Surpassing my past self

This is a pretty minor thing but I promised myself that I’d celebrate a little. The highest I had gone in past was Level 17. That was 5 years ago. Finally I have crossed that barrier. Now, time to take a break for another 5 years… jk

Well, next milestone is probably level 35. Till then. Hopefully I will be there in 5 months.


At this rate you’ll be lvl 60 in around 13 years! You go gurl! Also gj, how many reviews did you stockpile?


Way to go!
The past you was such a noob, it’s all about the present you. And the present you is unstoppable!



I actually reset completely. There were many things that I knew (well it will be this way even later in level 20s and so on as well) but there were some I didn’t. So I just started slogging in November from Level 1.

Level 18! Congratulations!!

Good job getting back on track :+1:

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I got to level 10, didn’t do wanikani for 6 or 8 months, wondered if I should cancel, then got back into it and now I’m caught up again.

Now I have to figure out which program to use to re-check all of those supposedly burned things.

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