Sword Art Online miscellaneous discussion


@Naphthalene, so I think I might try to get back into things in the next few weeks. How are you liking it so far?


I am on chapter 4 right now, so it’s a bit early to say, but so far, as much as the scenario feels quite far fetched (especially as someone with a background in software engineering), it’s an interesting setup. Also, I (used to) love MMORPGs, so that’s a plus too :slight_smile:

Welcome back! a How far ahead are you, by the way?


I am about 1/3 of the way through the book, so not that far. What is happening where you are at? Where I am, Kirito and Asuna are meeting up to do a joint mission thingy.


Is this about the manga or light novels? i’m not at a level where i could read the novels i don’t think :frowning:
buuuut, i’ve read the ones i wanted in english already so it might be easier to use my memory of what happened haha
(i read aincrad, and phantom bullet, although there are some new ones (Alicization?) which i’m told are good, maybe i’ll try those in japanese)


I think this is primarily about the light novels, but I feel like since we are probably mostly gonna be discussing plot type stuff, it should overlap fairly well. Not sure though, Nath is king here.


ok, i just had a better look through the thread, and it seems Naphth has no prior knowledge of SAO…
so if i were to read alicization i’d be talking with myself, unless others have read it in english already?


I just had the time skip to one month after the opening incident

Funny, from the katakana I thought it was Ironclad or Ironcloud…

I have indeed no prior knowledge of SAO, and am currently reading the first light novel. You are of course very welcome to join, no matter which book you are currently/plan to read (just use the appropriate spoiler tag, indicating the specific book and pages/chapter).

It’s not just plot discussion, you can post grammar/vocabulary questions as well (I just normally don’t).

As for talking to yourself, that’s what I thought would happen too, but people who know the plot already have been reacting so far, so I assume the same would happen for you :slight_smile:


this is what i assumed when i first saw the anime, but i’ve seen it written down as aincrad on english translations of the books, so that’s what i would go with aha

thanks! I’ll give it a go, i bought alicization 「アリシゼーション」(book 9) as an ebook from bookwalker so i’ll try it when i get chance :slight_smile:

hopefully some people are up to that part, it’s also been made into 1 manga so far so if i get stuck i might be able to have a quick glance at it to see what is happening haha


(I think in the English translation it became Aincrad but in the original Japanese the name was referring to the iron clad 100 layer fortress … so it was a name but was also iron clad. But this is just my personal theory so…might be wrong.)


Well, to be fair, it’s the way they romanized it on the official Japanese website. I guess it started with Japanese editors sucking at English, followed by English editors just rolling with the punches.
So, by the way, that means it was officially translated in English? I kinda assumed light novels never made it oversea?


Nah, several of the more popular series get officially translated, just like with manga.


I guess I’ve just been living under a rock.


Assuming this site is accurate…


Just saying hi. :wave: I took a break from the first volume back in June but I’m going to pick it up again this week. I’m currently on chapter 15 and enjoying it so far.

The title page romanizes it as Aincrad in my copy. The version I have is from 2012 though and not the original release so I’m not sure if it was in the original.


Did you think the sandwich scene was kind of out of nowhere? (assuming you remember that scene)


Which chapter was that in again? I stopped reading a couple of times for various reasons and it’s been almost a year since I started.

Light Spoilers

Do you mean the scene with the rare ingredient? It seemed a little out of nowhere but maybe it was a reason for Asuna and Kirito to get closer and to explain how taste and other senses work in the game? I forget if Asuna ended up making sandwiches with the ingredient or if it was something else.

What threw me off at first was that I guess the anime included some side stories that were in later books so it felt like this one skipped a lot at first. There was a 2 year jump at the beginning right?


I think like chapter 8 or 9 or 10, but I kinda forget.

Heavy Spoilers

No, not that scene, though I felt like that scene was kind of out of left field too. Why is Asuna so insistent to team up with him all of the sudden? I got why they wanted to cook the rare ingredient together though, since he had it and she had the required skills. It is the scene where they run away after seeing that big boss on like floor 72 or whatever. They end up on a bench, and all of the sudden, Asuna is like “I made sandwiches” and some other stuff occurs that I am starting to think I may have translated wrong because it felt so sudden…Really felt out of nowhere though…


I am at like chapter 15 or something now. A chapter a day is not terrible, pace wise, though I do miss the nuance of some sentences. That is fine though. Planning to go back and read it again, maybe 2-3 more times before moving on to the next book. Repeated exposure really helps me with letting the grammar sink in.

Big spoiler below…do not read if you do not know the major plot twists of the series already as it may accidentally give them away…

The fight with Heathcliff really gives away a lot. It was definitely not that obvious in the show, though I don’t know if that was because I did not know what was coming. If that doesn’t make sense, don’t try to think about it, as it will ruin the surprise.


Blarg, life sucker punched me in the face while I was in the middle of chapter 6. I want to bring my 300 reviews on floflo before adding more lessons, and I don’t want to read ahead again, ‘cause I know I’ll never catch up… :confused:


Yeah…life tends to do that. Well, keep fighting on floflo. I am gonna be sticking with this book for a few months anyways I think (reading it a few times and stuff) so I will be around whenever. I want to learn all of the interesting words in this book that I don’t know, so that will take me quite a while.