Teasing Master Takagi-san 😝・Volume 9 Discussion Thread

If you’re getting through roughly two volumes a month, you’ll be caught up in a few months =D


Welcome to the club! It’s wonderful to have you here – the more members the better! :grin:

At the pace you are reading, you’ll definitely catch up before we finish! We are taking the slow route and just cruising along leisurely since most of us here just enjoy having something nice and fluffy to come back to each week. :grinning: And we will definitely be continuing until we run out of volumes! The core group has stayed this entire time, and we have actually been gaining members as time has gone on, which is super exciting!

And hey, if you have comments or questions as you read through earlier volumes, definitely feel free to make them in those threads! A lot of us are still watching the older threads and will be happy to pop in and chat with you or answer any questions!

Thanks for popping in and saying hi! We look forward to having you with us! :grin:


Fresh blood !

Welcome, I’m also catching up slowly but surely ! Though I also follow volume 9 since I’m well familiar with this manga in the first place :upside_down_face:


Happy Thanksgiving to those in the US! Remember to spend the time with your family and not checking your メール :wink:

Are you planning on reading with us this week?
  • I will be reading along!
  • I’ve already read it!
  • I will catch up later!
  • I won’t be reading (anymore)

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AI art fills in what happens after this week's chapter.

None of Takagi’s 好き’d キス on the dinner table.


this chapter was so cute!!!

he did sort of win this time … but he will never know :rofl:


This is like the second time that happens :joy:


He might know, considering there’s the sequel, and they reminisce sometimes about what happened before. Takagi loves to tease him as always, but a well-placed hint of him having won wouldn’t hurt anybody.


He already won Takagi’s heart and that’s his biggest win for sure :see_no_evil: