Target Kanji.....uhhh?


3 Options:


  1. I am being dense
  2. I am missing some geeky/nerd reference
  3. Synonym doesn’t make sense

-al as in the suffix on English words that turns them into adjectives.

Option → Optional

The -like synonym is the same idea.

Child → childlike

The “target” usage in Japanese is a separate meaning and usage. It has both the meaning of “target” and “suffix that turns words into adjectives”.

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This Kanji is used a lot to make something into an adjective, like how the suffix ‘al’ in English often means a word describes the nature of something.

For example: Continue/continual, usual, punctual, subliminal. All these words end in ‘al’.

Was that what you were asking about?

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What doesn’t make sense? Meaning or mnemonic?

For meaning, in Nichijou, there is ラブ的.

ok thanks. Understand now.

Just out of curiosity, did you take a gander at the vocab before asking? You’ll see lots of -al words in the list. Looking at the vocab always helps me ground the meaning in concrete terms.

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