Teasing Master Takagi-san 😝 ・ Volume 1

Netflix has the second season. The first season (on Crunchyroll) starts with Chapter 1 (Eraser), and has all the stories from Volume 1.

I’ll be struggling with the text anyway, and with who said what (attaching speech babbles to characters), so knowing the story and characters ahead of time will help me. Also it’s not like it is Attack on Titan level of spoilers :slight_smile:


Yeah, on Kitsun! I started filling gaps in the spreadsheet yesterday but didn’t get to finish. Once all of the chapter 1 words are in the spreadsheet, I’ll create the deck and add to it as we go.


From what I can see in the first two chapters, the mangaka is really good at indicating who’s speaking with tails on the word balloons.

In those first two chapters, the only times I didn’t see a tail were:

  1. Internal monologue (which was always the boy’s).

  2. When the speaker is off-panel.


this is my first book club too! i wanted to start with a book club from the beginning so i’m super excited to try this out :>


Anyone from germany / eu that successfully ordered the manga? (digital/physical)
I’d like to join the fun, but it seems to be difficult to get the manga here.

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Belgium, I ordered it from Amazon Japan. I had it in about a week or so.

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I’m ordering it from Amazon Japan tomorrow, and in my experience this year packages from Amazon jp arrives in Norway faster than packages shipped from the UK:p Have taken about a week or so from Japan to Norway, that Elfeera indicates this applies to Belgium as well gives me confidence it hasn’t just been a fluke so far:)


If anyone wants to get a head start. I made an Anki deck on the first two chapters with the existing vocab from the list. Apparently the file format is not allowed to be uploaded here, but if anyone could use it text me;)
(Its a very simple format, I only used the existing fields)

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I’m in the UK and packages arrive faster from Amazon JP than Amazon UK!

I usually find that it’s cheaper too, particularly for textbooks - I got Genki 1 and the workbook, for about the same price as the textbook only in the UK (and that’s after import taxes etc) plus it arrived 2 weeks faster than the UK’s delivery estimate. My only real recommendation is to try and get a few things at once to make the delivery fees cost effective.


I might want that mate :smile:

For the digital version, Bookwalker has worked pretty flawlessly for me. Need to order from the Japanese store, but after that you can just download and read it from the English app.


Sure man give me an email or drive or something where I can send it can’t upload here unfortunately

nvm I shared it officially, not sure how that works when I want to add more chapters though. Hope this link works.


Greece, ordered from CD Japan (bought a few extra books too :grin:), had them within a week through DHL if I remember correctly, very smooth process!

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Thanks buddy. Btw, where are you from?

Thanks for all the advices :slight_smile: Now I’m sure that I’ll find a way to buy it :smiley: Can’t await it!

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I imported the deck into Anki but there are just 140 notes for Chapter 2 and none for Chapter 1. Is there another deck for the Chapter 1 vocab?

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Ooh!!! Thank you, Racul and Siltcrawler!! I’ve been wanting anki vocab!! I have anki, but only know how to use a premade deck… Was there a table that could maybe be imported from the earlier club version? (I don’t know this computer stuff)

Nice one didn’t think about doing this, cheers!

All credits go to Racul :smiley: I’m just as grateful as you are for the work Racul did.