Taking way too long to get through lessons

If you’d like to get some practice writing kanji by hand, someone put together these practice worksheets with the kanji organized by WK level. If you have access to a printer, you can print them out and practice writing without needing any fancy paper! I’ve been using the tombow fudenosuke soft tip brush pen, and it’s a lot of fun! My writing still doesn’t look great, but it absolutely has helped me learn the kanji better.


I’ve been using a standard kanji practice sheet, but I really like those! Will start using them for level 5 kanji and beyond.

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Thanks so much to everyone that responded. Reading through everything, I feel like I got exactly what I needed from it in both practical application and confidence. I’ve never really had much of a reference point for any of this, so the average of 10-15 isn’t even something I was aware of. I think I’m gonna try and schedule out at least 2 times a day to go over stuff, because once a day isn’t necessarily the peak of what I feel I’m capable, it’s just kind of what I fell into to trying to build a habit off a historically very lazy personality. The last thing I want is burnout though, so I’ll do my best to pace myself as suggested and just kind of fiddle with what works. Honestly, writing is a whole other endevour that I haven’t really given much thought, but I think trying to work that into my study game here and there will go a long way. Thanks again for all of the time, effort and resources given in the comments. This community is dope. <3


when it comes to daily schedules, i find three session per day ideal:

1st: for lessons (and reviews)
2nd: 4 hours later for the first review
3rd: 8 hours after that for the main reviews

the session at 4 hours is short, because ideally it has only the items which i did lessons for that day.
the 3rd is longest, because that’s where most reviews pile up.
the 1st has reviews because thats a secondary pile from failing reviews.

but at whatever speed you decide is right for you, you can do it! ^^


I am definitely finding the same thing - levels are taking much longer now, and I’m often only doing 5 lessons a day when I hit the kanji as they’re more complex than the first few levels.

I’m not worried though! I think for me, I thought when I started WaniKani that I’d finish in 1.5/2 years max, so initially I was putting pressure on myself to keep up a certain pace. This forum is definitely full of overachievers too :wink: But now, 9ish months into learning Japanese - I started as pretty much an absolute beginner - I’m finding the grammar is getting a little harder and I’m happy to chill out more with the kanji so I can balance my studies between my lessons, homework, learning vocab, and WaniKani.

I still feel the urge to do WK faster, but I don’t see the point for me personally in reaching level 60 while still being elementary/pre-int level in grammar.

I do check into WK pretty often throughout the day though, so you might find you have more mental energy to do lessons in the mornings if you don’t let your reviews pile up. You must have quite a heap to get through! I rarely ever have more than 40 reviews a sesson, usually more like 10 or 20, including burn reviews as I’m going slow :slight_smile:


Little bit of an update for anyone that’s interested. It’s been a month to the day since I posted this and I just broke into level 15. At the time of the first post, I think I had just barely hit level 12, so progress feels amazing considering. After everyone’s feedback, I really made an effort to buckle down and see what I could accomplish and the results are showing in spades. Not only am I getting more lessons done, but I’m even doing better on my reviews. I’ve gotten myself into a fairly set schedule nowadays where I can hit up WK between 2 and 3 time a day and because everything’s spaced out, I can even get to grammar studies or whatever have you and not feel like I wanna die afterward. I’m having fun and the fire is burning bright, so thanks again to everyone for helping me get this far. =D


ahh, thanks for checking in with this update! it’s great to heat that it’s been going so well for you! :smiley:

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This is very cool. Congratulations! :grin:

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I recommend printing some sheets (is this the correct word?) that the japanese use for writing. You’ll have defined squares for each character, and it will probably improve your handwriting.

is there a model anywhere in A4 that we can print?

Sorry for the late reply.


In the site above you can change the size of the squares and other things. I don’t know how exactly the ones people at Japan use are like, but just search it up.

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EVERY LESSON AVAILABLE? That is madness. Are people actually doing this? When I hit a new level, I will sometimes have 60-80 lessons available. How would you actually retain this information?

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