T minus 3 hours until the radical overhaul

seam%201 seam%202
yes, thats a deltarune reference. Yes, I had to photoshop this.
I’m pumped. Mainly just because I still have to do some radicals, and I get to see what changed.


we’ll fight boredom here. i’m armed with an eel pie. WCGW.

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Hey! Good to know it’s 3h to go from now ^^

Since I don’t use PST.

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yeah, will be in the middle of the night for me.
oh wait

I have the company Xmas party today… and it will happen then… oh boy! I will be “戈”…

That’d be 3:30 am in your place right?

yeah, i’ll be in bed by then :slight_smile:

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I did radical lessons this morning and I was so conflicted over whether to just wait and see what the update looks like :joy:

5/6 were just kanji I knew already though, so I figured it wasn’t exactly a great tax on my memory (and those are probably unlikely to change?).

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I’ll probably sleep too when WK is down.

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Just for the record, my pie is no eel pie.

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