Surprisingly Easy Items?

There’s a million threads about things that are really hard to remember. But what about the reverse, things that seem like they should be hard to remember, but that you often get right?
For me, that would be 私自身, because the しじし bit is memorable so I can easily remember the readings of all three characters.


The only ones I can remember on the spot are inu and mori


That describes pretty much every item in my burn pile. :grin:

Since you can only answer something correctly eight times in a row before it’s burned, the word “often” in your question is interesting. For it to really happen often, that is more than eight times, you’d have to miss it occasionally, too. Which many people would call a leech. Which few consider “easy”!


Well yeah, but I meant that when you learn it you think “oh no, i’ll never remember this”, but you almost always get it right. I didn’t mean “often” in the sense of absolute numbers, but in the sense of percentage.


Yup. Roughly all 4000 items in my burn pile. :grin:


Surprisingly, 発 and any words including it. It’s one of the first, in my opinion, truly ill-behaved kanji I encountered, and it forced me to spend a lot of extra time on it. It’s a magnet for rendaku and and all kinds of other bizarre behaviors, and it really triggered a sink or swim reaction.

Plus, it wasn’t until 発-vocab came along that I really got an intuitive “feeling” for when は will rendaku into ば or ぱ. After this kanji, I often find that I can just sense it coming with other kanji, like this one kanji alone elevated me to a higher state.


This is absolutely my favorite part of the Wanikani experience. The human brain is truly amazing: it’s amazing how well we learn to recognize patterns. Sheer repetition is a shockingly powerful tool.

Getting an intuitive feel for rendaku is only part of it. I still get a little thrill every time I come across a bit of 熟語(じゅくご) in the wild that I not only comprehend the meaning of, but also know how to pronounce it correctly (knowing intuitively which reading is more likely).

It’s also fun when you realize your mistakes eventually train you into better understanding the nuanced meaning behind a character. (This is also one reason why you shouldn’t just add user synonyms willy-nilly).


(My IME having fits for some reason. OT: what do you call the specific category of typo where you just let the IME pick the wrong character?)


I’ve reset quite some time ago, with even longer before then my highest level run. When I’m doing my kanji lessons right now, I’m like: ‘I don’t remember this kanji at all, but it gives me a strong insert random reading vibe’, only to find out i apparently actually remembered it.
So that’s much easier than I thought.

Some of the vocab is surpisingly easy to remember when the reading resonates. For example 予め or 敗れる. I also sometimes vaguely remember anime (or other) quotations of the word, even though i can’t recall the exact scene. How the VA says it, resonates in my head when i see the kanji. Examples are 参る (from for example 参り給え which i think was said in the slime anime) and various version of ご覧(ください、の通り or from the sponsor message at the start of the anime). Another one is 消しゴム, I always have to laugh since it appeared in the first no laughing batsu of Gaki no Tsukai.
Basically, whenever I hear a word and it sticks, and I see it in kanji form, I remember it really easily.


One of my favorite ones for how it sounds:





I have no trouble with the Kanji itself but the vocab involving it … ugh, it seems to take on all kinds of random meanings. I don’t find them easy to remember at all. I burned some of them and I’m not even sure why, as they still give me trouble.


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