Thanks Monkeypox, now i have a new vocab

サル痘 (saru-imo). thanks to this spreading and making national headlines i picked up the kanji for pox…hurray? lol…though my IME keeps wanting me to put サル芋…and frankly, Monkey Potato is kind of amusing tbh.


Very fitting kanji, don’t you think? :joy_cat:


Are you sure about the いも reading? Wikipedia has サルとう which seems like the straightforward reading to me.


Yay, a bit of consistency in Kanji land.

imo is the reading for pox at least in terms of ‘small pox’ in colloquial form, so i’d assume it’s same for monkey pox.痘痕-1

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it’s definitely one of those i’m not 100% sure on. and not exactly a common kanji either.

but i’m definitely willing to go with とう, i’m guessing it’s too colloquial to be いも in written form for sure.

edit: checked a news broadcast and indeed サルとう。i still like confusing it for monkey potatoes though lol.


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