The 片仮名 Overlords

I am not sure how to go about this or how it could be implemented. I just thought I would throw this out there and see what you guys think.

It is no secret that many words are being marked as (古くて)硬い表現 and getting overruled by a 外来語 as the following examples illustrate.

[28] 旅券 → パスポート
[30] 購読 → サブスクリプション (or the shorter サブスク that I hear often)
[37] 給油所 → ガソリンスタンド (the irony is this Karakana word is based on a now-outdated word)

Now, I know that WaniKani is a Kanji learning site, but I think the learner deserves to know that some expression are not used as much these days. Perhaps adding a see also section on the vocabulary page with the newer expression or something might be of help?


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