Tampermonkey overriding Ctrl+F

This is somewhat related to the third party apps section since it’s about Tampermonkey.

Basically, when I try to search a userscript I use for WaniKani, Tampermonkey overrides the Ctrl+F behavior to do a popup. I see absolutely no reason why the script would do that. Does anyone know why or have a way to disable that behavior?

Where are you (i.e. what page or screen) when you press ctrl+F? I’ve never seen TamperMonkey pop up anything. Can you post a screenshot?

When I open the editor for a script and I want to search the content of the script. Clicking Ctrl+F pops up an alert with an input box (I forget what it’s called). If that doesn’t make sense or doesn’t ring a bell I’ll take a screen shot later today when I’m on my computer.

Ahh, I see… I think.

The purpose of overriding the browser search is so it will only search the script code. If you used the browser’s search, it would also find labels of buttons, etc, on the form.

In the image below, I clicked “find” in the browser’s menu (so ctrl-f won’t be overridden), and searched for ‘Editor’. You can see that the browser found the label on the Editor tab. Using TamperMonkey’s ‘find’ dialog wouldn’t do that.

Don’t know if there is any way to disable it, but I usually go around the problem by placing the focus in the url and pressing ctrl+F, or just F6 then ctrl+F. Use it all the time when searching threads here on the forums, since the native search sucks.

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That makes some sense, but because it’s a popup, moving to the next instance of the text can be painful. By that I mean when I search for a word that shows up more than once, it’s painful getting to later instances on the page.

TamperMonkey uses ctrl+G and shift+ctrl+G for ‘next’ and ‘previous’ match.
There’s a hotkey list on the Help tab (of TamperMonkey).

If you prefer to use the browser’s search, you can select ‘Find’ from the browser menu via mouse, then use the next/prev hotkeys afterward.

Okay, thanks for the tips.

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