The 母 kanji reading error

When I was shown this in my lessons today, it told me the 母 kanji reading is はは. I thought はは is the kunyomi reading and the onyomi reading is supposed to be ぼ (e.g. 義母(ぎぼ) = stepmother)

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There’s nothing saying they only teach the on’yomi with the kanji lesson. They do teach the on’yomi more often than the kun’yomi, but not always.


I don’t have the 母 lesson available, but I found a different one that teaches the kunyomi, and it does tell you on the left hand side which type of reading is being taught.


They try to teach you the most common reading you’ll encounter, or at least one that matches up with the later vocab they teach.


I just looked again and yeah it seems you’re right, thanks

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