Suppon Nabe - A Firefox Extension

Suppon Nabe

Why just burn them?

After noting the lack of Firefox extensions, I at least made a notification icon.


  • Updates the icon when you have reviews (red), lessons (purple), a wait (black) or errors (X).
  • Hover over the extension's icon to see your next review time.
  • Click on the extension's icon to load your WaniKani dashboard.
  • Checks if your reviews are done based on interval defined in preferences.
  • Icon goes to your customization panel to be added to the toolbar (see known bugs for more info).
  • A cute turtle. For burning. :(


Get it from one of these places: - Recently his site hasn't been up, so I tossed it on my skydrive. - Download it from github, zip up the contents of the suppon_nabe folder and rename it to xpi. NOTE: In Fedora, I had to go straight to xpi with (from inside the suppon_nabe folder): zip -r  ../suppon_nabe.xpi *

Open Firefox and enter about:addons into the navigation bar or go to Tools, Addons.
Click the gear/switchboard/??? and select "Install addon from file..."
Select the xpi you downloaded/created and restart your browser.

Set up

Go to about:addons and go to preferences for Suppon Nabe. You'll need to enter your API key. I suggest upping the interval.

Known Bugs

None, thanks to protospork!


I tested with the following:
Firefox 19 on Fedora 3.6.11-1.fc17.i686
Firefox 22 on Fedora 3.6.11-1.fc17.i686
Firefox 21 on Windows 7
Firefox 26 on Windows 7
Firefox 36 on WIndows 7


I'm not thrilled about how it detects you've done your reviews/lessons. Once you're in one of those states, it'll just check at the interval you put in preferences. Also, it defaults to checking every 1 minute, meaning you'll hit 60/hour just idling, so I advise making it a bit longer if you don't mind a bit of inaccuracy.

If there's an X for an error, you can hover over it to get the error. I should probably make an easier way to get the error text so that you guys can let me know.

However, this is my first time making an extension and I had very little previous experience with javascript.


It's the MIT license. It's pretty open.

This is fantastic, thank you :3
Edit: I noticed the link to your github under your profile is repeating the protocol (http://https//

First WaniKani Firefox extension! Congrats!

I’ll be sure to try it out once we get back from Japan :o)

Thank you, it works great, even with Aurora 20.0a2 (an unstable Firefox version in testing).

nyankou said... This is fantastic, thank you :3
Edit: I noticed the link to your github under your profile is repeating the protocol (http://https//

 Hm! Seems WaniKani didn't like the https:// in my url, as it looked right in my settings. I just got rid of that bit so it should work now. Unfortunately I don't have a real website at this time. Something about no design skills. Man, those turtle icons took waaay too long.


I already have a desktop gadget for this but your starting a revolution. You see I like the red panda much more than Chrome. If others start pushing for addons in Firefox then maybe there will be an equal amount of available extensions and addons in both browsers. I cannot thank you enough!

You’re welcome! I have Chrome downloaded, but even WaniKani extensions couldn’t lure me to use it.

I don’t have anything more planned at this time, but if I’m struck by inspiration or get awesome suggestions, I’d be willing to at least look into it. Just have to cope with me still being in the process of learning Javascript, that’s all! I mean, I got the itch to do this much just from someone pointing out there are none…

Also, seeing people appreciate it is maybe making me a little giddy and more likely to do more. Ssshhhh.

Cool, thanks for this!  Seems to be working great.  I also much prefer FF to Chrome.

Apparently Mozilla does not like jquery.js and want all the details to be able to test it (which, really, would not just be my API key if they want to check for accuracy), so I will need to find another way to host the xpi.

aww man you beat me to it :slight_smile: …but javascript tends to hate me

also, I can’t install it, it keeps telling me the file is corrupt (I’m using a 64-bit build of Nightly 21.0a1) Works now!
My wonderful boyfriend is temporarily hosting the xpi, so people don’t have to go the github route if they don’t want to.

Incidentally, I got the instructions about zipping and renaming to xpi from Mozilla. Unfortunately, you’re right – when I did that, it was corrupt. It seems you have to make the zip from the contents of the suppon_nabe directory, not including it. And even then, I got a corrupt one on Fedora if I went to zip first. But this worked, from inside the suppon_nabe folder: zip -r …/suppon_nabe.xpi *

luluhouse7 - what OS are you running?

well thank your awesome-sauce boyfriend for me :slight_smile:

windows 7/ubuntu/backtrack 5     <–my hard drive is a little full >_> (and failing…)

Yay for a Firefox extension!

I already love it 1000x more than the chrome ones (they never seemed to actually notify me - but i use ff a lot more than chrome anyway).

my only suggestion… a lighter purple so i can see the turtle you worked so hard for. the red lets me actually see him :slight_smile:

I’ll play around with colors at some point. I am not sure I will do it apart from other updates. Maybe I will!

My next focus will probably be on optimizing how it determines your reviews are done. Right now, if you have multiple browser windows running, they will each check independently. Obviously, this sucks. So I need to either a) find a way to sync them together, at least within the same session or b) detect it like I think another does, watching for your lessons…but again, that will only work for one browser.

A is ideal, because that way if I add other things that share a resource, I’ll already know how. If nothing else, I’ll ping the API twice for status (Windows + Fedora) versus 234802934 (I have a bad habit of not realizing when I have many windows open. Oops.).

However, there’s been some junk cropping up RL so I can’t really give an ETA.

I use the addon “Personal Titlebar”, since it allows me to move everything to the title-bar and save tons of vertical UI space (since I only have the firefox titlebar and the tab bar active). Thing is, for some reason with it Suppon Nabe’s icon is locked into the Navigation toolbar (and thus, hidden). I can drag everything to the titlebar EXCEPT Suppon Nabe (as in, Flashblock, Greasemonkey, etc all can be moved into the title bar correctly) - it just seems to be locked into place for some weird reason…

Is there any chance you could fix this? Is it actually your “fault” or just some weird problem caused by the “Personal Titlebar” add-on?
I really love the “Personal Titlebar” add-on, so I won’t be using this addon if I can’t drag the Suppon Nabe icon onto it… But I would really like to be able to use it!

In case it helps, I use Firefox 18.0.1 and Windows 8 x64


It’s probably my fault. I’ve never done an extension before, and don’t really use a lot myself so didn’t think about it.

I’ll try to look into it when I find time.

Mine is also locked in place on the far right of the navigation bar.  Not a big deal for me, although I’d personally like to move it over to the left of the url just to make it more heads up for me.  Still, I love this extension

Ok then. I’d really appreciate it if you could look at it, but no rush :slight_smile:

Thanks, and nice work :slight_smile:

Just to let you know, I have not forgotten you!

I’m just struggling a bit with the fix when I have time. I have it so you can move it (or at least I can only move it when the customize toolbar dialog is open – but the same happens to everything else on my bar), but the first time you add it, the button won’t update until you restart your browser /again/. So that’s a little bit of a problem.

I could probably post the version anyway if needed, knowing there are kinks to work out.