Teasing Master Takagi-san 😝 ・ Volume 2 Discussion Thread

since I’m going on vacation soon…finished the book up today (vocab is populated)…super cute!!! When are we officially starting Vol3!!! :slight_smile:


I just posted in the Home Thread, but we will be officially beginning on October 2nd!


Hmm… Since you are being evil and excluding me specifically… I can sense being singled out… For sure… (hahaha)… Honestly starting 2 weeks apart is really a good idea… Little break and people can catch up if need be and or buy it etc… I wanna go on my vacation so bad! Wanna leave my office now… Literally counting the days…

Maybe I’ll read 1 chapter ahead before I go so when I get back I’m caught up… Just put the cover on.

The only annoying part is not having an internet connection to help populate the vocab for everyone… Other than that I could probably actually read while sitting under a tree in the mountains… Ahhhh!

(if someone starts a thread vocab sheet early … Maybe I’ll start filling it out) :wink:


Back before the Internet, book clubs had to fill out vocabulary sheets by mail. And when someone went on vacation away from the postal service? They had a solution for that.


I legitimately can’t even imagine trying to do a book club by mail… But then, I’m definitely post-internet generation. I have sent actual mail in an envelope (excluding packages, of course) on 2 occasions. When I graduated from school, and when I applied for citizenship in moving to Canada. :stuck_out_tongue:

But also, the idea of a PigeonGram has me laughing, and I am sorely tempted to send one to somebody now just to see how they react.


When so you leave for your vacation? I can get the vocab sheet for Volume 3 made up tomorrow if needs be.


Leaving a week from Thurs… Want to leave right now… It’s been 2 years since I’ve had a proper vacation!

No rush on the thread or vocab… If it’s the ill fill it out… :wink:. I will probably be in Utah(more than probably. Have to help my friend with his truck before we go) with an internet connection that first weekend I’m gone… But the weekend we start the book… No idea where I’ll be

Somewhere camping 4wheeling in the mountains (Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado… No idea) but for sure enjoying good food cold beer and yummy scotch!

Non-Takagi stuff

Utah is beautiful. I actually grew up near there, in Idaho, before my move to Vancouver. Haha. I have made a lot of trips to most of those states since they were nearby (not so much Colorado, basically just been to Denver airport). Sounds like a nice time for sure! Enjoy it! It’s well-earned by the sounds of things!

As for the vocab sheet, I can definitely get it made and posted in the home thread. I’ll likely get Volume 3’s thread made up this weekend, so it’s ready in advance, as well, though that depends how busy my weekend turns out to be.


ユタに住んでいる大親友に会いに行きます。 何年かまでに、彼はカリフォルニアに住んでいました。今、SLCの北に住んでいます。

Will be working on his rig and then be out adventuring… been all over the place on the west coast…have done some wheeling in Idaho as well… lots of pretty places to go.


Ok fixed the mistake… Have 5 duplicates of the first series 9-13…but eh that’s ok


Oh goodness. How did that happen?


sometimes I’m lame and ended up ordering things incorrectly … just an oops!! :wink:

If you haven't accidentally bought multiples of the same book, you're missing out!


So I tried to transcribe the cover page of chapter 9 into something more legible.
Please correct any mistakes, I’m bad at reading handwriting. :sweat_smile:

Handwritten beginning of chapter 9



Thank you for doing so! It’s so much easier on the eyes!

Also, I am sure it’s unnecessary, but here is the reminder to read, everyone. :stuck_out_tongue:


From Japanese Wikipedia on this week’s chapter:

Essentially, this chapter was the pilot chapter which appeared in an issue of Gessan.

This was clearly back before it was decided Nishikata is supposed to be in the coveted “back row, beside the window” seat.

For a moment there, I thought this manga was merging with another I'm reading featuring a character with (really) bad eyesight.



Which manga is that? I like the art style a lot.

Off-topic mode.


As the title goes (“The girl I like forgot her glasses”), it’s focused on a girl with bad eyesight who always forgets her glasses, and a boy who likes her.

The digital release’s quality is so-so. Often times, the furigana is (perhaps ironically) difficult to read.

But as a plus, the random color pages are actually in color, unlike what we’ll see in volume 3 of Takagi-san where some initial color pages are in back in white. (I noticed that when adding the next volume to my reading list.)

Chapters range anywhere from 4 pages to 20 pages.


Awesome! Thank you! I think I’m going to check it out. I have been wanting to find another little something to pick up and read a bit more often through the week. How would you rate the difficulty, if you don’t mind my asking? Fairly comparable to this and Ayumu?

Still off-topic.

It’s quite a bit more wordy. I’d say if Takagi and Ayumu are “ABBC” material, then めがねを is at least lower “BBC”.

Here’s a good sample, from the first chapter:


found it…

Volume 3

Teasing Master Takagi-San Volume 3 Vocabulary List - Google Sheets

but it won’t let me open it normally wants a google login :wink: