Thanksgiving glitch

Did anyone experience the thanksgiving glitch? In my case, it led to tons of reviews piling up, and a hundred lessons left undone. Any advice on how to fix this glitch? I tried installing the GritYourTeethAndDoIt plug-in, but it failed to load properly. After a full reboot of my system, I found the glitch had only increased. When I attempted to load the Wanikani DLC as a temporary fix, the server completely crashed. Just finished rebuilding my computer which burnt up in the crash, but the memory seems completely ruined and the computer has much less CPU than it originally did. Please help!!!


:joy: So, just how much turkey and alcohol did you have?


Have you tried downloading the 日本語 memory upgrade? It comes in 8, 16, 32, and even 64 GB.


Wanikani staff have noticed that the Thanksgiving Glitch seems to mostly affect users from the US. If the issue is not resolved by next year a possible fix might be to move to another country.

I’d suggest Sweden, but we seem to have a similar unresolved problem around Midsummers Eve.


Truth. I’m running the latest version of BeingABrit, and my scans are showing 0 for lessons, reviews, and also turkey.


64GB doesn’t seem like nearly enough. When are the 128 and 256GB versions being released?

This is a great thread xD


Needs more gravy.


Should’ve served alligatorducken.


Imagine this ( ) was a reasonable amount. I had this (

                                                                                                                                     ). :weary:

I have been storing my Wifi in the Cloud so far so as to access Facetime easier through my Snapchat Live account. Maybe that is how the glitch got in? I will try downloading these GB things. They sound pricey though.

Isn’t the European Union leaving Sweden? I wouldn’t want to lose access to those free mints they hand out. But as long as the mints are still there, Sweden would be nice. :wink:

I tried running this program but TeaPartyHTML would not allow the download, citing the error 5051 (No server with Representation found in order to implement Taxation code). Are there any work-arounds? I heard mention of a LoyalistPhp program that might do something for my problem…

Would that require a hardware upgrade? I like my current unit quite a bit, having had it my whole life so far, and have not yet worked up the courage to trade it in for something better. If you do end up trading yours in, tell me how the new hardware runs.


My family is GMO, Vegan, HTML, SPQR, and Lactose Intolerant so unfortunately I had to stick with the traditional Freezer Pizza option.:cry:

If you don’t eat alligator it’s called Lacoste Intolerant.


Pro-tip: if you never do your reviews, eventually they stop piling up on their own.


All of my wanikani items are either burned or in my queue, which means I can review them at my leisure ^-^


Haha. That is one dangerous pro-tip. I will have to leave that to the pros. I think if I tried that, mine would pile til like 3000 ish…

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I experienced the “OMGHowManyReviews?” glitch. Luckily, I had plenty of French Roast Tanzanian and an espresso maker.


Let me introduce you to my friend Vacation Mode.
You can’t set it afterwards however, sorry ! :crabigator:


Haha. Yeah, the few times I did vacation mode, I let it stay that way for 4+ weeks. I like it better when I have my storm clouds where I can see them, i.e. in my cue, and visualize how much there is to do instead of hidden away in a closet where I can ignore and avoid them, I guess. But for more reasonable people, that is definitely a good option…:no_mouth:

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