Teasing Master Takagi-san 😝 ・ Volume 1

Howl’s Moving Castle sounds fun! Are you reading the book or watching the movie? I want to watch a ghibli movie subtitled one day, but I think I want more vocab first ahaha

As I understand the book becomes locked after the 22nd and then you must purchase to read further right?

Would be a dream to be fast enough to read a free book before it expires (or just have enough time)! :durtle_noice:

'Howl's Moving Castle' sidebar

I saw the movie before I started Japanese, so I know that I want to watch it again. I’m working on Listening Comprehension now. This anki deck took 12 hours to download! Turns out it has audio sentences from the movie, which are written out (as a click after listening) then the answer on the card back (with ichimoe lookups). This will be very useful when I do turn to the project of watching Howl’s again (maybe this summer?)

I think it’s better to focus on Tagisan now… There was a LOT of new words and grammar in that first 消しゴム episode.

Don't click this unless you want to see a link to the 消しゴム anime

I found This and this on YouTube looking for a copy of the Teasing Master Tagisan 消しゴム episode.

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Just ordered mine from CDJapan! I’ve been in dire need of some immersion practice and my schedule clears up right around the start date so this is great timing!


Heyo been lurking up till now but I think I’ll try to join as well! I’ve started with Busuu and Japanese from Zero 1 and now began WK and bunpro recently so I don’t really know how this going to go but let’s hope for the best :face_with_monocle: I got the ebook yesterday and I guess I’ll try to hustle as much as I can till May 1st :sweat_smile:
Anyway good luck and have fun everyone!! :heart:


:star: ~here lie the Anki vocab decks~ :star:

CHAPTER 1 - 消しゴム
vocab: からかい上手の高木さん:単語1
kanji: からかい上手の高木さん:漢字1
(from this point on i combined kanji and vocab)

CHAPTER 2 - プール

CHAPTER 3 - 変顔

CHAPTER 4 - 筋トレ

i’ll continue updating this as time goes on :smiley:

:star: enjoy! :star:


this is awesome!!! thanks for doing this!


I’m a little scared, and not sure if this is a good idea-- I have not finished Genki, and have only a super elementary understanding of Japanese grammar. But I have this book, so I’m going to try…


I was pretty sure I was gonna get Rick Rolled with one of the links but I didn’t. Now I am weirdly disappointed. :sweat_smile:


Don’t be scared! The best thing about this is you’re doing this for you so if you struggle or need to go slower there really are no consequences. If you’re really worried I would recommend breaking the reading apart so it doesn’t get overwhelming. Try to do a page or two a day, have the vocab sheet open to look at words you don’t know and maybe make a grammar cheat sheet with different verb endings, particle usages etc. Really just take all the time you need, don’t put to much pressure on yourself, and celebrate the small victories!


What @bearytoast said!!! and at some point you actually want to be able to use Japanese right? might as well jump in…the pool has no shallow ends… and the water is like freezing but you’ll live :wink:

(and if you go slower than the club things should be filled in as opposed to having to look everything up - so can be less of a struggle / the threads remain from past book clubs/vocab sheets/etc… if there’s something else you wanna read … hint hint)

…finished ch2 this evening and threw in more vocab so the sheet (while not 100% complete for a beginner) should be for the most part populated.


Thank you to you and everyone else who has worked to fill in the vocab before the actual start date, makes it much easier for us beginners to cram in some last minute study =D


Sounds about right.


Ah!! the anki deck is beautiful!! (I do want kanji of course, but then what should I write?) Thank you FokkoFenneken! (if course I want the kanji). I got mired down in “how to make anki from tables” videos, and ran out of time and enthusiasm. THANK YOU!

I have a feeling this’ll be above my skill level, but I’ll join in for sure.


This is the first book club I’m joining! I’ve been trying to read little things here and there (twitter posts, youtube comments, text that hasn’t been written over in english-localized manga, etc) and have been making my way through Cure Dolly’s series so I’m excited to put myself to the test and learn even more!


I never did ANY of the Genki or BunPro or LingoDeer, only Duolingo. But I read Kiki’s Delivery Service on here with the group (I’m sure I spent 5 times as much time tho) and am working my way through Harry Potter now.

Any time something looks like “a thing”, I do a Google search on “Japanese grammar the thing”, and usually get a fast answer with great explanations.

Also, I use Aeron Buchanan’s Verb Conjugation 1-page “cheat sheet”, and figure out where on the sheet the verbs are (because it’s a great primary summary reference for my JLPT study. It’s difficult at first to figure out, but invaluable as a reference to know how to use. But excellent for sentence formation.


no problem @Shannon-8 / @blong88 ! i’m glad it’s helpful for you and everyone else :slight_smile:

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Guys, I feel really dumb-- I thought I had this, but I can’t find it.

Can someone check out this Barnes & Noble link, and tell me if it’s the right issue? It says Volume 1, I just want to know if everything looks right?

I have to go into the city to take my kid to a doctors appointment tomorrow, and the Barnes & Noble by his doctor has this in stock.

It’s the right volume and series but it’s the English version.