Tfw you're raring to study but this is what wanikani has for you

:sob: Level 5 was supposed to start getting faster


Practice your particles. Revel in some reading. Do some lengthy listening. Concentrate on conjugations.

Learning kanji with WK is such a small part of your Japanese studies. ^^

If you’re really raring to study - why aren’t you? :muscle:


Enjoy it while it lasts :joy:
As @Omun said, you have lots of things you can do


Depending on how fast you got through previous levels, the difficulty will ramp up when you start getting Level 1-3 items up for mastery all at one time.

The speed is not determined by level (at least not 100%). It also depends on how fast you’ve been going up to that point. If you’ve been doing 30 lessons per day on average, they will bite you in the ass repeatedly, and soon. If you’ve been doing 3 lessons per day on average, they will only nibble at your butt.


But… I am :thinking: Is it wrong to want to study Kanji as well as other things?

I think my problem is the opposite. I usually block out a 1-2 hour chunk and do all my lessons together on one day, which means in every level there are often some days when I just have 5-10 reviews and some days when I have ~150 reviews. I’ll start staggering my lessons out to have a more sensible review schedule.

Doing all your lessons at once, is not really a problem. Just wait, things will ramp up soon enough.

Seems to happen near the end of the level. Just leveled up and it has a ridiculous number of things it wants me to learn. One moment at a time.

The more lessons you do at once, the bigger and more frequent your reviews :slight_smile: watch out though, you might get way more than you can chew.

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