Team: Taking it Slow (Little progress is better than no progress!)

Whether it’s fast or slow, we’re still going! Even when I was actively paying for a subscription, there were still long periods of inactivity or time where I logged in and did 5 reviews and then didn’t come back for 3 months.
Do I think it’ll happen again? Yeah, probably. But moving slowly is still moving. :partying_face:

For the moment, I can usually level up in about 2 weeks, so I’m happy with that! :partying_face:


My feelings on currently taking it slow:



Finally on level 24. It took a while this time. But including a holiday its still nice to make progress even if it is slow.


I think you’re taking a really good approach! I’ve tried to learn languages before and started way to fast (actually I do that with pretty much everything in life… getting better) and burned myself out. Same with using other language apps, I would treat it like a game and try to advance quickly and then get discouraged when I forgot the progress I had made.

I’m on team slow and steady with WK and even though it’s only been two weeks I am consistently recalling kanji accurately (highly, not perfectly).

I try to remind myself that learning and language isn’t a race, it’s a long term game! Even if it feels slow compared to others I think we can all be proud of our progress :blush:



Level 25… Death levels are really killing me. But im still going! Only 5 more until I’m in hell.

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I’m level 30 so…


I will see you! Just give me some months. I die hard :joy:


Long time no post. Im still learning but circumstances made it harder (less time) and leeches were killing me. So i focused on mainly reviews and nearly no lessons. I think i archived one of the slowest level up in wanikani even so i was doing daily reviews.
337 days for one Level xD



This will be my first post in this forum - showing off my laziness but eventual come around.

I wanna see the longest level everyone has had so far.

Here’s mine at 1901 days.



currently level 22 (again) …

well, i’m consistent in my inconsistency at least :smile: indeed i did reset to level ten and now worked my way up again, crushing the levels in mostly 7-9 days but now i’m already slowing down and trying my hardest not to burn out and fade away as i did before. the problem is actually not workload but interest. i like euphorically commiting myself to one project for a short amout of time (couple of weeks to months) but i’m very bad at those long, daily routine-like things.

i’ll just take it easy for two or three levels, not doing all the lessons immediately at once anymore but doing all reviews every day and having a 0/0 each level. otherwise i’m guarantee to abandon WK once again.

also @ future me: no more resets, please. just learn to accept the accuracy tanking and push through.


woah. 5 years? congrats on coming back and welcome! :smile:


i wanted to start again after a long pause, resetted 13 levels but then immediatley lost interest again resulting in this stupidity:


Yeah, I think it’s best to do it in moderation. It’s all you in the end anyway, no point forcing myself to learn.

For context, I started Wanikani again around April this year probably because of the sudden free time due to the pandemic and I was planning on taking the JLPT this year before it got cancelled. Over the years, my conversational Japanese was getting better but I could only read basic kanji. Now that I’ve put in a few more levels, it really is a nice feeling to understand some of the stuff I read.

I have started slowing down, maybe averaging 2-3 levels a month - which I still think to be pretty good. Level 60 isn’t impossible, if others can do it, we can too. Hang in there m8, you’ll get there.



I started in January and I’m just level 8. Well, 7 more years to come, right? Haha, I promised myself to put some more pressure on myself in 2021. I have a busy life of a web programmer, so I did my reviews slowly, but constantly.


still here and still leveling…slow.
But i got a little bit faster :rofl: