🐌🏖 Team Snails on Vacation 🐌🏖

I would like to join the snails team. I think I’d fit really well in here. Here are my qualifications I’d like to submit to your review, fellow snails:

  • I’m Level 16.
  • My average is 78 days.
  • I love the vacation button, but sometimes I forget to push it and I hate myself later.
  • I’ve had to come back from 600+ reviews twice now.

I’m ready to relax in the sun together on our way up to 60!


Yay, more new Snails @eainge , @KijuGently


Welcome @eainge @KijuGently! :beach_umbrella: It is great to have more snails to bask in the sun and level up together :slight_smile:


I have many reviews today, but I am going to sit in the sun for awhile before I do them. Maybe sip a cool drink as well, and watch the horizon. It’s nice being a snail.


Wouldn’t that dry them out though??


:rofl: True! We will have to have some umbrellas up. :beach_umbrella:


And refereshing juice!


I just found this thread. It feels like home :laughing:


Hi! Just found this thread, feels like this is where I belong. :smile: I did a reset early last year after finally deciding it’s time to really begin learning Japanese again (have tried multiple times in the past but never got far enough). I’m still in Level 5–it’s been 148 days since my last level up :sweat_smile: I’ve been trying to get better at doing WK, but the stress of everything that happened last year (I’m in healthcare, got COVID early on, etc etc) has made it really difficult to stick to a good rhythm. Figured it was best to just do it when I can so it doesn’t seem like such a burden (thank goodness for Lifetime subscription!).

I hope by the end of this year I get to at least 20? Is that too high a number? :sweat_smile:


Welcome kaaaaaaat! And @JustJoeley as well, more snails more snails :snail: :snail: :snail: Don’t forget to add your names to the leaderboard!

Yeah, I also tried learning Japanese a few times but WK is the first thing that actually gave me any results. 15 levels a year is totally doable! And if not, well, we are called Team Snails on Vacation, so no biggie. We’ll get to 60 eventually, as long as we don’t stop.


Welcome @KijuGently, @eainge, @JustJoeley and @kaaaaaaat!

Hope everyone’s having a nice weekend! I’ll be catching up on sleep…and maybe some reviews. :slight_smile:


Hello! I think this is my kind of group. I have been my current level (3!) for 717 days. LOL! I started WaniKani more than two years ago now and did okay for awhile a week or two - enough to get to level three, but then got out of the habit. Might have had something to do with a big move to Japan that happened about then. Pretty soon that big pile of reviews was overwhelming and I stopped. But I would like to try again, so I tackled all the reviews and am moving forward. I might even get to level four tomorrow!

My goal is to be able to read along with my daughter as she learns to read kanji in Japanese primary school. She starts year 1 in the spring. Of course, she is much more fluent in speaking and knows so much more vocab than I do … but right now I can still read more!! And I want to keep improving my language skills all around. Wanikani is such a good tool for that.

Nice to see all you snails here!


Hi, I just joined wk on Jan 1 just to make note of progress lol.
I just finished my level 3 and got levelled up to level 4 with pile of new lessons :disappointed_relieved:
What I struggle the most is the on and kun readings of kanji. Most of the times I mix up both and get wrong answer :pensive: if possible can I get some guidance in this part. Thanks in advance :blush:
And my goal is to reach level 60 in 1 year yayyy!!:snail::snail::snail:


Hey there, and welcome!

The thing about on and kun: focus on the colors. Kanji has a pink background, and vocab a purple one. Most kanji use on, and most vocab use kun, but there are some exceptions here and there. Also, most kanji aren’t full words, they’re just there so that you can know them, precisely because the same kanji will have different readings in different words. When reviewing vocab, focus on learning the words and how they sound, don’t focus on kun and on - eventually you’ll be like: “ah, even though they use the same kanji, 今朝 is kesa and 今日 is kyou”. Knowing your kesas and kyous will be much more effective than trying to memorize all the 今 readings.


Welcome @Eshoya and @shalinikandan! Nice to see additional snails!
Eshoya - your goal of reading along with your daughter sounds like a great one! I similarly stalled out early on and stopped for a few months around level 4, so I feel you!
Shalinikandan - I second bcesards advice of focusing on the words and how they sound when going through vocab. And I know it’s kind of cheesy, but the WaniKani reading explanations are helpful when you’re introduced to new readings of kanji and vocab, and recommend reviewing them, or coming up with your own reading explanations to help commit the readings to memory. Good luck!


I just leveled up to 6 while doing my reviews :sob: :sob: :sob: so excited to finally do so!!!


Congrats!!! @kaaaaaaat !!! Keep up the momentum and the good work!:heart::heart::heart:


Woo hoo! Congrats on the level up! :partying_face:

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