Tangoristo app to shut down

I would like to see that even before signup :slight_smile: Because why sign up if the perks are not interesting or too expensive for me?

Yes, not clear would probably fit best. First, you have a checkbox “Unlock xxx” in a few of those yellow boxes, and because it’s individual checkboxes, it looks to me like I can unlock those individually. From that standpoint, it’s totally unclear which option exactly I’m paying for with the red button.

Also, it says in the Kanji box “we’ll keep track of which kanji you’ve read and learned”, but when I look at the app, now after I’ve read a few articles, I see that you are already tracking some Kanji…
I.e. you say you will be tracking if I pay but you are already tracking - this is confusing, and it’s not clear to me what exactly I will get on top of this free tracking.


Thanks - helpful feedback that I’ll take into account in the next couple updates!

(The app tracks kanji and words, but you only get a preview of viewing the progress it’s tracking - the highlighted words, the stats on how much of an article you’re familiar with, and the kanji progress page. I’ll make this clearer as well.)

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