Sword Art Online miscellaneous discussion

@Ditto20 Just checking in to see how you’re going with the book. I should be done in a week. Stuff got in the way again :sweat_smile:


I’m a bit (about 30-40 pages or so) into chapter four at the moment. Most of what I’ve read has been during the last few days though, so I’ll probably finish the book in another day or two :slight_smile:

If I finish it before you I’ll maybe just use the opportunity to read some manga volumes and also actually continue reading re:zero, so no need to rush, either way!






I finished reading the book the same day I posted that(also setting a new record for the maximum amount of pages I’ve read in one day in the process), but seems like it took a few days before I got around to posting about it :slight_smile: (I guess I’ve been reading some manga and also continued reading re:zero the last few days, instead of posting this)

Some spoilers for volume 10

Having watched the anime, the thing that stood out the most to me about this volume was just how much of it wasn’t in the anime at all. Probably about… 80 pages or so, including almost the entirety of chapter three.

As for the actual contents of the book though, some new things I didn’t know about was obviously nice :slight_smile: It’s also cool to think “oh, the author was sneakily planning ahead quite a bit here!” about certain parts, though I obviously won’t say anything about what to avoid spoilers for future stuff.

In particular two things I liked, even if I think part of why I like them is just because they were more interesting in the book than in the anime(though I guess they were also kind of interesting outside of just being better than the anime, or otherwise I wouldn’t have said that… I feel like this comment is getting unnecessarily confusing :woman_shrugging: )… well, anyway, two things I liked in particular were parts of the conversation at the end of chapter two, and also the fight at the end of the volume.

The conversation was probably just because it gave more information and made more sense(in my opinion) compared to the anime, and maybe partially also because it made some things clearer in general.

The fight was because it ended up a fairly cool fight even though the whole thing was basically just clashing swords once and the fight then getting interrupted.

@Jaiced I’m looking forward to reading the next one, but I’ve also continued reading re:zero now too and I have a lot left there before I catch up to the book club, so no need to rush :slight_smile:


Derailing but, which volume are you on now? :slight_smile:


Still just back on volume 2, where I ended up stopping towards the end of last year :slight_smile:

I’ve noticed it feels quite a bit easier to read now compared to back then though(probably mostly just because I know a lot more words), so catching up probably shouldn’t be much of a problem


Ok! I finished the book! :slight_smile: I could’ve finished on Thursday if I read slightly more, but decided to take a little break.


That’s interesting that there was a big chunk not covered in the anime. It’s things like these that make reading books more worthwhile :smiley:

The start of the book was pretty drawn out with explaining everything, I had to re-read some things to make sure I understood everything, but I am glad I did since without those explanations, things would’ve been confusing. I liked reading Rinko’s story about the start of the SAO incident and then looking for Kayaba to turn him in, but instead, when she found him, played along with his plans. I would love to read more about this particular background story. I’ve always had a strong feeling that Kayaba’s consciousness is still drifting around and I hope we can see him again.

This book had alot more action than the previous book which was cool. I liked watching Kirito and Eugeo’s adventures progress. I was particularly interested about the ‘Observer’ that was tagging along due to his 'Master’s orders. Obviously that master would be Kikuoka, though I think the Observer himself was a human AI by the way he was speaking. He said he was hundreds of years old which was interesting, considering that the maximum age one can live to is 150. It was said he had some sort of magic used to extend his life.

Towards the end of the book, Kirito has figured out alot more about this ‘image power’ that everyone in that world possessed. Especially, during the fight, when they were putting all their energy into it, Kirito’s opponent was surrounded by his previous ancestors, all holding the sword. This brings me back to the phrase that was being used “剣の記憶” that the school dormitory chief mentioned when Kirito registered his sword with her. Kirito was trying to figure out what she meant and then understood around this time in the fight I believe. I still don’t fully understand it, but I’m sure it’ll be further explained in the next books.

In the あとがき the author said the next book should cover Kirito and Eugeo’s arrival to the central citadel, so I’m looking forward to that. I wonder if Kirito will find a way to log-out and even if he does, maybe he’ll stay when he learns more truths about the world? Maybe some conflict that is looming. (I got that feeling when the orcs were making their way through the mountain passages, which is supposed to be an omen).

Looks like I wrote more than I thought I would :sweat_smile: Guess I’m enjoying this book :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m also looking forward to reading the next book too. :grin: I’m probably going to take a few more days break before starting though. Then I should be able to tackle it head-on!


I finished vol. 2 today, so here are my thoughts! :3 Just blurring hiding some of the stuff in in a detail pocket just in case :eyes:

Pocket of details

I liked each of the four stories in this book, but what threw me off a bit was that the length of the chapters in each story became longer and longer, so I couldn’t really go with the “1 chapter per day” strategy :laughing: One hilarious little thing I didn’t realize until after reading story 1 was that the word 猿人 “ape man” had the reading えんじん, same as エンジン “engine.” I just pronounced it さるびと in my head xP I didn’t check until much later, but I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t have been as fun of a discovery if I learned that during the actual scene with the ape monsters and シリカ because of how intense her loss with Pina was and almost dying at the hand of said ape monsters :eyes: :sweat_drops: And even if she was super mad at her guild leader, why couldn’t she just wait until they were outside of the bewildering maze to go off on her own?! :thinking: Would kind of ruin the whole story, wouldn’t it? xP

As for story 2 :eyes: I think it was cute, especially when Kirito and Lizbeth held hands in the deep nest of the ice dragon x3 But there was one thing that bothered me a bit :laughing: Why did the anime portray Lizbeth with brown eyes… when the book very clearly says her eyes are blue?!? O:< Whyyy. Also why Kirito, did you have to go ahead and break her best sword in store? :laughing: You just had to do it :laughing: Got heartbroken when Liz figured out that the person Asuna had feelings for was Kirito ;-; nuuu Liz hugs

Story 3 was okay, I guess. Has been some years since I saw the anime so in the beginning of the story, my only thought was "oh! Now Kirito & Asuna find Yui-chan and they live happily ever after in the cottage >u< " But when I reached the end of the story… ;-; Yui-chan… ;-; Why did カーディナル have to delete her… ;-;

Story 4 however, had the biggest sads. We finally get details about Kirito’s first guild, which has been hinted to in book one and also in the story with Liz. This last story really showed how serious stuff can get for the players in the world of SAO. Kirito couldn’t bring Sachi back ;-; あんなに頑張ったのに… And both クライン and Sachi in her recording were super concerned about Kirito, it just really hit me deep, ya know? ;-; The last illustration showed Kirito sitting by the desk in his room after/while he’s listening to the recording, likely crying his eyes out, so yeah many big sads…

I read the atogaki too, that was fun :laughing: Kawahara Reki apologized very much for the way Kirito got paired up with different girls in each story, like he regretted it and couldn’t help but end up writing the stories that way. A nice positive note after all the big sads from the last few pages :3

I enjoyed reading volume 2, and since I already have volume 3 at hand I think I will continue reading more soon :eyes: I do have Progressive too, so maybe I’ll read that one first? :thinking: We’ll see :3

Btw, I’m also happy I managed to finish vol. 2 by the end of June :smirk_cat: All according to keikaku, nyohoho


I finished volume 11 today! Short version: I liked it :+1: Had plenty of cool stuff in it.

Longer version:

Will probably contain spoilers

First of all, if I recall correctly the author said something about how his stories often seem to end up with one part with a lot of talking/setting things up and one part with more action in the afterword of the previous book. So, it’s interesting that this book doesn’t really follow that “template”. Seems like he decided to change things up a bit, with how there’s more of a mix of both throughout this volume.

It also felt like quite a bit of “big” stuff happened, not just close to the end of the book but also around the middle(probably pretty obvious what I’m thinking of with that comment) and in other places. Even if I knew what things were coming up from having watched the anime, I was still a bit surprised by exactly when they happened in the book :slight_smile: (I guess the whole thing with being able to break the rules seemed like something that could have been the climax of a book in its own right, but then it already happens in the middle of this one, with plenty of other cool stuff left for after too).

I didn’t remember everything from the explanation at the end of the book(or maybe the anime version wasn’t as detailed), so that was cool too.

This part felt a bit rushed in the anime, so I’m looking forward to reading the next few books too :slight_smile: To be honest I almost want to start the next one immediately now that I just finished this one after not having read much SAO for a while before that, but I’ll probably at least try to catch up on re:zero first :slight_smile: (hopefully shouldn’t take too long).

And other than that I also already have some of the spin-off SAO books so it’s not impossible that I’ll try reading one of those sometime if I feel like it(I guess I’ll probably also post about that in this topic if I do, since the topic doesn’t say anything about just being for the main series)


Grats on finishing the book :slight_smile:

I’m running behind. I had a period of time where my concentration was bad, which made it hard to read much, but it’s gotten better recently. I read 10% today, which was more than usual, so at this rate, I should be done within a couple weeks :slight_smile:

I don’t mind if you go ahead with the spin-off books in this thread. If I get to a point where I’m keeping up with both book clubs and feel like reading more, I might start reading the spin-offs too. :smile:


Sorry, I keep getting setback after setback. I haven’t read much since my last post. (currently at ~25%). I don’t mind if you want to read ahead. Hopefully I can get back into the routine again soon and then I can catch up. :slight_smile: At the moment, I’m barely keeping up with Re Zero.


Alright. Maybe I’ll continue with the main series eventually regardless, but for now I was thinking of reading a bit of Progressive or Alternative after I catch up on Re:zero(or for something that isn’t SAO maybe a bit more of danmachi… even if I’m pretty sure SAO is the one with better writing from what I’ve read of both, but danmachi has other fun things. And I guess I don’t remember exactly what the writing was like near the start of the SAO, so I might not be able to fairly compare them anyway :thinking: Well, anyway, that was just a fairly irrelevant random side note) .

So, for now you have some time either way :slight_smile:


I may have forgotten to mention that I’ve read volume 3 and 4 :eyes:
But I ordered more volumes and they arrived today! Looking forward to read more SAO :3

Photo of volume 5-8 because they have nice 10th anniversary jackets, in addition to the original jackets, so there's two jacket thingies on each book