That feeling of flow

Hey everyone hope youre having a great evening.

I usually am really exhausted during and after a review pile. I usually do my reviews in big batches at 8, 12 and 20-21. The biggest batch is always at 21.
Today I had a 180 review pile (I did not skip a day or something it just happened yikes). I thought I would have a really hard time but I breezed through it in 30 minutes. Thats 360/30= 12 answers a minute!

Although I did not know every word and only got 90% I was in just a weird state of flow where everything just worked and I felt like everything was right.

This may be partially due to a new technique I’m trying the “pomodoro technique”. Its basically just do your work for 25 min then rest for 5 min. Ever since doing it I feel like I can concentrate harder for a short span of time.

Anyways I’m really happy about the review session and felt so much in the zone that I just had to post here :smiley: It really makes you feel smart (Even If I’m a big dummy with a sprite can as his profile picture)

Thanks for reading and have an awesome rest of your day. Have you ever had such an experience aswell? Hit me up - I’m curious

Here is the review session for whoever is interested:


Congratulations to the flow review, @Alan234😊! Yes, that definitely happens to me as well!

Unfortunately, sometimes it’s also quite the opposite. I make silly mistakes and am unfocused. :neutral_face:

It depends a lot on how tired I am. And in general, I seem to perform better in the morning.

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