Tell me your WHY!


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No, I have not, but I just looked at it and it looks good! I will definitely give it a watch!


I also got introduced to the Japanese language through anime and manga. At some point I realized that some anime weren’t being dubbed fast enough so I went to the world of subs. After years of watching anime subbed I picked up on bits and pieces of Japanese. One long summer in college I just bit the bullet and went for it seriously. I’ve always enjoyed learning new languages so that experience in itself is rewarding for me but boy wouldn’t it be great to read raws and watch anime without subs…!


I’ve been trying to come up with a concise answer but I can’t really define it that well.
I studied Japanese at school many many years ago and more recently decided I should finally actually go travelling there. I decided to do some revision before I went so I did some self study.
Someone suggested WK so I started and found it pretty cool. I wish it had been around when I was studying at school all those years ago.
I went to Japan for a couple of weeks and had a great time. But when I came back home no one told me to stop studying so I just kept going. I became pen friends with some Japanese people and when it was time I signed up for JLPT N4.
Now I am going back to Japan this year to go travelling for a few weeks during Shigatsu to take in as much Hanami as I can and maybe meet up with my penpals.
Already I’m thinking about what I need to study to take N3 even though I have no intention of ever getting a job in Japan or using Japanese at work.
I like anime and Washoku but I really don’t have a definitive why.
I think something might be wrong with me.


Good morning.


There’s nothing wrong with you. So what if Japanese is a hobby?


So I can read stuff like Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita, Kino’s Journey, TRianThology, WTC 5 (when it’s out), some good discontinued or slowly translated web novels, all of NisiOisiN’s untranslated light novels, and watch every Minky Momo episode, from both series.

And so I don’t feel like I’m wasting every second of my life on gaming and watching anime.

It’s also pretty fun and interesting.

Mainly, I’ve got nothing else in my life that I’m willing to pursue so fervently.

I guess it’s 'cause I’m bored, actually.


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Interesting, what language is the stereotypical unknown language changes from language to language. Usually in English we say, “It’s Greek to Me”.

But, other languages say other things. “It’s Chinese” is common in many languages, but not the only one!

The table here for other languages is fascinating, I think:


Funny enough, I was really into vaporwave so one thing led to another.


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It all started when I was just a wee lad back in 2015. I had watched an anime called OreShura and had grown quite interested in the story for some reason. I say “for some reason”, but I really just thought the main love interest was cute.

At this point in time I was a mere entry level weeb. I had signed up for a summer camp at a university (that I now attend, actually) and when that rolled around, I was to stay there for a week. During this time I became quite bored and decided to start reading the light novel for OreShura. Ive always thought that source material > anime, but I loved the light novel for this show so much more. The character I liked, Natsukawa Masuzu, was even better than in the anime and I read like over 1000 pages of this light novel in a couple days.

After getting to volume 6 or 7, there lied a problem. The main translator group had dropped the project awhile back, and the person now was translating by himself and he was just a chinese person who was trilingual. The translation was going much slower than usual, and I messaged this gentleman on reddit about if there was anything I could do to help him. We got to talking and he told me about how he actually disliked translating. He said even translating back to his native language, there will always be something lost from the authors original voice. He told me that the only way to appreciate the authors work fully is to actually learn japanese. After that he sorta stopped translating but he mentioned that the girl I liked was probably going to “win” the harem.

After hearing this, I decided that I would read the rest of the light novel myself, and was sorta glad he stopped translating. I decided to pick up learning japanese so I could finish this light novel, but obviously I will get other benefits from learning the language. I wanted to be able to read Masuzu winning with my own eyes, so I figured why not learn one of the hardest languages out there. So far, so good. Volume 13 was released in september, so I’ve got a lot of catching up to do.

So the TLDR is, I got attached to an imaginary girl and wanted to see MC give her the love she deserves.
I mean, how can you not love this face


Wow! Thank you for sharing your story :slight_smile: I think it’s really cool that you were able to speak with the translator. I often wonder how much I have missed that gets lost in translation with the shows/manga I’ve seen. Hmm. That’s super motivating though!


She is obvious best girl.

I started rewatching the anime for OreShura recently. :+1:
I had a similar reason for starting to learn the language. The group that was scanlating the Silver Spoon manga disbanded and it didn’t seem like anyone was going to pick it up. So I decided to start learning Japanese so I could read it. Then it went on hiatus forever.


I have come across some songs that have parts I feel pretty confident in my understanding of them, and when I look at translations of them it makes me all the more happy with my decision. There really is some stuff that is hard to translate, and on top of that people still want to make literature/songs flow well in the translation. These two things combined make a pretty big difference in my opinion.

I always knew you had good taste. If you are into LNs, I would definitely recommend reading it. Masuzu is just so damn adorable in it.

Welp. Maybe after you are fluent you can send a strongly worded letter to the writer and try to convince him to write it again.