TFW ressurect item doesn't do what you think it does

Today I decided to go through my burned items and if I thought it didn’t deserve the burnt status I decided to ressurect it thinking it will become enlightened.

Nah, it’s apprentice.

RIP me


You can re-burn them on the item page with a click if you change your mind.


Some people will no doubt disagree with this, but from where I’m standing the sooner you can get stuff out of review circulation the better. Ideally you won’t be doing SRS for your whole life. If you forget a word years down the road, are you going to come back to WK and resurrect it, or are you going to look it up in a dictionary and move on?

I can understand resurrecting something if you burned it by answering “west” when it was actually “east” (which used to be possible), but if it’s just words that you don’t know perfectly, I’d say let them lie. Once you get up to the higher levels, burning items is your only respite.


Wah, thank god

It was actually some words I burned like 2 years ago (i had a huge break from japanese cos of personal reasons) and I had completely no idea what that was. I remember it now and will probably remembmer it for the next year, but if im not ressurecting massively I dont mind having it appear one extra time in my reviews.
Don’t want them to be apprentice levels though. I’ll stick to the jisho to look them up from now on

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Wait you can? :exploding_head:

Should be a button at the bottom of the page. I’m on vacation mode, so I can’t check myself.


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