Tell me your WHY!


That is so interesting! What drew you to Shinto, if you don’t mind my asking? :slight_smile:


WOW! This is very cool.


That sounds so fun! Today, my seven year old daughter was very excited to learn some hiragana and basic greetings, pleasantries :slight_smile: I think it’s wonderful you can share with your kiddos!


LOL we must be around the same age for you to reference BSB haha


hahaha that works!


This is really, really interesting! I definitely get you with the germanic language sounds. I lived in Germany for a few years and also studied the language. I agree, I really love the way Japanese sounds. I also think the sounds are so much simpler than other languages.


That sounds so inspiring! I loved Naruto in highschool too. I’m in awe you got to meet the voice actor :open_mouth: I also want to be able to think in Japanese, and/or dream in Japanese. I’ve never mentioned that before though, hah.


I’m older. :sweat_smile:
…mga dalawa ng taon.

Edit: mga dalawang taon


I have a video game (Puyo Puyo Tetris) that I imported from Japan because I never thought it would release in America, but it did this year after maybe four years. I think Japan is trying hard to express itself globally with tv, books, games, toys, automobiles and NHK World, I love it. It’ll be hard to learn Japanese but it might pay off somehow. I want to watch the Olympics in 2020 with some knowledge of Japanese.


When I was in high school I loved anime and manga (especially むしし). But wasn’t interested in learning the language at first.

Few months ago, before visiting Japan for the first time, I tried to learn some basics. Thought it would be polite to speak to people in their own language… or, you know, at least try to :smile:

And to be honest, Japanese kinda grew on me. :blush:


Mushishi is amazing! So is Nyanko Sensei. :ok_hand:


Honestly when I retell the story I can’t believe it myself lol. :grin:


Yay for the lovable ぶたねこ.


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Mayybee… :woman_facepalming:


What portion of the review do you write down? :slight_smile:


It actually started when I was playing Yokai Watch…lol.

I started researching yokai, which led me down the rabbit hole of mythology and then kami and into Shinto. As I researched it more and more I realized that it perfectly described the world view I’ve had for as long as I can remember, well before I had ever even heard of a kami. That this discovery happened during my attempts to learn Japanese and yet completely separate from it kinda felt like a sign too, as silly as that may sound.


Japanese girls


Video games.


Why are you studying Japanese?

For the endless supply of Japanese media :heart_eyes: