Terribly Slow - I don't think I'll ever finish

This! :+1:

When I started with WaniKani I tried to stick with the SRS system: lesson (Apprentice #1) → 4h review (Apprentice #2) → 8h (12h total - Apprentice #3) review. The accuracy rate at the first review was okay(ish) and then it’d drop by the second review.
Then I installed the Self-study Quiz userscript and went with lessons → 10min review → 30min review → 1h review → 2h review → then the default SRS timing. Now my accuracy is always in the 98-100 percentile.
Nowadays I may do one extra review between Apprentice #2 and #3 (whenever I have time) because I’ve shifted my schedule and have a larger gap (16-18h).

I’ve heard of another suggestion: to write (by hand) the new kanji a couple of times as you study them - this should also help with retention.
Doesn’t quite work for me because as soon as I take out the pen and paper, my cat wants to play with them :rofl: