That moment when... you reach level 6!

That moment when WaniKani tells you that you have 10 new lessons…

And you click on your lessons only to find 75 of them in your queue…

On the bright side, I made it to レベル 6! やったー!


Congratulations!! Best gif lol.
I can’t wait to get there too.

Keep it up!!

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10% completed. 90% to go.

Thank you! I do love that gif :joy: It took me about a month and a half from when I started to reach level 6, and I’m definitely not a speedy as most of the people here, so you can do it!

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Well, when you put it that way…
The future is bleak :joy:


It’s the best…!! but when you reach eleven… its explosion time of happiness🤗

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