Sumo Appreciation Thread (Learn to read kanji the 大相撲 way!)

As far as the organisers are concerned, there is no reason to change the basho in any way just because one of their headliners has tested positive - this means continuing with the planned cap of 5000 spectators, distancing is respected and no cheering (to minimise spray). Unless the federal or prefectural government steps in and asks the sports associations to specifically change something, they will be going ahead as planned. The last basho had an entire stable unable to participate because of an outbreak that happened right before the start, and they continued as planned back then too.

The sports associations are under tremendous pressure right now to prove that they can still operate safely with the current situation because of the upcoming Olympics. If they’re unable to manage a sumo tournament, then the Olympics will definitely be an issue - And that would mean a lot of lost revenue, and even more hardship for communities and small businesses that have already made a huge investment in preparing for the Olympics. So it may seem like just a basho now, but it adds up to something much bigger later in the year.


I am just starting to hear conversation about whether the Olympics will happen.
I just checked, and ticket sales are stopped, so they will have way less than 5000 spectators all the way through. They had announced that they would be halting sales early to know what to prepare for.
It would be really devastating for the Olympics to be cancelled. Even without it being cancelled, we can be pretty sure that international travel will not be 100% back to normal by August, so Japan and Tokyo are bound to lose much money on the Olympics, not to mention all of the associated businesses.

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Yeah, it’s a pretty unenviable situation to be in. :pensive:
I think they’re already coming to terms now with only domestic spectators if there are any Olympics at all.

For now, I’m grateful for what we have - which means soaking in all the sumo goodness in all it’s glory this weekend. For me that means BB&B - Bed, Breakfast and Basho. :grin:

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I’m really hoping that the basho goes on as planned. A bit worried because of the new state of emergency in Tokyo. I work in the travel industry with primary focus on Japan, so have a personal/business stake in all this. We’re watching carefully how the country is working to open things up in time for the Olympics (so much mixed information out there right now). Trying to be optimistic for myself and for Japan (and basically the whole world). One positive is that if anything has to alter to let the January tournament happen, there’s another few chances to iron things out before the Olympics. All that aside, I do concur, let’s enjoy sumo!


@yukitan Yikes. My brother is in the tourism industry up in Hokkaido and it’s been pretty tough. Hang in there! I’m not alone when I say, I’ll be on the first plane to Japan when they let us in again. “Please take my money!!” :sweat_smile:

And in Sumo news (as if no one saw this coming): Kyakuru is out of the January basho. We will once again, for the millionth time have a Yokozuna-free tournament. le sigh.


So can they punish or force 横綱(よこづな)鶴竜(かくりゅう) to resign since 横綱(よこづな)白鳳(はくほう) is out?
Or is this basically just the year that didn’t exist?
Does anyone know when 阿炎(あび) is off punishment? I think that he will be starting down in like 4th division when he returns. :sob:
(he did kind of deserve it. but I have never heard of so harsh of a punishment)

Oh 阿炎:roll_eyes:
So he’s on a 3 tournament sit out, so January is the last tournament that he’s barred from entering. And for the March 場所, he’ll definitely be starting somewhere near the middle-bottom of the 三段目 (third lowest division aka fourth from the top). :kissing_cat:

Yup. That’s pretty much my feeling about eVerYthiNg about this past year. :sweat_smile:

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Hard to find lots of news on this yet, but 66 <力士>[りきし] from several <部屋>[へや] are out of the <場所>[ばしょ]!
They tested everyone yesterday, and six 力士 tested positive, with no symptoms, so those 部屋 are out.
I think that we are not out major news events yet for this 場所. :frowning:

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Yeah, I’d personally like to see the matches go on without an audience like they did last spring. It was quite eerie to be able to hear all the foot stamping and breathing during the broadcasts - I quite liked it. :sweat_smile:

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I found this article, which is a little convoluted at the beginning but gets into more of the detail in the last half about the ejected 部屋(へや).

The actual URL is “5 Wrestlers test positive, 2 more stables to miss new year meet”, which is better than the speculative headline they gave it here…

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I feel the same, it kinda brought a whole new element to the 場所. I loved being able to hear all the fun noises and not get distracted by who was wearing what in the audience :laughing:


This whole year of tournaments has been as weird as the year itself.

Some of today’s results:

A B 勝者 決まり手


I am reminded of how difficult it is to type in names!
Are there some tricks to make it easier?

Streaming in Georgian this morning. The things that desperation drives a person to. …

I spend at least 90 hours each year watching 大相撲(おおずもう). One hour for each day of wrestling. Secretly, it is probably more like 200 hours+ each year.
Over the years, I have witnessed injuries on the 土俵(どひょう). I am no longer surprised by how woefully they are unprepared for injuries. No ringside doctor. A broken knee, for example, and not until five minutes later do a bunch of elderly guys who can’t lift a 力士(りきし) show up with a wheelchair.
This one yesterday was the worst though. I watched it live, earlier in the day. This upload here claims that there was a meeting and some rules have changed to prevent it from happening again.

The two 力士(りきし) are 幕下(まくした)20(あさ)(ぎょく)(せい) and
幕下(まくした) 22湘南(しょうなん)()(うみ). It starts at about 13:00.
It is very disturbing to watch.

湘南(しょうなん)()(うみ) is a real hero, but he shouldn’t have had to fight after such a concussion.