Taking a break during military service -- best way to proceed?

Hi all – I am about to be in military service for 10 weeks starting on Nov 11. I don’t think I will have the energy to continue with WaniKani during this time. Does anyone have advice on best practices for taking a break from WaniKani?

In the past when I would take vacations, I would just stay off WaniKani and come back to 500+ undone flashcards and power through them eventually. I noticed that there’s a Vacation Mode that I can activate as well. What do others do?

Thanks in advance!


Enjoy your break. Definitely go into vacation mode the day before you depart but I also recommend that you stop your lessons a week before that. You don’t want to come back to be tested with a bunch of kanji/vocab that you’ve only seen a few times.


Much as @modboy said…

Stop doing lessons (but continue doing reviews) about 2wks before you leave, so you won’t have a lot of Apprentice and Guru items coming up for review when you return. 10wks is a long time for items you’ve only seen a few times.

Immediately before you leave, turn on Vacation Mode, which pauses all reviews. For example, if you have 15 reviews tomorrow and you turn on Vacation Mode today, then 10wks later when you turn Vacation Mode off again, you will have 15 reviews the next day.

When you return and turn off Vacation Mode, just start doing reviews, but not lessons. See how you do in the first few review sessions. You will probably get more wrong than usual, which will drop some items to Apprentice or Guru. So, you’ll have a little bit of workload to do. When you feel like you are ready a few days later (up to 1wk later), start doing lessons again.