Tategaki date formatting for WaniKani memento

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If I wanted to write a date-range using tategaki, what would be the appropriate way? I want a memento that I actually completed WK, and I’d like to write one in vertical format.

I am trying to express that I reached WK level 60, between the years 2020 and 2022. Would the appropriate way to do this be:

2 T 2
0 E 0
2 X 2
2 T 0

Or is this completely, incomprehensibly unnatural, and should be scrapped for a different idea?

Speaking about the text, I was thinking 鰐蟹六十級, but dont know if 級, is the proper way to express “levels” in a short format. I’d rather have input now as to why that is wrong, than to realize I screwed up in a few years…


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I’d use kanji numerals for 縦書き, but not sure what the proper “between” symbol is in that case. I think it’s just a longer vertical line.

Not sure I understand the example formatting you gave, but you should probably keep it all in one column.


級 doesn’t mean “level” in a universal sense, I think. It’s more like “grade” or “rank” so you can be 1級 in something like shougi, chess, JLPT, or 上級 in language proficiency, but for arbitrary levels like WaniKani that would be レベル. Or at least to me 60級 would look mighty weird.

EDIT: in shougi and martial arts they’re called 段 (dan) in case someone’s wondering. Sorry for the earlier confusion.


Yeeeah I figured as much. Just doesn’t look or sound as cool to say レベル, IMO. Thanks for the input!

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Maybe 鰐蟹修了 could work?


18th dan WaniKani doesn’t sound too bad


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