずき、奈穂ちゃんリングに来おくれるかもしれない.”

Natsupoi: “But, when I said my selfish desire at the end, I didn’t expect her to go along with it.” (laughs) “When we retire someday, Nao-chan might come into the ring with us.”

Anou: “Maybe she will. Maybe both the beginning and the ending will be done with us founding members.”

Natsupoi: “Yeah. But truly, again
 it really hit me that if you start something, the end will surely come. Though, for these past nine years, we’ve been in different places, and have been active in different ways. Even though it wasn’t happening in the same ring, the fact that us founding members were all working hard somewhere else, that gave me the energy to fight in the ring. It’s a pity that one of us won’t be there anymore, but knowing that she’ll be watching over us makes me think that I can keep working hard going forward. Nao-chan, thank you.”

Anou: “I think it’s because of the four of us that I’ve been able to keep wrestling until now. I didn’t say it, but let’s see each other in the ring again.”

Natsupoi: “Thank you. You gave us this wonderful opportunity. I will keep doing my best! Bye-Poi!”

Nao & Tae’s comments:

Kakuta & Honma: “Thank you very much!”

This was a bit tricky to translate: “終わったばっかりで党然頭が働いおないんだけど、でもね、倚分これ垰っおから、終わっおから噛みしめるのよ。なんお幞せだったんだろうっお.”

Kakuta: “We just finished the match, and my brain isn’t working, but I’ll probably reflect on this after I get home and finish it. I was so happy.”

Honma: “I’m still mulling it over, thoroughly.” (laughs)

Parts of this were a bit tricky: “正盎、自分でやりたいっお蚀ったけど、もう䜕幎も初期メンずは詊合しおなくお。その間にちょっずSNSで芋る情報、みたいな、それくらいだったから。なんか、どれくらい自分が䞀緒に頑匵れるかっお気持ちだったの。勝ちたいずかそういうのより、いかに自分がこの時間を堪胜するか、みたいな気持ちの方が匷かったけど 緊匵しお、今日朝おなか壊しおお苊笑。気持ち悪いし、もうホントにすごい緊匵したした。この4人で詊合をするっおこずもそうだし、ひめかも出おくれたし。こんなすごい顔ぶれで自分のプロデュヌス興行、なんか勝手に背負っおるものがどっかにあっお.”

Kakuta: “To be honest, I said I wanted to do it myself, but I haven’t had a match (with the founding members) in years. During that time, I’d see news on social media, stuff like that, and that was about it. I was just trying to see how much we could work together. More than wanting to win or anything like that, I was just wondering how I could most enjoy this time
 but I was really nervous, and I had a stomach ache this morning.” (laughs) “I felt sick, and I was just super nervous. I was having a match with those three, and Himeka also participated. With such a great lineup, and with my own produce show, I felt like I was willfully taking on a burden. But the audience was so warm.”

Honma: “Yes, extremely.”

Kakuta: “So I felt like they were enjoying themselves, and I was really happy. Thank you, Tae-chan.”

This was weirdly difficult to translate: “1回ちょっず喋っおください笑”

“Please speak for a bit just once.” (laughs)

Honma: “I was really looking forward to this day, and I will always be sad that Kakuta is retiring, but this show was able to happen because of what Nao has cultivated up to now.”

This took me a few tries to parse: “ホントに初めお出䌚った時から、プロレスやる前からの知り合いですけど。長いんですけど、初めお出䌚った時からホントに人に感謝ずかをずっず忘れずに生きおる子なので笑。でもすごくめんどくさい時もあるんですが ”

“Since we first met, even before we did pro wrestling, we were acquaintances. We’ve known each other a long time, but ever since we first met, she’s been someone who is always grateful to others.” (laughs) “But she can be a real pain sometimes

Kakuta: (laughs) “Like 70 or 80% of the time

Honma: “But I think this was a produce show that was only able to exist because of Nao Kakuta. So I’m the one who should be thanking you.”

Kakuta: “I’m so happy!”

Honma: “It was so much fun. You enjoyed it
 right? I know for a fact that everyone had a great time.”

Kakuta: “Please let me know what you thought of #kakutaCROSS! At the end, Saori shook my hand, and it was fun. I’m so glad that I was able to make this a wonderful memory on my road to retirement. Thank you so much!”

This question and her answer were tricky: “残りの詊合はどんな気持ちで挑む正盎、あず10詊合切っおきたなっお時に、今日が気持ち的におっきくお。緊匵ずかも含めお。でもあず4詊合かっおなったら 東京女子で3詊合、YMZで翔ず1詊合なんですけど、もう党郚が最埌みたいなかんじなんで。正盎ね、1個1個远いかけおお、あぁ終わっちゃうっお気持ちになれおなくお。急に来る方が怖いなっお思うので。ただただ倧切にあず4詊合やりたいなっお.”

(How are you feeling toward the remaining matches?)

“To be honest, when it got down to less than ten matches remaining, today was huge in terms of feelings. Including all of the stress. But when I think that there’s only four left
 Three are in TJPW, and one is with Kakeru at YMZ, but everything already feels like it’s the last time. Honestly, I’ve been approaching each one on an individual basis, and I haven’t been able to feel ‘aw, it’s over.’ I feel like it’d be scarier if it came suddenly. I just want to do the remaining four matches with great care. I want to step down from the ring without injury, and with a smile on my face.”

(I wonder if the bar for your retirement match has gone up)

“Has it? But it’ll be a different opponent, and the memories I’ve built up with Mizuki-san are also different. I don’t know
 there are too many things that are fresher in my memories, and a lot of them are quite strong, so I want to do my best to do the match without crying. I have a lot of feelings that I want to hit Mizuki-san with. I don’t know how the audience will view it, but I just want to cherish the time I have with Mizuki-san to the fullest.”

(You made a promise after the match)

This was tricky: “そうですね。でも女性ずしおいく぀になっおも劣化はしたくないなっお思うので、増えおいく数字に抗っお、初期メンたちが匕退する時に詊合があるからっおいうのを1個のモチベずしお持ちながらも、これからも、匕退した埌も玠敵な䞀般人女性になれるように頑匵りたヌす”

“That’s right. But as a woman, I don’t want to visibly age no matter how old I am, so I am going to resist the number going up, and will use the fact that there will be a match (when the founding members retire) as a motivation. And going forward, even after I retire, I will try my best to be a wonderful ordinary woman!”

I also didn’t know how to translate this: “毎日チェックしたヌす”

Honma: "I will check over you every day!’

And that’s it for that one.

To be honest, some part of me is considering making Nao's retirement show my own retirement. Both as a translator and watching pro wrestling, period.

I’ve just about reached my limit with the potential WWE/Marigold/AAA alliance. The WWE lawsuit hanging over everything still, for one thing, and then seeing all the stuff this weekend with Marigold (which ALSO has allegations hanging over it), and with WWE in Marigold and NOAH, made me even more depressed, and then Stephanie Vaquer going to WWE, and the (likely) possibility of an AAA/WWE alliance on the horizon, after like everyone in AAA was openly supportive of Stephanie’s abuser (who is probably going to be let free now if she leaves Mexico) and when AAA is out here booking Alberto Del Rio and Matt Riddle, it’s just
 It’s bad!

It’s just so clear that pro wrestling does not want me here, and the vast majority of pro wrestling fans also do not want me here. No one in this industry cares about women. I’ve done so much for pro wrestling fans. More than most people will ever know. And for what?

And then the stuff with DDT and Koike, and just the constant bad politics of this awful industry
 It’d be one thing if pro wrestling could, I dunno, encourage people to be better versions of themselves. Encourage them to be brave and stand up to injustice. But all I see is pro wrestling distracting people from the real issues. What good is art if it nullifies and pacifies your spirit rather than empowers you?

Maybe it’d be harder to step away if there was some active story I was super invested in, but literally all my favorite tag teams are out right now with no clear timetable for a return for any of them, and it just feels like all the bad things in the industry are getting worse/stronger, and the good things are so few and far between, I’m just constantly taking psychic damage to get to them.

I dunno. It makes me sad to think about quitting, but it makes me sad to think about continuing to watch, so I’m just stuck. I would love for something, anything to give me hope that things are going to change for the better, but it has just been a constant stream of the exact opposite, and it’s making it really hard for me to keep going.

I agree about Cross being really fun, especially the match with Himeka as the guest referee! It was nice to see her again and I’m glad it seemed like she had a lot of fun. TJPW guest referees remain top tier.

This seems like a total headache to me
 verbs ending with な is my #1 “it confused me to no end until I learned how it can go both ways” case in vivid memory, in that the なさい form can be contracted at times to just な for a positive imperative even though う form + な = negative imperative.
In this case
 I would say from body language that 100% clearly you have it right
 but she does seem to clearly say 喋んな and in that kind of form I do believe normally the ん is contracting る so it’s the るな negative imperative form, and outside of this specific context normally that’s how I would read it. “Shut up! / don’t speak!” (after all, come to think of it, wouldn’t なさい form be 喋っおなさい making the positive imperative な 喋っおな?)

 So I think maybe she’s being ironic? Like - * hands microphone * “Don’t go butting in speaking first!!”
And I think that way Nao’s response makes slightly more sense as she is literally clarifying that irony - “oh, you mean, you see me in this state, and that’s your way of telling me to speak first?”

Very mean scenario for specifically us, if so!

Yeah seems fine! I’d probably tweak it to a stronger imperative of just “make a comeback” rather than “you should make” though.

Here the 嘘぀かないでよ seems directed at Natsupoi, maybe more like “Don’t renege on the deal okay?”

The “pat on the back” seems to me like more of a wrestler-ish fully violent slap on the back (but still meant as encouragement). And so I would interpret what Nao is saying here as like, “(ow, that hurt! So) I wish you had done that before the match (to encourage me then, when it wouldn’t have hurt so much now from having had a match already)”.

I would probably tweak this slightly to “I’ll probably only really digest this after I get home and it’s all over.”

I think I would probably put this more as like
 less work together and more keep up with them / work hard in the same class? Like the sentiment expressed in that one Shupro column.

I’d prooooobably personally just go with “Please, say something.” or “Please, talk for a bit.”
Her main thing here is just pawning off the responsibility of saying something in this moment, as she is justifiably exhausted. I’d say the 1回ちょっず is just minimizing that ask.

Rest seems fine!

I would be sad to see you go, and do think that プロレスは諞行無垞 and all, the negative times will give way to positive ones for you and the industry, but you know best whether the obligation of the translations in particular is a help to you or an added worry, and I hope you trust that if you do leave, I and pro wrestling will be there if/when you return.

I think you’re going through a really really hard time, and that surely colors a lot in a way that’s painful but also valid, and while I think hobbies and interests are important parts of life in and of themselves, and I’ve certainly gotten if not inspiration towards justice, at least universally useful 頑匵っお energy from pro wrestling, and have probably at least one friend and a second language to thank for it, it’s also true that pro wrestling isn’t the be-all-end-all of one’s identity or life, and if you need to step away that’s completely fine.

Which I guess is to say that, please believe that I want you here, but don’t feel bad about doing what you need to do if it comes down to it. 英蚳共鳎、氞遠に.

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Oh, my read on that was that Nao was saying she was in no state to speak at the moment because she was still recovering (after losing), since the wrestlers usually continue to sell the loss by looking weak after the match ends, so she was wanting Natsupoi to speak first and give her more time to recover, but Natsupoi was being kind of cheeky and handing off the responsibility even though Nao wasn’t in a state to do it (though she did it anyway because she’s a professional).

I went ahead and asked Akira about it, and here’s what they said:

“Speak first” is correct!
The context of this “喋んな” is actually “喋りな”. The word “喋りな” is accented to “喋んな”.
Have you heard for example “食べな(You eat)”, “行きな(You go)”, “聞きな(You listen)”?
“喋んな/喋りな” is the same!

So I guess that answers that! I’ll keep my translation as-is, then, I think.

Re: the other stuff

It has honestly been something I’ve been thinking about for a while. One of my other friends, who’s my other biggest inspiration in terms of learning Japanese for wrestling, just made the decision to step away from wrestling himself because he got fed up with the industry, too. And my Japanese friend has been also strongly contemplating it lately, for similar reasons.

Literally all of my wrestling fan friends are queer, and most of them are also women, so it’s just been really hard on us to weather this kind of stuff for years, and we all agree that this year has just been particularly bad.

It just sucks to be going about your life and then on twitter you see Marigold is announcing a bikini photobook before they’ve even crowned their first champion, and it’s just like, “Ah, right, this is all that women are to them.” Just every little thing like that adds up, and it really hurts to try to do everything that’s within your power to like idk make the fandom a better place, and then getting repeatedly slapped in your face with stuff like that for all of your efforts.

And when fans do speak up about stuff, they get silenced and ignored, and not a force on earth will stop people from watching and supporting companies and wrestlers who make the industry less safe for women. It all starts to feel rather futile to even try to carve out a place in this world for people like us.

I would say that I’ve had four major points where I’ve almost quit watching wrestling.

The first was in 2020 during covid/Speaking Out/the Black Lives Matter movement. I stayed because the iron grip of the special interest kept me watching despite my absolute disgust with the industry.

The second was at the end of 2021 when Mr. Haku left CyberFight. I stayed because I was invested enough in the stories, it drove me to work harder on my own Japanese to keep up with them.

The third was in 2022 after the stuff with NJPW and Kota Ibushi, and then the Punk stuff with the Elite in AEW. That was the moment I realized that the industry will hurt all of the things you love, and you can never trust any company. To be honest, I think the only reason I stayed after this was because of the Golden Lovers reunion at a restaurant a week later. I decided if the wrestlers themselves could have hope, I could, too.

And the fourth time is now, mid-2024. I do think we’re going to get more Golden Lovers stuff eventually, once both wrestlers are healed (though my sense is it’ll be a final goodbye tour for both of them). There may or may not be more Magical Sugar Rabbits or more Axiz. There will probably be other stuff I’ll love that I can’t even anticipate now. But it’s just so hard to hold out for all that stuff when I’m constantly being bombarded by awful stuff from the industry that makes it really hard to justify being a fan of this in any way shape or form.

I do still enjoy TJPW, and the workload from the translations is probably like a distant 5th place in terms of stressors in my life right now, but I feel like whatever joy I’m getting out of pro wrestling is being equaled or surpassed by misery.

Would love to see a positive industry win or at least something that makes me feel good about the fandom, but the first thing I saw upon opening up twitter was the Marigold/AJ Styles in NOAH shupro cover hyping up the WWE stuff, so we’re not off to a great start there today :skull:.

I haven’t made a decision yet and I’m also notoriously bad at quitting stuff, so I dunno what’ll happen. I’ll see how I feel in a couple weeks, I guess.

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Gotcha, yeah. What tripped me up was that 喋んな definitely can be a contracted 喋るな like here, and is probably more often that way in most contexts (and I confused myself thinking about what the なさい form would be). Good to know that the ん can be contracting a り as well, but what a headache! I guess it’s just the context of her gesturing and tone that makes it clear.

the other stuff

I don’t really have any other friends I talk to about wrestling, and try to avoid the fandom in general, so I guess I didn’t know the vibe. Sorry it’s been so bad!

I do definitely think that taking a break from watching wrestling because the current goings-on bum you out and aren’t interesting to you is 100% fair, and, even completely normal and something that I think nearly everyone into something like this goes through at one point or another. I think if the translations are an obligation holding you back from stepping away like that when you need to, or making it into a much larger and final feeling decision than it needs to be, then I do think it’s best to focus on your own needs in this instance (whichever way that ends up pointing you).

 Do you think if you did stop watching wrestling, your sleep schedule would get less
 the way that it is?

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In April 2020, when AEW took advantage of Linda McMahon bribing Ron DeSantis in order to keep producing wrestling shows despite the covid lockdown, I made a deal with myself, which is that if I were to keep watching pro wrestling, I had to never stop holding the industry accountable. I wasn’t going to let pro wrestling become my bread and circuses. I could use it to help me get through the day, but I could never let it distract me to a point where I lost sight of the real issues.

This became especially important during Speaking Out and the Black Lives Matter movement, but it’s not like covid (or pro wrestling mixing with politics) has stopped being an issue, either.

So I’ve tried my aboslute best to do that throughout my entire time as a fan. If I talk favorably about a match or a show or an angle, I make sure to point out issues involved, too, like whenever I wanted to talk about a Will Ospreay match in my journal (for the non-Ospreay parts of it), I included tons of qualifiers and explained why he wasn’t a wrestler whose work people should support. I also make matches like that ineligible for MOTY or whatever, and I just try as hard as possible to deplatform wrestlers and companies who are culpable in really bad stuff.

And I talk about stuff on my study log all the time that gets into the negatives as well as the positives, because if I’m going to spend a lot of time talking up my love for the medium, I want people to know the unvarnished truth about the industry, too. Basically, if anything that I say or do creates more wrestling fans, I want them to think critically about the medium. Always.

This includes companies and performers that I like, too. It happened with NJPW, and it’s happened with AEW. If a current or former worker at TJPW were to come forward with criticisms about the workplace environment there, I would try to platform that perspective as best as I could, and would probably put my translation account on strike unless and until I felt the issue was resolved.

(This is just one of the reasons why I’d be unlikely to ever hold down an actual job doing this kind of thing

I would say that this is pretty common in the fan spaces that I’m in. Which are, again, mainly queer fans, a lot of whom don’t have public accounts. When all the Marigold stuff first happened, we had a long conversation about it in the main discord I’m in and decided that Marigold conversation would be restricted to the channel for negativity or quarantined to a Marigold channel, which people could of course mute at will. Talking about it in the general joshi wrestling channel would be discouraged so that people who wanted to avoid it could avoid it.

I have the Marigold channel muted, but scrolling through it now, there’s a lot of criticism mixed in throughout the conversations. It’s pretty similar to our WWE channel, honestly, which is usually criticism, and when it’s not it’s mostly just people talking about their favorite wrestlers who happen to be currently employed there.

So I guess stuff like that is how my wrestling fandom has survived up until now. For fans like us, to stay a fan of the medium, you learn to sleep with one eye open.

Tangentially, I was really impressed by the person who got me into the Golden Lovers (and therefore into pro wrestling as a whole) for getting really involved in the Black Lives Matter movement in Portland. I started out watching NJPW on her live streams, but she quit doing those in 2020 during the aforementioned three issues, and she devoted her energy instead to the BLM movement, and that was honestly part of why I stayed in wrestling fandom at the time, I think. It made me feel like us wrestling fans could take Kenny’s “change the world” sentiment and actually do it for real. She was honestly a big inspiration to me.

Yeah, I think what first got me thinking about quitting was seeing Marigold in your favorite media list and realizing that I just couldn’t bear to see a glowing review of their stuff. I realized I wasn’t sure I’d be able to read your coverage of like the Marigold shupro issues once you got to those, and it got me thinking that maybe it was time for me to quit watching pro wrestling and leave the fandom as a whole, if that was just going to be the tone of things going forward. I didn’t think I could bear it anymore.

If I do decide to leave, I’ll probably hand off ownership of this thread to you so that you can keep posting unabated.

The issue is, if I do stop, I’m not sure I’ll ever come back. I’ve been down this route before with my special interests, and it tends to be kind of a one-way street. Especially pro wrestling, where everything is so intertwined. I actually love that part of it, normally. The fact that all of these threads influence each other, and you can pull at one thread and find reverberations on the other side of the world. It just sucks to feel like an increasing chunk of that web is poisoned in some way. But I think missing a large chunk of happenings for a long period of time would make me feel less inclined to come back later, because some part of me would resent missing stuff.

I’m also worried that it might be a load-bearing pillar of normalcy in my life and that without it, I would become unmoored. I plan my week around wrestling to a frankly embarrassing extent, and sometimes I only notice the passage of time by watching the yearly schedule unfold for the various companies I follow.

I’m at a point in my life where job stability is not likely to happen anytime soon, so having some sort of weekly schedule helps me structure the rest of my tasks around it, and it helps pass the time when my mood is pretty low. I’m a bit afraid of what taking that away would do to my depression, to be honest.

Plus the whole language motivation thing
 I like to think I could sustain an interest in regular language practice outside of pro wrestling, but I’m not honestly super confident
 I dunno, everything is just way harder to do now, and I have zero faith in my brain being able to do anything without strict deadlines.

So I don’t know. I’m torn both ways.

Yes and no? All other things equal, I think there’s a strong chance my new bedtime would be 4am so that I could meet the Pokemon Sleep deadline :sweat_smile:. But depression has been wreaking absolute havoc on my sleep, so there’s a strong chance I’d just end up throwing that out the window too and just keep going as I have been going.

There’s no way on earth I’d suddenly become a morning person, though. Even when I had to keep a normal sleep schedule for work/school, I’d always end up gravitating toward sleeping from 2am to 10am whenever possible. I have a really hard time getting up early.


Yeah, it makes sense! I can see positives and negatives on both sides too, so I don’t have a way to advise you on making one choice or the other, other than to just try to reassure you that both options are valid and available to you, and I support you either way, and good luck! (maybe not the most helpful

Please don’t worry about that - frankly I would prefer, I think, that you keep it. For better or for worse my posts here have been de facto nearly all talking to you. Why would I want to keep posting things here that I know might hurt you?

I think regardless of whether you keep watching or not, I’ve made peace with not posting the show notes or the shupro notes in the thread anymore. And for a while in general on the forum (other than helping with the translations) the threads I frequent most have died down and my posts have devolved into just linking pages on the notion site I made, which isn’t particularly fulfilling. So it’s a long time coming but I’ll probably let those peter out too, except for maybe the Harta thread ones.

The notes (and the awards) are directly still just the private ones I’ve made a habit of keeping for over a decade. I’ve tried specifically to not have them being public and occasionally shared on the forum or to the few people who follow me change them into an inherently public-focused thing, as I would much rather keep the private practice than ever have any of those notes be read by a significant number of strangers. So the things you describe about always being thorough with caveats when there’s concern are good for those venues, but not what I try to do with the notes, which try to assume an audience of only me, and end up not rehashing things I already know because of it (probably making them worse for other people to read in other ways too, like in summarizing plot points I talk about only ever haphazardly and inconsistently). I’m deeply sorry to have hurt you or your enthusiasm for wrestling with them. It’s exactly the kind of thing I was afraid could happen by that disconnect of making these inherently private things public with no changes. And it makes me think I probably never should have made them public at all. It was naïve to hope it wouldn’t ever be a problem.

You’re really the only person I think looks at those notes (at least the wrestling ones) or sees when I post the award collage, and I let habit in posting them the way I have been trump what would otherwise be considerations around what I would show to you and what caveats I would apply. I’m sorry.

I don’t see Marigold the way you do. Obviously I’m wary of the owner and worry about how he might be running things, all the more-so because of the things he says and does, and wish that he wasn’t the owner. But looking at the promotion I can’t help but also see the many many women working there, many of whom are some of my favorite wrestlers who I still want to support, putting on shows and matches that don’t have a perceptible whiff of old creepy man influence in their actual content to me. As for the WWE ties - I feel I can never be fully anti-WWE exposure on principle seeing as how it’s only because of a Japanese wrestler going there that I’m into pro wrestling on any significant level at all (and by extension arguably the main reason that I started learning Japanese and all of my hobbies over the last 5+ years have been rewritten the way they have). And so while I might be quite skeptical about it, I feel bound to at least give the plan Takeda’s been expressing in Shupro about using WWE to increase wrestling fans in Japan a small benefit of the doubt that maybe that same kind of thing that happened to me might happen to more people.

In the games industry I’ve seen often the debate around crunch, and whether knowing a game was made under exploitative crunch means you should avoid buying the game or not. And I’ve seen both arguments - that of course yes, it should be disgusting enough knowing how it’s made to not be interested in supporting those practices, and that no, it doesn’t help the workers any to attempt an unsolicited boycott of the product they worked on. I think it’s a complicated thing and both arguments are valid. It is definitely good to be principled in what you spend your money on for reasons like this. And it is also definitely not significant evil to continue to apply one’s miniscule monetary support as an individual consumer despite misgivings, while staying informed and being willing to change that if justified.

For you, not having watched Stardom for a long time, it makes complete sense to err on the side of remaining uninterested in Marigold entirely. For me, Giulia was my favorite wrestler for years and I’m used to Ogawa being around from Stardom - it doesn’t read as some new different thing. Shupro’s been hyping Sareee vs. Giulia for literally years - probably the entire time I’ve been reading the magazine. Obviously I would have a higher threshold than you on what it would take to have misgivings so deep I divest myself of the entire promotion.

I haven’t been running out like “I’m going to watch the cool new thing in joshi wrestling!!! based Ogawa!!! I love cool matches and hate women!!!” and if fandom/community-wise it really has become this in-group/out-group thing where LGBT fans have extra deep misgivings about the promotion and are actively being turned away from pro wrestling because of it, obviously that makes me even less enthusiastic going forward. Associating the promotion with (potentially) driving the only friend I’ve ever had who shared an interest in Japanese pro wrestling out of the interest entirely is certainly going to cast a strong pallor over the entire thing.

But all it is about the notes and the award is that I haven’t been at the point of believing yet that no good can come of the promotion, or that the right choice for me is to turn away from it instead of seeing what it is. And that when I have watched it, I’ve enjoyed it, and the 旗揚げ戊 was one of the most memorable experiences I had with wrestling that month. That’s all. I’m again so very very sorry to have contributing to driving you away with these posts.

(We took the convo to DMs and I don’t really have the energy to recap stuff here, sorry if this seems like an abrupt change in conversation to anyone reading this thread).

Well, this sure has been a terrible week. Had my third stressful conversation of the week today, which delayed my more important writing project, and meant I had to stay up later to finish this, but I’ve already been running on low sleep and barely eating, so I’m used to it.

I wanted to get these two show translations done before Summer Sun Princess as possible, but it’s a bit ギリギリ. I was crying as I worked through part of this and neither of these is probably my best work, sorry in advance to any TJPW fans. I wanted to follow through on my previous commitment though despite still considering stepping away.

Anyway, first up is the July 7 VOD, which is the crossover with the Up Up Girls. I watched this show but wasn’t in a very good mental state for it and remember almost nothing except for the main event, which had a stipulation where if the wrestlers left the ring, they would get splashed with water by the Up Up Girls (non-Pro Wrestling) and also Rika. There were some pretty incredible fan photos coming out of it, though the camera on the VOD sometimes struggled to capture all of the action.

Anyway, the post match got just a summary blurb on shupro, so I translated that, but sometimes stuff gets truncated in these:

もはや収拟぀かない状況に「詊合は終わりたした 」未詩。「これが倏ですね。濡れお楜しかったですか 東京女子プロレスもにきちゃんも最高ですか」ず未詩が呌びかけるず最埌は党員でずぶ濡れの状態で『アッパヌキック』を歌いあげ、アプガを代衚しお島厎友莉亜さんが「こんなに濡れるず思わなかった 䞀生忘れられない䞃倕になりたした」ず挚拶。未詩は「すっごいスペシャルな日になったので、たたこういう機䌚があったらやりたいです」ず誓い、倧䌚はお開きずなった。

Things got out of control, and Miu said, “The match is over
” Then she called out to the audience, “It’s summer. Did you enjoy getting soaked? Aren’t TJPW and Nikichan just the best?” And at the end, all the members sang Upper Kick while soaking wet, and Yuria Shimazaki spoke on behalf of Up Up Girls (2) and said, “I didn’t expect to get this wet! This was a Tanabata I’ll never forget!” Miu vowed, “This was a very special day, so I want to do it again if we get another opportunity like this!” and closed the show.

Miu/Himawari/Arisu’s comments:

Miu: “I won. It’s summer! I’m the woman of the summer.”

Arisu: “The woman of the summer!”

HIMAWARI: “Summer!”

This was tricky:


Arisu: “Like a good woman who is somehow dripping wet?”


HIMAWARI: “Water. Please sprinkle some water.”

Miu: “Today is Tanabata, a special day, and it was also a special opportunity to do a live show and a match with Nikichan. It made me want to do more of this kind of pro wrestling/idol fusion stuff in TJPW. What do you think?”

Arisu: “I agree. It was so much fun. Everyone was super fired up. There was singing, dancing, and pro wrestling. It was amazing.”

HIMAWARI: “It was a lot of fun.”

Miu: “The audience had a different feel to them than usual, and they even stood up to watch the concert. It’s great that the audience and TJPW fans always stand up and cheer for us. Let’s make this summer even more awesome!”

All: “Yes!”

Mizuki/Raku/Pom’s comments:

Mizuki: Raku-chan, how about it? The Nikichan members were absolutely ridiculous."

Raku: “Ridiculous. They got soaked even though they didn’t fall out of the ring.”

This was tricky:


Pom: “That’s wrestling for you.”

らく「そういうこず蚀ったからじゃない レスちょうだいっお蚀ったからじゃない」

Raku: “It’s probably because they said that, right? ‘Give us wrestling, please.’”

Mizuki: “As soon as Nikichan brought out Rika-san, it was over.”

Pom: “Yeah she was a LOT. But I also would like to register a complaint. When I was in a big pinch at the end, I was left all alone in the ring. Despite all of my calls for help from Raku-chan and Mizuki-san, they were busy pouring water all over people, and they weren’t looking over at Pom at all. And that’s why we lost.”

Mizuki: “If only Pom had tried just a little bit harder

Raku: “Where was your typical big voice?”

Mizuki: “If you had called out in a louder voice
 How about we practice that.”

Pom: “I’m going to Nikichan’s concert.”

Mizuki: “Alright.”

The Up Up Girls’ comments:

Aya Kajishima: “I debuted around the same time as the Up Up Girls (Pro Wrestling), and we’ve spent a lot of time together as friends and comrades and arms, and I’m so happy from the bottom of my heart that we could do a big event like this.”

This was weirdly tricky: “倧きくなっお垰っお来れおいるかなず嬉しいです.”

“I’m happy that I could grow and come back. Also, I got totally soaked, but I brought three changes of pants, so I came fully prepared for today. It was the best summer. Thank you so much!”

This was a bit tricky: “アプガプロレスさんずは近い距離でコミュニケヌションずか取らせおもらっおいたんですけど、こうやっおガッツリ、むベントをやらせおもらえたのは初めおで.”

Yuria Shimazaki: “I’ve had the opportunity to communicate with Up Up Girls (Pro Wrestling) up close and personal, but this is the first time I’ve been able to do a full-on event like this. I was able to watch the match from up close, and this truly was an unforgettable Tanabata for me. Thank you very much.”

Struggled with this: “䞀緒にこうやっお初めおやらせおいただいたんですけど、やっぱりアむドルずプロレスずなった時に、どうやったらプロレスを芋おいるお客さんが楜しんでもらえるんだろうずか色々考えたりしおいたんですけど、やっぱりラむブずは別で詊合をやっおいる時のお客さんの盛り䞊がり方ずか党然違っお。あ、こういうラむブの盛り䞊げ方があるんだっお気づいたこずも倚くお、たくさん勉匷させおいただきたしたし、たた䞀緒にできるように頑匵りたいず思いたす.”

Honoka Sasaki: “This was our first time working together like this, but when it comes to idols and pro wrestling, I was thinking about things like how the audience watching pro wrestling can have fun, but of course there’s a huge difference between a live concert and the way the audience gets excited when a match is going on. There was so much I noticed, like that there is that way of livening up a concert, and I learned a lot. I want to do my best so that we can work together again. Thank you very much.”

The first part of this was a bit tricky to pin down in translation: “なかなか立おないリングでのラむブずかすごい刺激的でしたし、そこから芋える景色がすごくきれいでした.”

Chinatsu Takahagi: “It was really exciting to do a live show in a ring, which I don’t often get the chance to enter, and the view from there was so pretty. I want to do my best so that we can do another event with (Pro Wrestling). Thank you very much.”

Niikura Ami: “I really enjoyed this summer where the passion of an idol concert and the passion of (Pro Wrestling)'s fighting could collide. This was Nikichan’s first time participating in a deathmatch that employed water, and I got super soaked, but everyone having fun together, or rather having fun with all of the fans, too, became a wonderful memory from this summer. I will continue to do my best.”

After that was the July 13 VOD, which I watched in just an absolutely horrific mental state.

The only thing I remember from this was Nao doing a talking segment with Misao and Haruna in lieu of a match (since all three were out with injury
 it’s honestly heartbreaking that Nao couldn’t fulfill her wish to get to her retirement without injury
). I had a pretty hard time keeping up with the talk segment, though I caught bits and pieces. They had another lemon juice stipulation for that one, a classic for Misao vs Nao matches.

The main event was a preview match for Rika vs Miu, with Rika’s team (Rika, Shoko, Mizuki, Runa) getting the win over Miu’s (Miu, Aino, Raku, Pom).

Here’s the post-match:

Tatsumi: (to Miu as she leaves) “Wait, it’s not enough. It’s not enough! I’m not satisfied at all. Do a preview match. Don’t run away. Come on, let’s do it now. This isn’t enough. Come on into the ring, let’s do it now. Because I’m still not satisfied. It’s not enough! Don’t run away!”

Miu: (staring at Tatsumi over the rope) “I’m not running away, and the preview matches are done now.”

I had some trouble translating the 振り回す in this as well as later on: “この期間、リカさんにいっぱい振り回されおきたけど もう振り回されない.”

“During this period, you’ve pushed me around a lot, but
 I won’t get pushed around anymore. Let’s do it at Korakuen.” (she leaves)

I also wasn’t quite sure of the best translation for モダモダ here: “モダモダは残るんですけど、これは党郚7・20埌楜園ホヌルでぶ぀けたす”

Tatsumi: “I still have some pent-up feelings, but I’m going to hit her with everything at Korakuen Hall on July 20! I will go all out!” (in response to applause from the audience) “Thank you, everyone. I’m so prepared that I’m raring to go do another preview match right now, and I’m ready for next week. Are you ready, everyone? Have you got your tickets? It’s a great card from the first match onward
 you’ll be there watching live, right? You’ll come see us, right? I look forward to it. Next week is Korakuen, and then with the tournament after that, TJPW will continue, so please continue to support us.”

The first part of this was a bit tricky: “じゃあ、ここらでちょっず景気づけに準備できおるずいうこずで、よっしゃいくぞしようかな.”

“Well, now that you’re ready to put some life into it, I guess I’ll do YOSSHA IKUZO! I want to make this the best summer, so of course—”

She closed with: “I’m going to make this summer the best one yet! Ready, set—” “Ah, YOSSHA IKUZO!”

Team Rika’s comments:

This was tricky: “お預けくらっちゃったなっおいうかんじがしおたす、すごい.”

Tatsumi: “I feel like it’s been entrusted to me, amazing. I was trying to get the win from Miu directly today, and I’m glad that everyone gave me a big push and I was able to attack with everyone. To put it simply, I think all that’s left is for me to hit her with everything I’ve got in the title match. I will surely bloom out of season.”

Nakajima: “The match with Aja-san is just a week away. I’m really excited right now, but my opponent today was Raku, Aja-san’s frequent tag partner. So I wrestled this match viewing it as essentially a preview match with Aja Kong. I’m not very good at the unique energy Raku brings.”

Okubo: “In a week, the class of '23 will be teaming up. It’s a match we’ve seen before, but we’ve all grown since then. I’m aiming to win.”

Mizuki: “I really felt Rika-san’s momentum today. I felt it so strongly, it made me think that I wanted to see her become the champion again. I felt that I couldn’t lose to that momentum, so it made me feel a renewed desire to do my absolute best at Korakuen, too.”

This was a bit tricky: “今日はモダモダしおるかもしれないけど、みんなにはすごいリカさんの熱を䞎えおもらったので、ありがずうございたす.”

“You may have some pent up feelings today, but you gave everyone so much passion, Rika-san, so thank you very much.”

Tatsumi: “The pleasure is mine.”

I felt like this could probably be a snappier translation: “耒められお ちょヌやる気が出たした”

“Receiving praise
 that gives me some motivation!”

(After the match today, were you planning on doing another match?)

“Yes. Because there wasn’t enough time, we didn’t do enough. I felt like I wanted to do it right now.”

Team Miu’s comments:

Aino: “We lost the last preview match, but Miu was so cool when she faced rampaging Rika-san at the end.”

Miu: “I’m glad.”

This was a bit tricky: “でもい぀も、やっぱ前哚戊の期間も振り回されおきたし、ある意味癜昌倢の期間も振り回されおきた。でもそれは䞀緒に振り回っおきたんですけど.”

“But as usual, I’ve been swept up in the preview match period, and in a sense I’ve also been swept up in the Daydream period. But that’s something we’ve been swept up in together. Though I’ve never been able to surpass Rika-san’s level of freedom. In that sense, even though I lost the match, feelings-wise I feel more determined. Now I feel that when I go to Korakuen, I’ll be able to do it. Results-wise it was a loss, but I hadn’t lost any preview matches so far. I just wanted to cinch it with a win, but it’s alright. I haven’t lost any confidence. I feel like I can do it.”

This was a bit tricky to translate: “倧䞈倫。十分未詩もおかしいから、い぀も.”

Aino: “It’s okay. Miu is plenty crazy, just as always.”

Pom: (laughs)

Miu: “I’m not crazy!”

Aino: “Do your best!”

Miu: “I will. How about you guys?”

Aino: “At Korakuen, the three of us (Aino & Raku & Pom) wil team up. Manase-san, Mahiro, and Tori-san, I think.”

This was a bit confusing:


Pom: “Hey, it’ll be a vicious beating!”


Miu: “I was surprised at your reaction to Mahiro.” (laughs)

Aino: “I’m looking forward to facing Manase-san for the first time in a long time.”

Miu: “It’ll be fun. If you don’t come to Korakuen, everyone, we can’t start the summer. So please come!”

Aino: (after a brief silence) “Summer sun!” (ツボに入ったぜむが少し離れお笑い続ける)

I couldn’t figure out what the ツボに入った was referring to, so I didn’t know how to translate that part in parentheses.

This was also tricky to translate:


(Do you think that Tatsumi will also come to Korkauen with the same energy?)

Miu: “I think so. But since I’ve been bewildered in the past, my goal this time is to not get taken in by it, and to be so free and broad-minded that I surpass her. I won’t get taken in.”

That’s it for the final show before Summer Sun Princess.

Oh, and I almost forgot, the posters:

(Nothing to translate on this one)


We’re TJPW’s Team Born in '98!

(Had a lot of trouble getting this into something that sounded remotely good in English

Minna, Tokyo Joshi Puroresu ga suki da.

“Everyone loves TJPW”

(This one’s tough because I feel like it needs the romanization since it’s riffing on the lyric from Miu’s theme plus her show closing. Also, maybe it should be “Yes, everyone does love TJPW”, since it reads to me like an answer to “みんな、東京女子プロレスのこず、奜きか―” I dunno.)


Fireworks are BANG
It’s a magnificent season
A summer with you

(I didn’t even notice this poster had text on it at first
 This might be one of the hardest translations yet, just in terms of how strange the は random English word sounds. There’s probably something going on here that I’m not understanding.)

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氎も滎る男 / 女 appears to be an old turn of phrase for someone being extremely handsome / beautiful. It seems like probably with the original meaning of like, they’re so palpably beautiful it’s like they’re glistening like they’re dripping wet, but made less clear literally over time as it became a turn of phrase.

I don’t really know how best to translate that. Especially without clashing into awkward English turns of phrase in the area
 Maybe like

“Just like - what’s that turn of phrase about somebody so beautiful they’re dripping?”
“- dripping water, yeah! Please sprinkle us with water!”

Yeah hmmm I would probably assume something ended up a little garbled/fishy either as she said it or in the transcript, since I feel like this doesn’t quite gel as-is.
I would probably assume she’s saying “I’d be happy if we can get bigger and come back / do this again” or I guess maybe actually, “I thought happily ‘ahh, they’ve grown up and come back home (to me)’” like thinking of the Up Up Girls (Pro Wrestling) as old friends / siblings etc. who have grown and come back.

I think this is ok but it reads with a bit of a sense that maybe it didn’t quite gel for you. I’d say that she’s saying like - as a professional idol, the experience was most interesting to her as the pro wrestling part showed her a completely different way of engaging an audience in a live performance than what she’s used to, and so it was useful experience since that’s what her job is about trying to do as well.

I guess the only tweak I would specifically make is changing:
“There was so much I noticed, like that there is that way of livening up a concert”
to something like:

“There were many times where I noticed a way of livening up a live performance that I never knew existed before”

お預けを食らう appears to mean that like, you were expecting something but it didn’t arrive yet. I think the すごい is probably a late added one emphasizing the depth of feeling (or at least it’s not positive here).
Another turn of phrase I’m not sure how best to translate - maybe “I feel a lot like I’m waiting impatiently for something that keeps getting postponed.” or something.

Here it’s Mizuki specifically praising her that’s firing Mizuki up so much (and it seems like the 耒められお is even just the transcriber adding something to convey Rika’s being touched – or actually it looks like Shoko technically says it)

“She complimented me
” (or if going with the video where Shoko says that part,“She complimented you!”) “That fires me the hell up!”
would probably be my attempt.

I think here I would stick with a translation (like “pushed around” before maybe) that has a directionality to it, since in the first part I would say that she’s saying like – looking back at this round of preview matches, Rika was taking the lead / she was at the mercy of Rika’s whims. And in a way, that’s how it’s always been in Daydream too, but in Daydream they both were at each other’s whims (while this time it’s just her at Rika’s).

I’d probably just go with “Miu is always plenty crazy” or “Miu is plenty crazy all the time.”

I think she’s suddenly loudly threatening the other team at hearing who it’ll be, so maybe “I’ll beat 'em up!!” or something (but I guess it’s fine as is).
I also don’t know why she’d react violently to apparently Mahiro, but perhaps they had some interaction in a match to make her mad recently.

Based on the video, I would assume it’s referring to corpsing. And yeah that does seem to be the case. Talking casually I would probably say “Pom corpses and recedes off camera to continue laughing.” but “bursts out laughing” would be a neutral way of saying ツボに入る more directly (without the ‘breaking character’ connotation). Wow it really got her, she’s laughing for a while

The rest I think is fine! (including the posters)

Sorry again things have been so hard on you! I hope the coming weeks are better.

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