Taking N2 in December. Repeat N2 classes or proceed to N1?

Hey guys, what would be your suggestion on this situation if you have passed N2/N1?

I arrived in Japan last year, took N2 classes and was ready to take JLPT in July. As it was canceled, now we have to wait until December.

The materials, particularly Grammar, used by my school were all done. For next semester I was given the option, either to repeat N2 classes, or proceed to N1 classes.

I am kind of in a dilemma now. If they use different books, taking N2 classes again might be fine for me. Unfortunately they don’t. So I don’t really feel like repeating the same books all over again.

However, by taking N1 classes I kind of fear I might forget N2 stuffs and even lowering my chances to pass. I don’t think I could take N1 just by studying for 6 months, so still planning to take N2 first to be safe.

In worst case, I might take N1 class and review N2 by myself. To be honest it’s a lot of burden on my personal situation and very risky if I couldn’t pass even N2 due to lack of self review after taking N1 classes.


I’d take my chances on the N1 class. Chances are N2 level grammar will crop up in reading along with N1 stuff. Also, it is important to not be bored with your studies, that’s a great way to lose motivation, I think. And you can always review the N2 stuff on your own. Also, the JLPT might throw in some grammar deemed N1 on the N2.


How comfortable do you feel about the N2 grammar? How are your conversation skills?

If you feel good about N2 and your conversational skills are on par with N2 then go with N1 and review N2 on the side. As the other person said N2 material could show up in N1 practice. The JLPT is not the same everytime and you might learn things in the N1 class that is on the N2 test.

If you don’t remember half of what you learned for N2 then take N2 again. No shame in repeating a class if you need to better understand the material.

If you feel good about N2, but your conversation is weak then consider conversation classes or finding a teacher to review N2 and have conversations with. Conversation sessions are usually cheaper than lessons. If you don’t need to review everything it might be cheaper to have a few lessons to go over the things you need to work on.


Of course, conversation is not measured in terms of Nlevel, and a lot of the grammar you will mostly come across in writing, or formal speech.

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