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So, for additional listening practice, I set XCode so the build started and build success announcements are made by Kyoko, the Japanese voice. But I have no idea what she is saying! Are there any devs here who use this feature and can translate?


XCode talks when the build finishes? That’s weird.

It can be set to do so. From “XCode” → “Preferences…” → “Behaviors” → select an event and check the box "Speak announcement using: " and set the voice to use. Now, the drop down just give the voice names, to find out what voice is which language use the terminal and type: say -v ?

Here is a recording of the build start announcement (if this works, I’m not a SoundCloud expert exactly):

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Lol, sounds like ビルド “startito” (however you would type that) to me.

Are you sure it is Japanese, not just using Kyoko to read an english text?

lol yeah sounds like she’s just reading “build started” in katakana; ビルドスターティド

It wouldn’t surprise me to find that technical terms are largely English-derived loan words, but no, I don’t think it’s just a Japanese voice reading English words.

Here is what she says when the build succeeds:

Any help @mamimumason

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Haha, yes I could have guessed that that is “build succeeded” even without the hint :wink:

Sure, there are a lot of loan words but wouldn’t “build started” be something like “ビルドの開始”?

I don’t know where to upload an audio file quickly but if you let Kyoko say “build started” and “build succeeded” then it will sound exactly like this.

“build succeeded”: Vocaroo | Online voice recorder
“build started”: Vocaroo | Online voice recorder

You could be right. If so: that’s really really useless.

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True. But I found it quite funny at least. :wink:

I guess if you really wanted to go all in, you would have to switch your OS language to Japanese and then Xcode would follow. But personally I don’t think I’ll ever have the guts to do that. Plus it would make sending screenshots to clients or support people more complicated.


she says Build Succeeded (ビルドサクシーディッド)


This one she says Build Started (ビルド スターティッド)


Yeah, thanks. I was rather hoping she would be speaking Japanese, but I bet a lot of programming and techie terms are in loan words, huh?

I assume, but I’m actually not sure about those area, so I can’t tell if she is actually using programming words in Japanese (loan words) or if it’s a sort of bug. Sorry that I can’t be much of your help. (TT)

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From experience, not that much, actually. My biggest shock was when I learn that “passage by reference” was 参照渡し.

Anyway, I’m using Eclipse in Japanese, and it says “ビルド開始” for build start. (Not sure anymore, I can check tomorrow). It definitely says ビルド終了 for build finished.

Edit: No, I won’t check tomorrow, since I don’t plan to go to work during the weekend. I can check on Monday though.


That would be awesome, thanks!

ewwwwww!!! Well, I never much liked it anyway. I like IntelliJ I suppose, though I’ve only ever used it through Android Studio, so I don’t know if it’s much different as stand alone. Really though, anytime I get to do iOS, aside from a few puzzling annoyances I find the Apple environments and even their crazy languages a major relief from Java and Android. But then I turn around and take jabs at Microsoft for C# being “Java that only works in Windows” so maybe I’m just a paradox of a programmer or something.

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This website might be of help.


Foo / bar ほげ / ほげほげ

Well, that list has the most important words, at least.

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Hey, this list is actually pretty neat! I took a look at it, even though I am only level 02, so I am unable to comprehend most (if not all) of the kanji, and I was actually surprised by the fact most of the terms actually used kanji. To be honest, I expected most of the terms to be katakana transliterations of the original English terms or some form of wasei-eigo :slight_smile:.

I will definitely memorize this vocabulary once I reach the appropriate level.

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