Teasing Master Takagi-san 😝 ・ Absolute Beginners Book Club ・ Starting May 1st!

I got my copy in today, I got a little carried away and read the first chapter already though :grin:


Well actually he’d respond by overthinking the entire situation for a few minutes, wondering how he’s going to be tricked, only to still fall into a trap.

(I just watched the first season of the anime and really liked it.)


Great breakdown and examples! I never made the connection between の and incomplete observations; I hope I’ll remember this so I can sound more natural in conversations.

If you don’t mind me asking, how did you hide your text like that?

I think this is the longest I have gone between knowing about a book club and it actually starting. I get that international shipping can be a bit of a butt these days, so we need to give everyone time to get their books if they’re going to read along with a physical copy, but I wanna start!

Maybe I’ll peek this weekend…


I’m already getting a physical copy of Kiki for myself so I decided to go with digital for this one. Am trying to refrain from reading ahead but I might just do that anyway

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May I recommend the spin-off where they’re adults? It’s also really nice (though I find it sad how little maturity nishikata has gained, there are some wonderful points where he could have turned it around and flustered takagi (also, how awkward is he still, considering they have a child together?) but on the whole it’s a really nice way to tide you over for a while :smile_cat:

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As well, an option for those who may not want to “skip ahead” to the adult years would be to pick another manga by the same author. I’ve been enjoying 「それでも歩は寄せてくる」 as an easy read with short chapters (6 to 8 pages each.)


Oooh, did not know this series :smile_cat: Definetly reading! Thanks for the recommendation!

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Got my copy today. I’m not really all that far at all in grammar, but I still want to give it a try anyways, and it’ll be nice to compare myself and try again in a few months.


I just started watching the anime as well (I’m hoping having seen it will make reading a bit easier :sweat_smile: ) it’s really cute and making me even more excited for book club!


Lovely stuff! Got a copy there. Looking forward to reading with you all :]


Thank you so much, I truly appreciate the time you took to help :relaxed:

Sadly, I didn’t realize Kitsun wasn’t a free resource so I won’t be able to upkeep the deck after all.

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thanks for setting this up, i’ll join in and try to read as much as i can at my level, will hopefully be through with N5 grammar on bunpro by then.


I tried joining Haikyuu reading before, but couldn’t catch up with it. Now that I passed Level 20 and finished the first Minna no Nihongo book, I think this will be a good start to focus on reading. :slight_smile:


I might try creating a deck if you’re not going to be able to finish yours. If no one else gets to it before I do.

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Do you think watching anime ahead of reading will spoil it rather then remove the stress of not understanding? Ideally I would read first then watch every day but I suspect we will be reading at such a slow pace that watching and stopping will simply not be possible.

There is very little overlap between this volume of the manga and the Netflix anime. They picked individual stories from across the series, so (if I recall correctly) only two out of the nine stories of the first volume feature in the anime.

That’s unfortunate :confused: I hope you day you’re able to use Kitsun tho, it will be beneficial for your learning for sure :slight_smile:

Going to do it on Kitsun as well? :smiley:

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I personally don’t think it’ll spoil too much since the story is just a daily slice of life set up, so you don’t really run the risk of learning about some plot twist before you get to it in the book or ruining some suspenseful set up. It really is just snap shots of Takagi being a teasing master :joy:. If you do decide to watch beforehand in preparation, you’ll want to go for the first season which isn’t on netflix, but does cover I think most (maybe all) of the chapters in the first book.

I think here at least they only have the second season of the series on Netflix for some reason. The first four stories at least are featured in the anime (although I don’t know what order they’re in), so they do appear. I don’t think watching the anime ahead of time will really really be a disadvantage though, you’d be familiar with the plot, but I doubt anyone will remember the exact sentences :grin: